LG Oven F9 Error Code – Troubleshooting Guide

When the LG oven F9 error shows up on the control panel, it means the oven failed to exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit after 5 minutes of preheating. We will explain possible problems for both gas and electric models.

You’re rushing after a busy day and plan to use your LG oven to cook dinner. You turn on the oven to preheat, and forget about it while prepping the meal. You rush to stick the casserole in the oven, only to see that the oven display panel shows a F9 error code. Help!

The following guide will discuss what the F9 error code is, possible problems, and how to fix them.

What Does the LG oven F9 Error Code Mean?

When the LG oven’s display panel shows the error code F9, it means the oven failed to exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit after 5 minutes of preheating.

Possible Problems and Solutions For Gas And Electric Oven

Below is a list of common issues and how to fix them. Please note, some of them only pertain to gas model LG ovens.

Faulty Relay Board (most Common)

The relay control board responds to signals sent from the microprocessor display control board in the control panel by opening and closing relays to control the voltage that goes to the burners, elements, and the oven.

So, when the oven relay board is faulty (get a new one here), it can manifest in several ways. This includes turning on, but not heating up as it should.

If you suspect this is your problem, the best thing you can do is test for continuity using a multimeter. If you find an electrical problem, the part will need to be replaced.

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This particular relay board located at the bottom right (electric oven) or top right (gas oven), behind the range. You need to pull the range out and remove back panel.

LG oven f9 error

Here’s how to replace this part:

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  1. Disconnect the power from the unit
  2. Remove the screws holding the rear access panel brackets in place
  3. Carefully remove each bracket
  4. Remove the screws holding the panel in place
  5. Lift on the panel to detach it
  6. Disconnect the wiring harnesses from the relay board, and remember how they go
  7. Remove the screws holding the board in place
  8. Once the screws are removed, release all retaining clips to detach the old board completely
  9. Install the new board by aligning it correctly into the control assembly and snapping it in place
  10. Follow these steps backward to reassemble your oven

Failed Main PCB (LG oven f9 error)

The main PCB, or printed circuit board, is essentially the brain inside your oven. It controls most all the processes that occur.

This is another problem that can manifest in many ways. One such way is the oven not heating. Once you determine the PCB has failed, here’s how to make the repair:

  1. Disconnect the power and turn off the gas
  2. Remove the screws holding the upper access panel brackets in place
  3. Carefully remove the brackets
  4. Remove the remaining screws holding the access panel in place
  5. Lift on the access panel and remove
  6. Note the orientation of the wires connected to the control board
  7. Detach the ribbon connector and two lower wires
  8. Disconnect the wire from the power supply board and relay board
  9. Remove the mounting screws holding the board to the control assembly
  10. Release retaining clips to detach the old board
  11. Align the new board into the control assembly and snap into place
  12. Follow these steps backward to reassemble your unit

Thermal Fuse

One common issue with LG ovens is that they can overheat during the cleaning cycle. When this occurs it can damage one of two parts: the thermal fuse or the thermostat.

The thermal fuse is an important component that is designed to blow when your oven tries to go above a certain temperature.

They burn out and stop power to the unit to prevent a house fire.

If your oven got too hot and you think it may be the thermal fuse, it’s best to check this part for continuity with a multimeter.

If this is your problem, you’ll need to replace it.

The good news is that it’s an easy fix and the part is one of the cheaper items.

The Thermostat is another part that’s commonly damaged when the oven overheats after a cleaning cycle.

If the thermostat is bad, it’s usually easy to tell as it will be deformed. If this is the case, here’s how to change it:

  1.  Disconnect the power
  2. Remove the main rear access panel
  3. Locate the thermostat
  4. Remove the two wires attached to the thermostat
  5. Detach the metal tab holding the part in place
  6. Remove and discard the old thermostat
  7. Install the new one and reassemble your unit

Faulty Gas Valve

Your LG oven could begin throwing the F9 error code if the gas valve is faulty. Since the unit is gas powered, it must have gas going to the oven, or it will never heat.

You can use a multimeter to test for continuity. If there is none, follow these steps to replace the gas valve:

  1. Disconnect the power and turn off the gas supply
  2. Remove the screws holding the lower rear access panel in place
  3. Lift the panel up and remove it
  4. Note the location of the broil and bake wires connected to the valve and disconnect them
  5. Release the locking tabs and detach the wires from the back wire terminals
  6. Unthread the nuts securing the gas supply tube to the valve, and replace them
  7. Remove all screws holding the valve to the rear panel
  8. Remove and discard the old valve
  9. Install the new valve by inserting the gas supply tubes into the valve and position the valve onto the mounting tabs
  10. Work backwards to begin reassembling your unit

Failed Igniter

One of the most common causes for an LG gas oven to throw an F9 error code is a bad igniter.

The igniter is necessary to draw electrical current through the safety valve to heat up and ignite the gas in the oven’s burner.

Once an igniter becomes weak or fails, the gas will not ignite, and the oven won’t heat.

There is an easy check for this. Simply look at the igniter when the oven is turned on. If it glows red for over 90 seconds without igniting the burner, or doesn’t glow at all, it’s failed.

Here’s how to replace this part:

  1. Disconnect the power and turn off the gas supply
  2. Open the oven door
  3. Lift up both hinge stops
  4. Fully remove the oven door
  5. Remove all shelves inside
  6. Remove the screws that secure the oven’s bottom access panel
  7. Lift the bottom panel out
  8. Remove the screws securing the burner shield
  9. Lift the shield off
  10. Unthread the mounting screws that secure the igniter in place
  11. Disconnect the wire connector to remove the old igniter
  12. Install the new igniter
  13. Move backward to assemble your oven

In conclusion, these repairs are common issues with the LG oven F9 error code.

As you can see most are easy enough to complete on your own.

Have you seen the LG oven F9 error code in the past?

If so, what part was to blame, and how did you fix it? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Reader Comments (39)

  1. I have a LG gas stove. It showed the f9 code. The top broiler in oven works but when i set to bake oven does not warm up. Not sure if it is thermal fuse or ignitor. what do you think?

  2. Have an LG gas stove with an error code of F9 but only on the bake mode, All the info that I could fine said to replace the circuit board so I did and while I was at it I replace the faulty door switch. The oven worked great for about a month then that nasty F9 came back. Looking at the wiring diagram I turned the oven back on to back and waited about a minute and gave the gas valve a rap with the handle of the screw driver and the gas came on. Now I am looking for a dealer to get the valve with hopes that this will solve my problem.

  3. Have an lg double oven gas range that is 6 years old. Gave f9 code and no heat in either oven. Also no broiler. Put in new igniter switch, still nothing. No glow on igniter. Had a technician come out and told us to replace the control board. Did that, still nothing. Any ideas?

  4. I have a 2 year old LRE3060ST electric range, and it is showing the F9 error code. I’m away at work for a couple weeks and would like to gamble on a part so I can order it now and give it a shot when I get home. I feel like it will be a relay board or PCB because neither element warms up at all, on bake or broil. Temp does not move from 100F on the display, and I feel no heat at all with my hand, top or bottom. This happened the day before I was leaving so I didn’t have time to test anything. Is it safe to assume it’s not 1 bad element? Any suggestions?

  5. I have a 2 year old LSG4513ST gas oven. It has been giving an F9 intermittently over the last few years. Sometimes the oven heats normally on Bake, others times it doesn’t. Same for convection. Each time I’ve tried, the Low Broil works fine. When turning Bake on, the igniter will glow in back of oven. Have heard the gas come on but at times the gas does not flow. Would this indicate, most likely, that the igniter is defective?

    • I would say so, cause the igniter has to have certain resistance of the element to open the gas valve. If it’s not happening, but still glowing, most likely it is an igniter

      • Thank you. Replaced the igniter and oven works again. Just hoping I reinstalled a sheet metal cover correctly. To get the igniter plug through to the oven cavity, I had to unscrew the burner from behind the oven. Didn’t pay attention to the cover. It could go in 2 orientations. Pretty sure I got it correct.

  6. We have an LG LSG4513ST oven. It yields an F9 error quite often although some days it will heat without issue. I have turned on low broil without issue after receiving an F9 issue. Yesterday, it started heating normally but stopped before reaching temperature. Turned it off and reset the temp and it would not heat (stayed at 175 F). Tried unplugging and plugging back in and Bake would not heat. Was still able to do low broil.

    Any suggestions on what to check/replace first?

  7. We hav replaced the ignitor twice. Was working but now we every so often get the F-9 reader code again. The technician came today and said he think we don’t have a gas valve installed by the builder which will control the gas flow. During baking I will hear little booms every so often. He states it doesn’t get a constant flow of heat. When he said it wasn’t on while testing the oven if he turned on a burner on the stovetop the oven would start to heat again. What do you think?

    • It doesnt make sense… Call another technician..
      There are two styles of valves in your range. Shut-off valve connected to the back of the range and electrically operated valve ONLY using for OVEN needs.
      F9 error code can be related to the Oven Valve, but not to the shut-off valve.
      I believe you have an issue with the igniter again. If you would have an issue with Oven Valve, it will not heat up at all.
      If you had or have an issue with the igniter, oven will NOT work PROPERLY. Sometimes it will work ok, sometimes not.

  8. I have an LG oven that is 4 years old
    I replaced the original igniter 2 months ago
    The new igniter stopped work 2 months after I replaced it
    Received another igniter (under the 90 day warranty)
    Replaced it today and the igniter came on in bake mode and started the oven up
    The thing I noticed is that the Igniter stays on more than 60-90 seconds
    It stayed on until the over reached the preset of 350 degrees

    I don’t think it should stay on after lighting up the gas for the oven in bake mode
    The broil works fine
    What else could be wrong with it that keeps the igniter on long after it start the oven up

    • igniter stays ON during preheat until the oven reaches desired temp. After that, igniter will be cycling ON/OFF depends on the temp

  9. Ours is Gas. Continually displaying F9. Several retries and the temp finally climbs. Getting worse though. What do you think

  10. My LG oven doesn’t heat in bake mode but works in bake convection mode It shows F 9 error code in bake mode and heated to 400 baked convection

  11. I have an LG gas double oven, its about 7 years old. The top oven will throw the F9 code when trying to preheat in bake mode, it will heat fine in broil mode. I pulled the lower panel and ignitor is glowing red when trying to heat but seems there is no gas, faulty gas valve?

  12. I have a lg model LRE3083ST that the oven won’t heat and has error code f9 what could be wrong

  13. I got an error F9 code on my LG gas oven. The stovetop still works fine, but the oven is not heating. What is the most likely issue? Thanks!

    • Remove a cover where ignitor sits and see if ignitor is glowing. If its not glowing, remove ignitor and check continuity. If readings is zero, ignitor is burnt. i think, on gas ovens, most common issue is failed ignitor

  14. I’ve got f9 on my upper oven. Any of modes doesn’t work except broil. Lower oven works perfectly. Should I check the igniter?

  15. My oven only shows the F9 code when I try to use the cleaning cycle. Works for about 1/2 hour then beeps until I turn it off. But the oven seems to be working other than that. What should I try first?

  16. Have an LG oven and it works every now and then when I reset breaker it may work once then not work again especially on broil and it takes it a long time to preheat once it stops working again after resetting breaker ………got an F9 code once

  17. W were getting an error code f9, we watched a YouTube video about the ignitor, pulled it and it was broken. Replaced it and oven worked again, for about 3 days. Now, no heat and f9 error code again! What now?

    • (Warning! You have to deal with high voltage and there is a chance to be electrocuted!! ) To be exact, you need to check power line IN and OUT on the relay. Relay has 2 wire connectors on the top (IN and OUT) . If you have power on IN, but dont on OUT , that’s mean relay not engaging contacts and not sending power to the heating element.

      • My LG electric oven is taking a long time to preheat and it showed a f9 code? What could it be?

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