LG Refrigerator – Water Dispenser Won’t Stop Running. How To Fix?

Your LG refrigerator should only work when you instruct it to. That also includes the water dispenser that only releases water when you push its lever. But what happens when it starts to get a mind of its own, refusing to stop?

Your LG refrigerator water dispenser won’t stop because its lever or switch is stuck. That happens when sugary drinks splash up from your cup and coat those parts. The switch could also be faulty and need a replacement. The water inlet valve at the fridge’s rear could be faulty, letting excess water into your fridge.

Read through this guide to discover how to troubleshoot this issue and resolve it. You’ll also learn how to force the dispenser to stop before you perform any repairs.

Temporary Solution: Force The Water Dispenser To Stop

If you’re reading this article while the dispenser is flooding your kitchen floor, here are 3 ways to temporarily force it to stop:

Method 1: Shut Off Water Supply

Your LG fridge gets its water supply through a small hose at the back of the appliance. That hose connects to your building’s plumbing which has a shut-off valve that controls water flow.

Close that shut-off valve to cut the water supply to the fridge. The fridge will have no more incoming water as it empties its reservoir, and the dispenser will stop after a few moments.

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Method 2: Open A Fridge Door

Suppose you can’t get to the shut-off valve behind the fridge. In that case, opening a door on your appliance will also stop the water dispenser from releasing water.

Of course, you can’t leave the fridge door open for too long. However, this will buy you time to clean up the water and figure out what to do next.

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Method 3: Lock The Dispenser Control Panel

Locking the dispenser control panel can also stop the water dispenser from releasing water. You can do that by pressing and holding the lock button on the panel for a few seconds.

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The precise duration you have to hold the button will be printed on the button itself.

Why Does My Water Dispenser Keep Running?

Now that you’ve temporarily stopped water flow from your LG fridge water dispenser, you can proceed to troubleshoot the root cause.

Here are the reasons why your fridge water dispenser wasn’t stopping in the first place and how to troubleshoot the issue.

Stuck Lever Or Switch

About this: The water dispenser on your LG refrigerator is activated whenever you push its lever. When you do that, the lever triggers a switch behind the control that signals the fridge to release water.

The water flow will continue for as long as you press the lever and the switch is activated. It’ll stop as soon as you let the lever go.

What happened: The first and most likely reason your water dispenser won’t stop is the lever or switch is stuck.

Remember: the lever should release when you pull your cup away from it. In doing so, the lever will no longer activate the dispenser switch.

However, sticky buildups around the lever arm and switch, especially from sugary drinks, will cause them to stick. A sticky lever or switch keeps the water flowing.

Those sticky buildups happen when sugary drinks like juices and sodas in your cup splash upwards into the lever or switch’s mechanism. That typically occurs when you dispense ice, which drops into your cup full of those beverages.

How to fix it: You will need to clean the lever and switch thoroughly to fix this issue. You can do so by removing the lever and switch from the fridge and wiping them clean very carefully.

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Faulty Switch

About this: As you saw above, the switch is one of several key components that control the water dispenser’s actions. When it’s activated by the lever, the switch sends signals to the fridge to release water continuously.

As soon as the lever is released, the switch opens, and the water flow stops.

What happened: Unfortunately, the water dispenser switch can become faulty. That typically occurs due to normal wear and tear after many years. But if your LG fridge is relatively new, the switch could be defective.

As a result, the faulty switch continues telling the fridge to dispense water, even when you don’t want it to anymore.

That’s why the water keeps flowing out from the dispenser.

How to fix it: Electrical switches like the one for your water dispenser are not serviceable or repairable. So, once you confirm that it has indeed stopped working correctly, you must replace it with a new one.

That repair will require you to detach the control panel on your LG refrigerator to access the switch behind it. 

You could perform this repair yourself, but you should engage a qualified technician if you’re not confident about doing it correctly.

Failed Water Inlet Valve

About this: The water inlet valve is where your fridge meets your home plumbing. A water line from your household water supply connects directly to the water inlet valve, and the valve will control when water can enter the appliance.

Pushing the lever on your fridge water dispenser starts a chain reaction. Firstly, the dispenser will release water into your cup.

However, since that process empties the LG fridge’s reservoir, it also triggers the water inlet valve to let more water in.

The water inlet valve will stop the water flow as soon as you release the dispenser lever.

What happened: The final cause of a water dispenser that won’t stop isn’t the dispenser itself but the water inlet valve at the back of your LG fridge.

A failed valve could get stuck in the open position, letting water flow into your fridge even when it shouldn’t. As a result, the excess water continuously flows through your LG refrigerator and comes out of the dispenser.

How to fix it: A faulty water inlet valve can be repaired, but only in some cases. For example, suppose a dirt buildup or a foreign object keeps it stuck open. In that case, you can clean it to get the valve to work correctly again.

A valve that won’t work requires a replacement. Be sure to shut off the water and electricity supply to the fridge before you do that. The water inlet valve is an electrically controlled water valve, after all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some additional info to help you better understand your LG fridge and its water dispenser:

How Do I Use The Water Dispenser On My LG Refrigerator?

You can use the water dispenser by pressing its lever with a cup or other container. Be sure that your fridge has a water supply before you do that, or it won’t work.

Why Is My LG Fridge Dispensing Warm Water?

Your LG fridge dispenses warm water because it hasn’t had enough time to chill its water reservoir. If your fridge is new, give it 24 hours to cool down completely. However, if you’ve just drained a lot of water from the dispenser, give it up to 6 hours to chill the water inside.

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Why Is Water Dispenser Not Working On My LG Refrigerator?

Your LG refrigerator water dispenser won’t work if it doesn’t have a water supply. So, check behind the appliance to ensure it’s connected to your household water line. Next, ensure that the water line’s shutoff valve is fully open.

How Can I Make My LG Refrigerator Water Taste Better?

You can do two things to make your LG refrigerator water taste better. Firstly, replace the filter regularly. Secondly, flush the water line occasionally to remove lingering tastes.

How Do You Get The Smell Out Of An LG Fridge Water Dispenser?

You can remove the smell from your LG fridge water dispenser by cleaning it thoroughly. Firstly, wipe all accessible parts of the water dispenser with water and a tiny bit of baking soda. Then, flush the dispenser with water by running it straight for a few minutes.

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