LG Fridge Water Dispenser Not Working? 3 main reasons why

Water dispensers on LG refrigerator models are there to make life more convenient for you. By pushing a lever, you can get filtered water on-demand. So, why would that water dispenser fail and leave you with an empty glass?

An LG fridge water dispenser won’t work if the appliance doesn’t have an incoming water supply. Besides that, its water inlet valve might be faulty, preventing any water from coming in. A dirty or incorrectly installed water filter can cause the same problem, as would a dispenser with a broken switch or lever.

A water dispenser that doesn’t work can be pretty frustrating. Still, this guide will help you through it one step at a time. By the end, you’ll understand what’s affecting your water dispenser and how to fix it.

Why Is My LG Fridge Water Dispenser Not Working?

Understandably, you’ll be pretty frustrated if you try to use the water dispenser on your LG fridge only to discover that nothing came out.

Thankfully, there are only a handful of likely causes behind that problem. Here, you’ll understand why they happen and how you can resolve them quickly.

Water Supply Issues

LG fridge water dispenser

About this part: If your LG refrigerator has a water dispenser, that means it’s connected to your household water supply. 

Start your troubleshooting process by inspecting your water supply. 

More specifically, you’ll want to:

  • Check your household’s incoming water supply
  • Check the water tap and hose that connects to the back of your LG refrigerator

The likely problem: One of the most likely reasons your LG fridge water dispenser fails to work is because the appliance isn’t receiving a water supply.

For example, there might be a water supply disruption to your home. Besides that, the water tap might be shut off, or the hose connecting to your fridge might be kinked.

How to resolve it: Firstly, check that the water tap supplying your fridge is fully open and that water is indeed flowing through to your fridge. In addition, the water hose connecting to the appliance should not have any kinks or sharp bends.

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However, if you find that the other taps in the house are working except for the one supplying your fridge, you’ll need to contact a plumber to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

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Faulty Inlet Valve

About this part: The water inlet valve is where your household water supply meets your LG refrigerator. 

It’s a mechanical valve that your fridge opens and closes to let water through when needed. Whenever it’s open, water will flow smoothly into your fridge through the water filter before coming out of the water dispenser.

The likely problem: Again, the water inlet valve is a mechanical component. That means it has moving parts that can get stuck and prevent water from passing through even when it should.

For example, corrosion and other buildups can cause the valve to get stuck in the closed position.

Besides that, an electrical fault like a short circuit could also stop the valve from working correctly. So even if the fridge signals the valve to open, it won’t be able to do so.

Whether it’s a mechanical or electrical fault, the water supply will get stuck at the valve and leave the water dispenser without any water to provide.

How to resolve it: A faulty water inlet valve is not serviceable. That means the most practical solution here is to remove the valve and install a new, functional one into your appliance.

Be careful when removing the existing valve, as it connects to one or more internal hoses inside your refrigerator. So, make sure the fridge is off and be prepared for minor spills.

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Water Filter Problems

About this part: As water flows into your LG refrigerator, it must first pass through a built-in water filter. That filter will remove any debris or other impurities from the water before going to the water dispenser.

The likely problem: Another likely reason your water dispenser isn’t working is that the water gets stuck in the filter.

There are two reasons this might happen, which are:

  • The water filter was installed incorrectly.
  • The water filter is severely clogged.

In both scenarios, water cannot flow smoothly through the filter. As a result, little or no water will come out from the water dispenser.

How to resolve it: You must inspect the water filter to solve this problem. Before doing that, be sure to shut off the water supply, so the fridge doesn’t flood when you remove the filter.

Firstly, think back to the last time you replaced the water filter in your LG fridge. If you did it recently, you might have installed the new filter incorrectly. 

Follow the instructions on the manual or on the filter to ensure you put it correctly.

On the other hand, if you replaced the filter more than 6 months ago or haven’t replaced it at all, it is most likely filthy inside. 

It’s not possible to clean the water filter in your LG fridge. So instead, you must replace it with a new and compatible LG water filter if you want to continue using the water dispenser.

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Faulty Dispenser Switch or Damaged Lever

About this part: Lastly, your problem could be caused by a faulty or broken dispenser switch or the lever that attaches to it.

Pushing the lever with your hand or a cup will trigger the dispenser switch. Then, the dispenser will provide you with water until you release the lever. 

The likely problem: The problem might be with the water dispenser switch or its lever.

You’ll know that this is the case if you push on the dispenser lever but hear no humming noise coming from the water dispenser.

That lack of a sound can mean one of the following:

  • The dispenser switch is faulty, so it doesn’t trigger the dispenser to provide water even when the lever presses against it, or
  • The lever is damaged or broken. As a result, pushing on it with your cup doesn’t trigger the switch or the water dispenser.

How to resolve it: You can fix this issue quickly by replacing whichever part is affected.

It’s quicker to troubleshoot the dispenser lever, so start there first. Then, if it’s broken, you can remove it and put a new one in its place.

However, if the lever is in excellent condition, that means it’s the faulty switch. You’ll have to open the water dispenser to access the switch and replace it.

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Bonus Tips

Here are a few additional questions and answers that you’ll find helpful when troubleshooting your LG fridge’s water dispenser:

Where Is The Reset Button On LG Refrigerator?

You won’t find a reset button on an LG refrigerator. So if you need to reset the appliance, the quickest way is through power cycling. First, disconnect the fridge from its power source for 5 minutes before reconnecting it. That’ll reset the machine and clear its errors.

How Do I Dispense My Refrigerator Water?

You can dispense water from your LG refrigerator by pushing the dispenser lever. Be sure to have a cup or other container to catch the water flowing out of the dispenser. 

Why Is No Water Coming Out Of My LG Fridge?

When you find no water coming out of your LG fridge’s water dispenser, check that the refrigerator’s water tap is fully open. Then, inspect the hose for any kinks or bends and straighten them out. If those steps don’t work, the problem is inside your fridge. It could be the water inlet valve, water filter, or a part of the dispenser.

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Why Does The Water From My Fridge Taste Weird?

The water from your LG fridge likely tastes weird because the water filter is old. You should change your LG fridge water filter once every 6 months. When it’s dirty, the filter can’t remove impurities from the water, affecting its taste. When you put a new replacement in, be sure to flush out the water for a few seconds, as that water might taste weird, too.

Why Is My LG Fridge Water Dispenser So Slow?

The water dispenser in your LG fridge is slow because there’s not enough water pressure supplying the refrigerator or something disrupting the water flow. For example, the tap connected to the fridge might not be fully open as it should be. Or, its water hose might be kinked or bent too much.

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