Why Gas Dryer Not Heating Up? Issues and Solutions

While electric dryers have become more and more popular, for those people with gas service in their house the option of having a gas dryer is available.

While a gas dryer is normally considered to be much more economical to operate as compared to an all-electric dryer, there are still a number of causes for your dryer not to heat up.

Below we came up with a list of five of the most common causes why Gas dryers not heating up.

5 Common Causes Why Gas Dryer Not Heating Up

Faulty Gas Valve Solenoid Coils

In a typical gas dryer, the gas is allowed to enter the dryer through the gas valve. To ensure that the gas enters the dryer at the correct time the valve is directed to open by use of an electrical solenoid.

The electrical solenoid is actuated when the dryer is started. If the gas valve does not open shortly after the dryer is started one or more of the coils are not working.

The coils of the gas valve are located on top of the valve and can be tested using a multimeter.

If while testing the coils there is no continuity according to the multimeter.

Testing the coils is really easy after you gain access to the area where the gas valve is located.

Be sure to unplug the dryer and disconnect the gas hose.

Locate the gas valve and remove the coil(s) and test them using a multimeter, if you get a resistance reading on the meter of 1000-2000 ohms, the coil is bad and must be replaced.

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You can get replacement coils by contacting the manufacturer and order the necessary number of coils.

After replacing the faulty coils and buttoning everything back up, start the dryer and see if the dryer is working again.

Blown Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse in a gas dryer is part of its safety features.

The thermal fuse is designed to prevent an overheating condition that could potentially cause a fire.

If the thermal fuse is blown the dryer will heat up again until the fuse has been replaced.

Depending on the model of the gas dryer the thermal fuse will be located near the blower.

The dryer does not heat up it is possible that the thermal fuse could be blown and stopping the dryer from working.

To check to see if the fuse is the cause you can use a multimeter and test it for continuity.

Be sure to unplug the dryer and remove the access panel from the back of the dryer.

Locate the blower housing the remove the thermal fuse.

Using a multimeter check for continuity and if the meter reads zero (infinity) then the fuse is bad and needs to be replaced.

To get a replacement thermal fuse you need to contact the manufacturer to get the proper fuse.

After replacing the fuse and buttoning up the access cover and plugging the dryer back in and turn it on.

If everything operates normally than you are ready to go.

Faulty Igniter

The igniter is a very important part of the dryer and if it does not heat up properly the gas valve will not open to allow the gas to flow.

The igniter is turned on when the dryer is started on and if the tip of the igniter does not reach the proper temperature quick enough the solenoid(s) will not open the valve and allow the gas to flow.

If you suspect the igniter is faulty you can test it with a multimeter and check it for continuity.

Before you get started with this repair move the dryer and disconnect both the power cord and gas hose from the back of the dryer.

Remove the back access panel and locate where the igniter is located and disconnect it.

Using a multimeter, check for continuity and if it is bad you will need to replace. Contact the local part store or you can purchase a new igniter here.

Install the new igniter and button up the access panel and reconnect the gas hose and plug in the power cord. Test the dryer to ensure that it starts heating like it is supposed to.

Defective Radiant Flame Sensor

The radiant flame sensor in a gas dryer is very important since it is how the gas valve knows when to open and allow the gas to flow so that the igniter can light the flame.

When the sensor determines that the tip of the igniter reaches the proper temperature it signals the solenoids to open the gas valve which allows the gas to flow and it is ignited.

If you suspect that the igniter is heating up and the gas is still not flowing, the radiant flame sensor just might not be working. You can test the sensor using a multimeter and replace it if necessary.

To check the radiant flame sensor you want to be sure that you disconnect the gas hose and unplug the power cord from the outlet.

Remove the back access panel and locate the flame sensor, it should be located near the igniter.

Remove the sensor in order to test it with a multimeter and if it does not read zero you will need to replace it.

To get a new sensor you will need to contact the manufacturer and order a replacement.

After you install the new sensor and button up the access panel, hook up the gas hose and plug in the power cord test the dryer to see if it heats up.

Faulty High Limit Thermostat

The high limit thermostat is another part of the gas dryer’s safety features. If it detects an overheating condition in the event the exhaust hose becomes obstructed.

If the thermostat activates it will prevent the gas valve from opening and allowing the gas to flow into the dryer.

If you suspect the High Limit Thermostat you can test it with a multimeter and check for continuity. To check the thermostat for proper operation.

Be sure to unplug the power cord from the outlet and open the back access panel.

The High Limit Thermostat should be either located on the blower housing cover or near the exhaust vent. Remove the thermostat and test with a multimeter.

If you do not get a zero reading (infinity) the High Limit Thermostat is faulty and will need to be replaced.

To get a new thermostat you will need to contact the manufacturer of the dryer to buy a new thermostat.

After replacing the thermostat and buttoning up the access panel and plug the power cord back in and test the dryer.

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  1. Hi,
    The dryer doesn’t heat but it does run. The flame sensor, igniter, high limit thermostat, and coils all check out or have been replaced. After this I still have no heat, but the dryer still runs. It is a hot point 30 year old dryer model number DLL2650BHL

  2. Hi again, I’m wondering if my dryer has a thermal fuse? I wasn’t able to find one. My dyer is a hot point by GE model number DLL 2650BHL
    Terry Higgins

  3. I have a hot point gas dryer and it is 30 + years old. It fails to heat up occasionally. It doesn’t have a thermal fuse. I cleaned it out of all lint and dust build up. I replaced the radiant flame sensor and it still doesn’t heat up. What else do you think it could be.

  4. Samsung model TV for 2H5200EW/83 original problem the heating element was bad. Change the heating element in the first sensor went bad I believe it’s the thermostat replaced it the next sensor went bad replaced it four times.Checked vent for proper airflow cleaned out several times doesn’t seem to be the problem but it keeps trippy the second sensor.

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