Sub Zero Refrigerator Service Code ec 40

The Sub Zero refrigerator displays specific error codes depending on the problems it’s experiencing. Each code is followed by a different number, letting you know what part needs fixing and why. 

The error service code ec 40 means that the condenser in the refrigerator has been running for longer than it should. This means that the condenser is dirty and needs to be cleaned. 

The following article is a detailed explanation of why you should clean the condenser. It also includes a brief guide on how you can do it yourself, and how to get a professional to do it. 

Why Do I Need To Clean The Refrigerator Condenser? 

The main reasons you need to clean the condenser include: 

  • Make sure the fridge cools properly 
  • Save energy 
  • Other parts might fail if the condenser isn’t cleaned 

Making sure your condenser is clean will keep your fridge running smoothly. 

When a condenser has built-up dirt and dust, it can negatively affect its ability to cool the refrigerator. The condenser transfers the hot gas produced by the evaporator and cools it down with high pressure. The hot gas has a harder time passing through the condenser if dirt and grime are blocking it. 

If the condenser isn’t able to cool the evaporator gas, it will lead to the refrigerator becoming warm. This will then lead to the following issues: 

  • Food going rotten 
  • Condensation in the fridge 
  • Frost buildup 

Each of these issues will affect how well the refrigerator is able to function. 

A Sub Zero refrigerator is designed to use less energy than the standard refrigerator. When the condenser is dirty, the refrigerator will have to use more energy to keep itself cool. This can shorten the refrigerator’s life span, since the increased energy use wears it out faster. 

Lastly, other parts of the refrigerator may be negatively affected by a dirty condenser. For example, the evaporator sends the hot gas through to the condenser.

If the gas can’t get through, it can cause the evaporator to get too hot. This can then lead to other mechanical parts of the refrigerator malfunctioning, leading to a complete breakdown of the refrigerator. 

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For these main reasons, it’s imperative to clean your refrigerator condenser frequently. 

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Professional Service Versus Doing It Yourself

You can clean your refrigerator condensers yourself or have a professional do it. If the condensers are mildly dirty, you can do it yourself fairly easily. But if the condensers are due for a thorough cleaning, then a professional might be the better option. 

Refrigerator condensers have a metallic appearance to them. They are usually in the shape of coils and have a grid-like pattern on them.

The condenser is usually located at the back of the refrigerator, towards the bottom. A thin metal sheet usually protects it, and it can be easily removed by unscrewing the four screws on the corners. 

You don’t have to remove the condenser from the refrigerator for cleaning. However, you need to pull the refrigerator out from the wall so that you have adequate space to clean the condenser thoroughly. 

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Professional Service

A professional can clean your refrigerator condenser if you’ve never cleaned it before. They can also repair any damage that a dirty condenser can cause.

It’s recommended to look into multiple professional refrigerator repairers to find the right price and company for the job. 

You should hire a professional to clean your condenser for two main reasons. The first is if you have never cleaned your refrigerator condenser before and want someone else to do it if it’s especially dirty.

The second reason is if the refrigerator has other parts that need repairing. A dirty condenser can affect how the refrigerator functions and cause it to need additional repairs. 

Before hiring a professional, check how dirty the condenser is and if any other parts of the refrigerator need to be repaired. After this step, it’s recommended that you check to see how much repairing or cleaning the refrigerator will cost.

The cost of repairing old Sub Zero units has a wide range. It can be as low as $800 if the refrigerator is in relatively good condition, and as much as $3,600 if the refrigerator needs more work. 

The repair costs are calculated by how much time and effort is needed to repair and clean the refrigerator. Doing your research beforehand can help you determine if hiring a professional is worth it or not. 

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Doing It Yourself

Frequently cleaning the refrigerator condenser yourself can save you lots of time and money in the long run. The condenser should be cleaned every six months to a year. The steps to cleaning a refrigerator condenser are also fairly simple, if the condenser isn’t too dirty. 

The materials you’ll need for cleaning the condenser include: 

  • A vacuum with a brush attachment 
  • Paintbrush or another small brush 
  • A clean rag 

Once you have all of the materials, the first steps are to remove the plate over the condenser and pull the fridge out from the wall. You should also unplug the refrigerator and remove any food that’s inside it, to prevent a technological mishap from happening or spoiling food. 

After that’s done, use the brush attachment on your vacuum to suck up as much dirt and dust as you can. Move the brush over the condenser slowly so you don’t damage it but still get the majority of the dirt. 

When you’re done vacuuming, use the paintbrush or other small brush to remove the last few bits of dust and dirt. You can also use the vacuum to suck them up once they are loosened.

After you’re done brushing, vacuum up any last pieces of dirt or dust on the floor. Once all the dirt is cleaned up, replace the metal plate and plug the fridge back in. You can then gently push it back against the wall and refill it. 

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning the condenser on a refrigerator is an essential part of taking care of your refrigerator. It will help keep the refrigerator at top performance and help it last for many years.

A clean refrigerator condenser will prevent it from overheating and from damaging other parts any further. Whether a professional cleans it or you do it yourself, it’s a relatively simple task that can improve your refrigerator’s overall performance.

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