What is Coffee Machine Service / Maintenance Cost?

When most people buy a coffee machine, they only think of two costs: the price to buy the machine and the money they’ll have to pay for beans. But, sadly, those two aren’t the only reasons you’ll open your wallet on behalf of your coffee machine.

Coffee machine service and maintenance costs start with the purchase of descaling products. Naturally, you’ll also have to pay for parts and repairs if the machine stops working. However, people often forget that paying technician labor rates, call-out fees, and transportation costs is also necessary to maintain and repair more complex coffee and espresso machines.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the servicing and maintenance costs that come after you purchase a coffee machine for your home or business. Then, you’ll also know how often you’ll have to make those payments to keep your machine running optimally.

What Are The Service And Maintenance Costs Of A Coffee Machine?

Here are the 5 service and maintenance costs for your coffee machine and how often you’ll have to pay them:

#1 Descaling Products

About this: Limescale is a white chalky buildup that accumulates in all coffee machines regardless of their size or type. The buildup consists of diluted minerals in the water that stick to the coffee machine’s insides, particularly around hot components like the heating element.

Limescale buildups can cause significant downtime to your coffee machine. That’s why everyone must descale their coffee machines as part of their regular maintenance.

Unfortunately, descaling isn’t free. However, you can choose to do it using household supplies like distilled white vinegar to reduce costs. 

However, coffee machine manufacturers recommend using descaling solutions designed specifically for use with coffee machines.

How often: You’ll need to descale your coffee machine every two months. As such, your coffee machine maintenance costs will include using descaling products at least six times a year.

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#2 Repairs And Spare Parts Costs

About this: Coffee machines suffer occasional failures like any other appliance or machine. When one of those failures happens, you’ll likely have to pay for the repairs and any spare parts needed to get your machine working once more.

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Those repairs and parts cost money. The precise amount, however, will depend on your coffee machine’s brand and model.

For example, a typical household coffee pot doesn’t cost much to repair. You can find the parts online or even at your local hardware store. 

Better yet, you can fix it as a DIY project (with a few Youtube instructional videos) or hire a local household appliance technician to do it for you.

That’s not the same for high-end, complex coffee and espresso machines. Those kinds of machines require specialist technicians and spare parts that are hard to source, both of which will cost you more.

How often: Sadly, you can’t predict how often you’ll pay to fix your coffee machine. If you bought a well-built machine that you maintain correctly and your luck is good, you might never have to pay for repairs or parts.

However, some people will have to shell out cash for repairs more often than others.

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#3 Technician’s Labor Rates

About this: There are also situations when you’ll have to pay hourly labor rates for a technician to service or repair your coffee machine. Again, this type of charge is more common for higher-end machines, like commercial models in coffee houses.

Some coffee machine service and maintenance tasks are more time-consuming and labor-intensive than others. As a result, technicians charge hourly rates to represent the job’s complexity.

How often: Like cost #2 above, technician labor rates are incidental. That means you’ll only have to pay it when it becomes necessary and not on a regular schedule.

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#4 Shipping Or Transportation Costs

About this: The service or maintenance technician must be in front of your coffee machine to work on it. Unfortunately, getting the two of them in the same room will also cost you money.

Your first option is to ship your coffee machine to the technician so they can service or maintain the machine. 

That includes packing your coffee machine safely with protection and transportation costs to send the machine to the technician. You must also pay to have them ship it back to you when they’re done.

Depending on the machine’s dimensions and weight, that transportation cost can be pretty high. 

How often: The frequency of this cost will depend on your coffee machine’s maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance is typically done every 3, 6, or 12 months.

Coffee machines with heavier usage will require more frequent servicing, as they’ll experience wear much faster.

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#5 On-Site Call-Out Fees

About this: For #4 above, you’ll have to pay shipping or transportation costs to get your coffee machine to its technician.

But let’s suppose you can’t afford to be away from the machine for extended periods because you need it to run your business. In that case, your second option is to call the service and maintenance technician to your location.

Although this is a more convenient option for many coffee machine owners, there’s another cost you’ll have to pay. That’s known as the on-site call-out fee.

In simpler terms, that’s the fee you’ll have to pay to get the technician to travel to you.

Depending on the technician or company you’re working with, that fee is waived if you later pay them to service or repair your coffee machine and buy spare parts from them.

How often: Similar to #4, this cost is somewhat within your control. Regular coffee machine maintenance, whether in a shared space like an office or a commercial place like a coffee house, can be done every 3, 6, or 12 months.

You’ll have to choose the most suitable frequency based on your needs and budget. But no matter your choice, you must account for this coffee machine service/maintenance cost to keep your machine operational.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more things you must understand about servicing and maintaining your coffee machine:

Can You Service Your Own Coffee Machine?

Yes, you can service your own coffee machine. That’s especially true for simple household coffee machines. However, specialist machines like commercial espresso machines will require trained technicians to service them.

How Often Does A Coffee Machine Need To Be Serviced?

Coffee machines must be serviced at 3-, 6-, and 12-month intervals. Machines that are used more frequently, like those in commercial settings, must be serviced more frequently, typically every 3 months.

What Happens If A Coffee Machine Is Not Serviced Regularly?

A coffee machine that isn’t serviced regularly will experience limescale buildups, clogs, and failed components. They will cause more coffee machine downtime and affect the taste negatively.

What Is A Good Descaling Solution?

Distilled white vinegar is a good descaling solution that you probably already have in your kitchen. However, a better solution would be those made specifically for coffee machines. Those will not only remove limescale buildups but also coffee odors and tastes lingering in the machine.

Can Coffee Machines Be Repaired?

Yes, coffee machines can be repaired as long as the necessary spare parts are available. If your home coffee maker is too old and you can’t find parts, buying a new machine is your only option.

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