LG Washer OE Code error- 3 easy checks and how to fix it

Do you have an LG Washer OE Code? The OE Error code signifies the washer is unable to drain the water out during the wash cycle.

Front load washing machines are great because they allow you to wash larger loads and help conserve water. However, sometimes they will stop working properly and begin displaying error codes. What does it mean and how do you fix it?

There are a few different issues that can cause this problem. The following information will discuss the main reasons the LG washer OE error code shows up and how you can fix it.

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What Does The OE Code Mean?

The OE code signifies that your LG washer is unable to drain the water out during wash cycle.

This code can be triggered by a clogged drain pump filter or a drain hose that’s kinked.

When the LG washer OE code is being displayed on your LG washer, there are three common parts you need to check: the drain hose, the drain pump filter, and the drain pump itself.

You’ll have to determine the root cause and fix the issue before the code will go away and your washer will drain. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow.

What to Check on LG Washer When Got OE Error Code?

1. check the drain hose

This is the easiest of the three components to check. You’ll simply look at the drain hose connected to the back of your LG washing machine to see if it’s bent or kinked.

When washers are pushed too far back against a wall the drain hose can end up getting crimped. When the hose has bends or kinks it can prevent the proper flow of water through it.

If you see that the hose is not straight you’ll simply need to straighten it out and ensure it has no blockages. This would also be a good time to reset your LG washer.

**You can reset your LG washing machine through power cycling. First, press the Power button to shut the washer off. Then, remove the plug from the wall socket or shut off the circuit breaker. Finally, press and hold the Start/Pause button for 5 seconds. After that time, plug the washer back into the outlet.**

After you’ve done this go ahead and start a small load in your LG washer to make sure the OE error is cleared.

2. check the drain pump filter

To check the drain pump filter you will first need to unplug the washer to disconnect the power.

You will then locate the filter on your LG washer which is at the front bottom. (See photo). Locations may vary by model type.

Go ahead and remove the cover to the drain pump filter. Next you will unhook and remove the small plug from your drain hose. You will need a small bowl to catch water that drains from inside the tub.

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After the water has drained, you’ll need to twist the drain pump filter in a counter-clockwise direction to remove it.

LG washer oe code

The best way to clean this part is to run it under warm water.

You’ll also want to use a rag or cleaning brush to clean inside the housing for the drain pump filter. If the filter is damaged or beyond cleaning repair, you can buy replacement parts online easily through Amazon and other retailers. See below.

Once everything is clean, you’ll replace the cap on the drain hose and connect the hose to your washer once again. Reverse the steps above.

Just be sure the filter is put back in place securely! Install the cover over the drain pump filter by turning it clockwise this time.

After you’ve cleaned the filter and re-secured it so it’s free from blockages you can try your LG washer by running a small load to see if the OE code is cleared. Again, resetting the machine through power cycling might help in clearing the code.

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3. check the drain pump

To test the drain pump it’s best to run a spin only cycle.

Do this by pressing POWER to turn your washer on.

Then press the SPIN SPEED button until HIGH is visible.

Go ahead and press the START/PAUSE button to begin the spin cycle.

Do you hear a humming noise during the spin cycle? If so, your washer is beginning to drain. However, if you do not hear a draining noise, you will need to physically check the drain pump. This part is located inside the washer, and is more difficult to check than the parts above. If you are not comfortable working with electrical components, this might be the time to contact a technician.

If you feel confident you can handle this job, this is how you’ll locate the drain pump:

Locating the drain pump

  1. First, disconnect the power from the washer to prevent electrocution.

2. Then, you’ll need to locate the screws holding the top of your LG washer in place, and remove them.

After removing the screws you’ll pull the top toward the back of the machine and lift upwards.

3. Next, press the release tab on the soap drawer and remove it.

After the drawer is completely removed you’ll need to take the two screws holding the housing for it out.

4. Depending on your LG model there may be another screw on the right side that’s holding your control panel in place.

Other models simply have some locking tabs across the top that you’ll need to pull up on to unlock.

After the panel is disconnected set it on top of the machine.

5. Then move to the bottom of the machine on the left-hand side to the small door and open it.

You’ll find a small drain hose to pull out which you’ll need to remove the end of.

Any water remaining inside the tub will drain, so grab a small container to catch it.

There’s one screw inside this door that you’ll need to remove. Pull the cover for the drain clean-out off and set it aside.

A single screw should now be visible at the bottom which holds the bottom of the front panel in place, go ahead and remove it.

6. Next, open the washer door and remove the band clamp that holds the door bellow in place using a flat screwdriver.

Now gently pull the boot away from the front panel and push it into the washer tub.

You don’t need to remove the door lock assembly.

Simply remove the wiring harness from the bottom of it by pulling straight down to disengage it. Close the washer door.

7. Remove the 4 screws across the top. Remember to support the front panel and door assembly before removing the last screw.

After all screws are removed you’ll simply tilt it forward and lift slightly up to disengage the three tabs holding it in place along the bottom.

Set the front panel and door assembly to the side.

The drain pump motor is located at the bottom left and depending on your model there may two or three hoses attached to it.

It also may be secured to the base by a few bolts or a sliding locking tab.

Next you’ll want to remove the clamp from each hose and twist the hoses free from the pump.

After the hoses are removed and pushed aside you’ll need to remove the remaining screws holding the drain pump in place.

If your model has the metal bracket holding the pump assembly be sure to remove the bolts from that.

LG pump motor

If there’s no bracket there will be a small locking tab under the center rear of the pump housing that will need to be disengaged.

Once you have the pump assembly out you’ll need to disconnect the wiring harness.

Remember the wire colors as you remove them from the pump.

Remove the pump motor from the pump body by removing 3 screws.

Next, remove the cover from the existing motor.

If you’ve come this far, you’re likely able to replace the pump motor by yourself. Parts are available online at various retailers including Amazon.

Discard the old motor and place the new pump motor inside the cover and begin reassembling the washer.  Reverse the steps above.

Note: we may receive a small commission off your purchases, with no additional cost to you.

Conclusion: LG washer oE code

In conclusion, these are the three most common issues that cause an LG washer to show the OE error code. For most people, the issue will be with the drain hose or drain pump filter. However, drain pumps do go out from time to time. Do you have other questions or comments regarding the OE code on your LG Washer?

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Reader Comments (69)

  1. Hello, I’ve recently replaced a drain pump because of the same code. However even with the new pump, no kinks, and hoses have been cleaned out. The first time it goes, runs great! Drained the water, however on any load afterwards from that.. the code reappears! Could it be the computer board??

  2. Hey I’m having issues with my LG washer. I’ve had to turn off the hot water due to it dispensing hot water into the washer non stop. One night it kept dispensing hot water and it did not drain it until I opened the door. No codes nor anything shows up on the screen everything shows normal.

  3. Hello. I have the LG Front load washer (model WM2487HWM). I am getting the OE code. I follow the reset instructions to drain remaining water in drum. After trying to doing so, the washer makes a buzzing sound but does not spin the drum or drain and eventually errors out again with OE code. I try this a couple of times. Same OE. The cleanout below is clean. Eventually I can get past the OE code on reset and get drum to spin/drain. Of the 3 things stated as cause for OE, that leaves the pump motor to be bad. Could the pump motor be failing and sometimes does OE code or is the OE code on a total pump failure. Will a pump replacement likely fix this or is something else failing?? THX.

  4. Same problem as above. OE code that wouldn’t clear. Replaced pump. Not the problem. Disconnected black rubber hose from pressure switch at top (near board) and blew into it. A lot of resistance. I disconnected the hose at the bottom (took off back panel) from a white plastic receptacle attached to rubber drain manifold under tub. The white plastic attachment is about an inch around and two screws to attach to bottom of tub. It was totally full of gunk. Took it off, cleaned it out and voila, that was the answer.

  5. Thank you so much!
    A small sock managed to get into the bottom filter! I was able to open it and get it out. Lots of water came out!
    The machine is running again full speed!!
    Thank you

  6. So my LG washer is throwing the OE code. However, it does the wash cycle and drains completely without any issues. It seems like it is getting stuck in cycles as it tries to start a cycle and then kicks back. If I watch the control panel its like a relay is stuck. Could the drain pump be functioning properly but a relay in the control board be stuck not allowing it to move forward? I’ve had another relay get stuck and had to fix, so I am thinking of replacing entire control board. Thoughts?

  7. I have a trom front loading washer during my last load of laundry I had to stop because the washer was making a very grating sound when it was supposed to be spinning and then water came out all over the floor from under the washer machine.Also when I removed the clothes a long piece of grey rubber that had been obviously torn when the washer spin cycle malfunction ed.I am wondering how much this is going to run me to fix it.By the way the tub doesn’t want to spin the clothes albeit tries it just makes the load getting noise and will not spin and then the water comes out from under the washer.This washer is barely 1 yr old and it’s just my husband and I living here so we didn’t have an abundances of laundry

  8. Hi there,

    Would be very grateful for any tips. I hope you can help.

    LG front load washer dryer F1403YD5.

    Our machine stopped mid cycle, just about when it was due to pump water out.

    An OE message did appear, however since then the machine won’t turn on.

    Our machine is in great condition and subsequently nothing is kinked or clogged.

    Therefore it might require a new pump (based on the OE message which appeared for a moment. Do you agree? Even though the pump seems in good condition too, having removed it).

    However would that cause the machine to no longer switch on?

    Thank you for any help which you can provide.

  9. Hi I have an LG top loader that displayed the OE code a tech replaced the pump and we did the spin cycle and the water was draining well….He connected it all up and and commenced a wash …when it got to the rinse spin cycle again the OE CODE appeared and the washer would only spin slowly for about 10 mins and the OE code would appear….any ideas.?

    • 1. Drain hose kinked or still clogged
      2. There are 2 identical pumps on the LG washer. Which one did you replace?
      3. When OE code shows up, does the washer drain all water out?

  10. Hi not sure if my last comment went through so I have read all the comments and did all the checks. Ended up buying new pump. It works but only when I have the drain hose lowered in the sink. Only trickles out water at a higher level. Do you think the new drain pump is not working properly? Should I try another new one? Thanks.

    • Can you be sure that you check and clean all hoses? I had situations when the drain hose from the tub to the pump was packed with sand, restricting water flow.
      I believe you still have a restriction somewhere, as long as you already installed a new pump and it is not draining properly

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