LG Refrigerator Water dispenser Not Cold. How To Fix It?

LG refrigerators promise to deliver cold water through their dispensers when you press their levers. So it can be pretty disappointing when the water that comes out isn’t cold.

When the water from your LG refrigerator isn’t cold, it’s because it hasn’t had enough time to cool down. Part of that is because the dispenser (with its small water reservoir) has been used too frequently without enough time in between to chill the water inside. The same will also happen if the fridge connects to a hot water line instead of a cold one.

The following sections will help you understand why your LG refrigerator water isn’t cold and what you can do to resolve it.

Why Is The Water From My LG Refrigerator Warm?

When you push the lever on your water dispenser, but only warm water comes out, here’s why:

Limited Reservoir Water Capacity

LG refrigerator water dispenser

About this: The water from your LG fridge’s dispenser goes through quite a journey before it gets to your cup. It starts at the water supply line that connects to your fridge’s rear.

Then, it travels past an inlet valve before filling a reservoir where it’s stored and cooled. Then, the water flows out of that reservoir and fills your cup whenever you press the dispenser lever.

What happened: Unfortunately, the water reservoir has a minimal capacity. It’s designed to store only about 1-2 cups of water at a time.

The fridge will take in warmer water from its water supply whenever you use the dispenser and drain that cold water.

Suppose you’re dispensing a large amount of water to fill a bottle or something like that. The first 1-2 cups of water would be chilled water. But once the reservoir is empty, warm water from the water supply will pass through the reservoir and go straight to the dispenser.

As a result, the average water temperature in your filled bottle becomes warmer.

How to fix it: Unfortunately, there’s no way around this limited water capacity. The manufacturer has designed their fridges so that the dispenser can only provide a small amount of chilled water at a time.

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Here’s a workaround:

Suppose your household consumes a lot of cold water. In that case, you can try storing them in water jugs inside the fridge compartment instead. That way, you’ll always have a large amount of cold water ready for consumption.

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Not Enough Cooling Time

About this: LG refrigerators are very efficient at cooling things down. That includes the food in the compartment and water for the dispenser.

However, the refrigerator must be left to run continuously and for extended periods before that can happen. That’s because the cooling process takes time and must be allowed to continue uninterrupted.

What happened: The second reason your LG refrigerator is dispensing warm water is it hasn’t had enough cooling time.

For example, your LG fridge might be a newly-installed unit in your home. Or, the fridge might have been off for an extended period, during which it reached room temperature.

In both cases, the water reservoir and its contents will become warm.

Remember: the fridge’s cooling system needs time to reduce the reservoir’s water temperature gradually. So that process must be allowed to happen without any interruptions if you want to enjoy cold water from the dispenser.

How to fix it: You can solve this problem by allowing your LG refrigerator plenty of time to cool down. That way, its compartments and the water reservoir will reach the cold temperatures you expect.

If the fridge was just installed in your home or has been off for extended periods, you’ll need to give it up to 24 hours to become cold enough.

However, a drained reservoir will need up to 6 hours to chill the water inside.

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Used Too Frequently

About this: Above, you read two essential things about your LG refrigerator’s water dispenser. 

Firstly, it has a limited capacity of perhaps 1-2 cups at a time. Secondly, it takes time for that water storage to become cold, up to 6 hours, to be precise.

Those two things show you that your LG refrigerator water dispenser is designed to supply you with small volumes of cold water at irregular intervals.

In other words, the dispenser is not meant to provide you with large amounts of cold water all at once.

What happened: When the water from your LG refrigerator is not cold, another reason to consider is that it’s being used too frequently.

When many people use it continuously, the water dispenser doesn’t have enough time to refill with water and bring it to a chill.

How to fix it: Ideally, there should be plenty of time between each use of the LG fridge’s water dispenser.

However, you’ll have to find other alternatives in large households or commercial settings where that’s not possible. For example, you can keep water storage containers inside the refrigerator compartment.

Alternatively, investing in a separate, standalone water dispenser could be a wise idea. That’s especially true since you can’t modify the water reservoir in your LG fridge.

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Fridge Connected To Hot Water Supply

About this: Your LG fridge receives water from a water line behind it. The water line connects directly to the refrigerator through its water inlet valve. It provides the appliance with water for the dispenser and the ice maker.

What happened: Although less likely, it’s also possible that your LG refrigerator water isn’t cold because the unit is connected to a hot water supply. This is more likely if your kitchen has hot and cold water supplies.

If that’s the case, your LG fridge receives hot water that takes much longer to cool down. As such, it might never cool down enough, resulting in warm water coming out of the dispenser whenever you use it.

You can troubleshoot this issue by inspecting the water line connected to your fridge. Hot water supplies are typically labeled or color-coded in red. You can also briefly touch the water line to feel if hot water is coming through.

How to fix it: You can solve this problem by ensuring that the fridge is only connected to your cold water supply. When the incoming water is already cold, the LG fridge can quickly chill and store that water in the reservoir.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions and answers to help you understand your LG refrigerator’s water dispenser:

How Do I Use The Water Dispenser On My LG Refrigerator?

You can use the water dispenser by pressing your cup against its lever. That will activate a switch behind the panel that triggers the fridge to release water into your cup or container. When you release the lever, the switch stops that water flow to prevent spills.

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Why Is Water Not Coming Out Of My Refrigerator Dispenser?

Check the water line behind the refrigerator when water doesn’t come out from your LG water dispenser. The tap must be fully open, and the water line must not be bent or kinked. That way, water can flow into your refrigerator to the dispenser.

What Causes The Water Dispenser To Freeze Up?

The water dispenser in your LG refrigerator will freeze up if the reservoir is cracked. When that happens, the water can chill excessively and reach freezing temperatures. You’ll need to have a technician remove that reservoir and replace it with a new one.

Do Refrigerator Water Dispensers Need Cleaning?

Yes, you should clean your water dispenser from time to time. That’s especially necessary if the water dispenser isn’t used often. You can clean it internally by flushing it with water. Externally, you can wipe the unit down thoroughly.

How Do I Clean My LG Refrigerator Water Dispenser?

Firstly, flush the dispenser by pressing the lever continuously for a minute or two. Next, wipe the dispenser with a clean cloth to remove any dirt or impurity buildup around the water outlet.

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