UE Error Code On LG Washing Machine. How To Fix It?

LG washing machines are great appliances.

However, sometimes issues arise and error codes appear.

One of the most common error codes is the UE error code.

While it can simply mean that your machine is out of balance due to the load inside, it can also mean other things.

Since there’s a great deal of information on that specific issue but very little about the more serious issues we’re going to cover those today.

Motor Malfunction

After leveling the unit and checking the software, if the UE code continues to effect every load your LG washer’s motor may have a malfunction.

If you determine this is the issue, this is how you fix it:

1. Disconnect all power going to the machine.

2. Move the washer forward so you are able to reach the back of the unit.

3. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the back panel in place. Lift the panel up and pull it off.

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4. Using a socket, remove the bolt that holds the rotor in place. You’ll want to wear a pair of protective gloves to remove the rotor from the stator.

5. Remove the screws that hold the wiring harnesses in place.

6. Remove the 6 bolts that hold the stator in place. Be sure to hold the stator when taking the last bolt off, as you don’t want the part to fall.

7. Disconnect the wiring harnesses from the stator.

8. Grab the new motor and reconnect the wiring harnesses and the hall sensor to it. Position the new stator on the back of the unit and reinstall the 6 bolts.

9. Screw the wiring harnesses back to the tub.

10. Place the rotor back on the shaft and apply some thread lock to the bolt. Replace and tighten the bolt.

11. Install the rear panel and restore the power.

Failed Hall Sensor

The hall sensor or rotor position sensor helps monitor your LG washer’s motor operations.

As an important part of the automated system, it assists the control board to ensure operations are running correctly.

This is one of the cheaper parts, so if you’re not sure of your exact problem this is a good place to start.

Here’s how to replace it.

1. You will want to follow steps as outlined above.

2. Once you have the stator off and the wire harnesses disconnected you’ll see the hall sensor at the bottom of the stator.

3. To replace this part you’ll need to pull it off the stator and put the new one back on in its place.

Then begin reconnecting the wiring harnesses and reassembling the machine.

Loose Motor Nut

Another common issue that can trigger the UE code is a loose motor nut.

If motor nut loose, motor can moves chaotically, not providing exact position to the hall sensor.

Reaching this part entails the same steps as outlined above.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to access the motor nut.

1. You will need to follow all steps from 1 through 7 under our section titled “Motor Malfunction”. You will essentially follow all steps until you have the stator removed from the machine.

2. Once the stator is off the machine you’ll be able to see if the main nut is loose.

3. If this is the issue, you simply need to take a ratchet and tighten the nut.

4. After you reassemble your machine the UE error code should be gone.

Wiring Issue

There are wiring issues that can also cause your LG washing machine to show the UE code.

To see if this is your problem you’ll need to disassemble the machine and check the wires to see if they are burned or damaged.

For this fix you will want to closely inspect every wire you come in contact with.

1.The ones you definitely want to check are those connected to the motor and hall sensor.

2. To reach the wire harnesses for the motor and hall sensor you’ll need to follow steps 1 through 5 from our section called “Motor Malfunction”.

3. Once you reach the wiring harnesses and have the screws removed you should be able to visually inspect the wires contained in each harness.

4. If you see any wires that appear to be damaged or burned, you’ll need to either replace or reconnect them.

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Control Board Failure

If you’ve already replaced a few other parts, especially the hall sensor, and you still have the UE error code – it may be time to replace the control board.

The control board controls a washer’s operations.

When this part malfunctions the UE code can appear.

Here’s how to replace the control board on an LG washing machine.

1. Disconnect all power from the unit.

2. Remove the screws from the top, rear of the machine. Slide the top of the washer back about an inch, and lift to remove.

3. Next, you’ll pull the inlet hoses free from the steam generator.

4. Remove the screws that secure the crossbar. Move the crossbar and generator out of your way.

5. Remove the screw that holds the pressure switch in place, and pull the switch off the control board cover. Detach the tube from the retainer clip.

6. Use pliers to remove all 5 of the control board wiring harness retainer clips.

7. Remove the mounting screws that hold the control board assembly in place.

8. Slide the assembly tabs out of the slots in the rear cabinet and lift the assembly out.

9. Release the locking tabs that hold the control board cover.

10. You are now ready to replace the main control board.

Just remember to note the locations of the 13 wiring harnesses so you can transfer them from the old part to the new one.

11. When all wiring harnesses are attached, you’ll snap the cover back on the control board and reassemble the machine.

You’ll simply work backward from the steps above.

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Worn-Out Suspension Rods

Finally, if the issue isn’t anything we’ve discussed above, you’re LG washing machine’s suspension rods are worn out.

These work to secure the tub to keep it from “jumping” around during the wash cycle.

If you’ve noticed more shaking than usual, this is probably your issue.

Here’s how to replace the suspension rods:

1. First, disconnect all power from the unit.

2. Lift the lid and use a putty knife to remove retainer clips that secure the main top.

Lift the top and provide support to it.

3. Next, lift the tub up and detach the suspension rod you are trying to change.

Lift the rod out of the top support bracket to fully remove.

4. Prepare the new suspension rod for installation by applying grease to both the top and bottom of the rod.

5. Hook the top of the new rod in the support bracket. Lift the tub up and attach the bottom of the rod to the outer tub.

6. You will repeat these steps for the other 3 suspension rods.

7. Reassemble your machine.

Which of these fixes worked for the UE code on your LG washer?

Comment now and let us know. Also, feel free to leave any other tips you can think of

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