Sub Zero Refrigerator Service Code EC 24 – Troubleshooting Guide

Sub Zero is an American manufacturer of kitchen equipment with a 75-year history. Their products are considered on the higher end of the retail scale. The company boasts an enviable reputation for quality and customer service. However, even the best of products can have problems. One common issue noted by users of Sub Zero refrigerators is the EC 24 service code.

A Sub Zero refrigerator displaying an EC 24 service code reports that the automatic defrost system is not functioning correctly. This service code is usually related to an underheating problem by the defrost system. Clogged or dirty condenser coils may also be the cause of this service code.

Before calling a Sub Zero technician, try a few simple steps to reset the EC 24 service code and make sure your refrigerator operates normally. These preliminary instructions may remedy the problem and save you a costly service call. 

The Issues Behind a Sub Zero EC 24 Service Code

The automatic defrost system on your Sub Zero refrigerator keeps frost and ice from building up around the cooling components. Regular use allows moist room air into the refrigerator. The moisture in this air can condense and freeze around the fans, condensing coils and the sensors. 

Any build of frost and ice inside your Sub Zero refrigerator keeps it from operating at peak efficiency. The automatic defrost system on your Sub Zero refrigerator must work as it is intended. Sensors in your Sub0Zero refrigerator constantly monitor conditions, and if a low-heat situation is detected, a service code EC 24 results.

To remedy an EC 24 service code before calling a service technician, these steps are recommended. We suggest your try these fixes to reset the EC 24 service code yourself. Performing these steps is not difficult and well within reach of most homeowners.

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Make Sure the Door to Your Refrigerator or Freezer Hasn’t Been Left Open

A door left ajar on your Sub Zero refrigerator may result in an EC 24 Service Code. The constant air circulation in the freezer or refrigerator section can prevent the defrost system from operating properly. The net result is a service warning code. 

Close the doors to your refrigerator securely. Wait long enough for the refrigerator to cool down to normal operating temperature and check if the service code disappears. If the code is still visible, perform a manual reset by pressing and holding the Door Ajar Alarm Key for 15 seconds.

Check and Clean the Condenser Coils

If dirt, lint, or ice builds up on the condensing coils in your Sub Zero refrigerator, it can cause the defrost system to display an EC 24 service code. This may happen even if the interior temperature of your refrigerator is normal and everything appears to be operating properly.

Checking and cleaning the condenser coils is easily accomplished by following these simple instructions:

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  1. Turn off your Sub Zero refrigerator. There should be an on/off button on the control panel of the refrigerator.
  2. Remove the upper grill from the refrigerator. This will allow you to access the condenser coils behind the grill. Some models have lift-out grills, while others will require you to remove some screws from the panel. Set the grill panel aside and put the screws in a safe place.
  3. An appliance brush should be used to first remove any heavy accumulations of dust, lint, or other debris from the coils. Work carefully and gently, and try not to bend the fins on the coil.
  4. A vacuum hose with a dusting brush is an excellent way to remove any fine dust or small debris from the coils. Again, take care not to damage or bend the coils.
  5. Reinstall the grill panel on your Sub Zero refrigerator. Access the control panel and turn the refrigerator on. The EC 24 service code should be reset. If not, do a manual reset by pressing and holding the Door Ajar Alarm Key for 15 seconds.

Sub Zero suggests performing this cleaning procedure on your refrigerator every three to six months to ensure the most efficient operation.

Other Issues That Cause an EC 24 Service Code

Like any sophisticated appliance with a computer somewhere in the system, other faults can cause an EC 24 service code. Your Sub Zero refrigerator depends on several computers and sensors to operate properly. If a fault occurs in any of these, an error code is usually the result.

Some Sub Zero refrigerators will show additional information with the EC 24 service code. Most of these additional codes indicate a problem with components in the refrigerator. You may be able to decipher these codes using our information. In some cases, the error codes are printed in the user’s manual that came with the refrigerator.

  • EE and SERVICE Flashing – If both EE and the word SERVICE are flashing with the service code EC 24, there is a problem with the Thermistor sensor. Either the thermistor is bad, or the connections to the control board need attention. Remedying this situation requires a trained Sub Zero repair technician.
  • Only SERVICE flashing and no EE – Several issues can cause this code to appear. Before anything else, check to make sure the doors on the refrigerator are closed properly. An open door can trigger this code. Any other problem causing this code requires a qualified Sub Zero technician to test the system and repair any problems.
  • Flashing EC05 and SERVICE codes flashing –  In this case, the system is experiencing a condenser run condition that can have several causes. Clogged or dirty condenser coils can be one reason. Ice buildup around the fan or coils can be another. Clean the condensing coils as described above. Check for ice or frost buildup around the air vents or fans in the freezer and refrigerator. If everything seems normal in these places, you should schedule a visit from a Sub Zero repair technician.

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When You Find That EC 24 Service Code, Don’t Panic

If you see that flashing service code on your Sub Zero refrigerator control panel, you needn’t necessarily start to panic. Often times the cause of the EC 24 service code is quick and straightforward to remedy. Unfortunately, many people fail to follow the recommended cleaning and maintenance schedule, resulting in a flashing display. Take care of your Sub Zero refrigerator, and it will serve you reliably for many years.

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