Samsung Washer 5C Code (SC)- easy Troubleshooting Guide

Your Samsung washing machine will display a series of different codes to let you know that there’s a problem. One of the most common error codes is ‘SC’, but it has a secret behind it. The error code is actually 5C, though it appears as SC on the washer’s display to many users. In any case, the error code points to a drainage problem.

Samsung washer 5C code is triggered by a problem with its draining function. The code is likely triggered by a blocked drain pump filter or a drain hose that’s clogged or kinked. This issue must be resolved by removing the blockage that causes it. Then, you can perform a reset to clear the error code from the washer and resume regular operation.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about the error code, including its likely causes and necessary solutions.

What The SC or 5C Codes Mean On A Samsung Washer

Getting a digital error code on your washer can be stressful and slow down your laundry progress. Not to worry! We will show you how to troubleshoot and fix it. This error code refers to a drainage problem.

More precisely, the code can be triggered by issues surrounding the drain pump and the drain hose that prevent water from draining out of the washing machine correctly.

Other Symptoms Accompanying the 5C Error Code

The 5C error code is typically accompanied by other tell-tale signs of a problem. Two examples include:

  • The washer takes too long to drain water at the end of the wash cycle.
  • The washer stops mid-cycle while there’s water in the drum.

When the error code appears simultaneously as either of those symptoms, that’s a clear sign that the error code is accurate and that your washer is suffering from a drainage issue.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Here are the most likely causes for the 5C error code on your Samsung washer and how you can fix them.

Blocked Drain Pump Filter

What it is: As the drain pump draws water out from the tub and drives it towards the drain hose, all of that water will first pass through a filter. This filter is located at the bottom on the front side of the washer, hidden behind a small access panel.

This filter will capture large pieces of lint and dirt from the clothes being washed inside the drum. More importantly, it also captures foreign objects that might have been left in clothes pockets, like coins and screws.

The drain pump filter should be cleaned at least once every six weeks.

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How it fails: After being left alone for a long time, the drain pump filter could accumulate plenty of dirt, lint, and foreign objects. Even though water might flow past hard and small objects like coins and screws, it will not be able to pass a severe buildup of lint and dirt.

When that happens, the washing machine as a whole will not be able to drain water as effectively as before. That will trigger the 5C error code on your Samsung washer.

How to fix: To fix this, you’ll need to access the drain pump filter and clean it out. But, first, locate the access panel on the front of the washing machine. That shouldn’t be too difficult, as it’s the only panel there.

Pop the panel open, and you’ll see the drain pump filter. Before opening that filter, be sure to prepare a bucket and a few pieces of cloth to capture any water that will come out.

Next, open and remove the filter and throw away all the dirt and any foreign objects you might find. Finally, for good measure, wash the filter in your kitchen sink to get it spotless again.

When you’re done, reinstall the filter and test the washing machine to ensure it works correctly.

Blocked Drain Hose

What it is: When the drain pump is in good working order, it will drive all of the water from the washer out of the machine. The drain hose is detachable, and it connects directly to the Samsung washer. Its only purpose is to carry the drained water to your household’s drainage system.

The drain hose is a simple and flexible accessory typically made of rubber. You’ll find it connected to the rear of your Samsung washing machine closer towards the bottom of the machine.

How it fails: Much like the filter mentioned earlier, the drain hose can also become blocked with dirt, lint, and foreign objects. Some of it could come from within the washer itself. For example, the filter might fail to catch some lint, which eventually gets trapped in the drain hose.

Another possibility is that the blockage was caused by something external that came in through the other end of the hose.

Whatever the case might be, a blockage in the hose will cause the drained water to get backed up to the drain pump inside the washer. That will trigger the 5C error code to appear on the display.

How to fix: To fix this, you will need to remove whatever is blocking the drain hose. Doing that is relatively straightforward, as you can detach the hose and clean it thoroughly. Next, use a long brush or something like a clothes hanger to push out any blockages you find in the hose.

Another method is to use a garden hose to flush it out from both ends.

Once that’s done, you can reattach the drain hose and use the washer like normal.

Kinked Drain Hose

How it fails: It’s also possible that there is no blockage in the drain hose as described above. However, the hose itself might be kinked.

Remember: the drain hose on your Samsung washer is flexible, so it can get kinked with enough pressure pushed against it. When that happens, water will not flow out of the washer, and the 5C error code will appear.

Typically, this happens when you push the washer too close against the wall behind it. Besides that, a heavy object could have fallen onto the drain hose, pinching it and causing the same problem.

How to fix: To fix this, inspect the entire length of your washer’s drain hose. Look for any kinks that need to be worked out, and identify the cause of those kinks. For example, you might have to leave a larger gap between the washer and the wall behind it while preventing any heavy objects that could fall onto the hose.

How To Clear the samsung washer 5C code

To clear the 5C error code on your Samsung washer, you must first resolve the cause using the steps described above.

Once you’ve successfully cleared any clogs or blockages, then you will need to start the washer over.

First, disconnect the power supply to the washer. That means pulling out the plug from the wall socket or switching off the dedicated circuit breaker to the machine.

Then, wait for one minute. After that time, you can turn the washer back on again and use it as you usually would.

How To Reset A Samsung Washer

You can reset your Samsung washer to clear all of the active error codes and potentially any glitches causing your machine problems.

To reset your Samsung washing machine, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, disconnect the washer from the wall socket or turn off its circuit breaker.
  • Next, leave the washer alone for one to five minutes to discharge any remaining electrical charge it has.
  • Finally, reconnect the washer and turn it on again.

Remember: Performing a reset on your Samsung washer will indeed clear any active error codes. However, those error codes will appear again unless you resolve the root cause that triggered it in the first place.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode

Another helpful troubleshooting step is to enter the washer’s Diagnostic Mode. In this mode, you will see all error codes that the washer has to show.

To enter Diagnostic Mode on your Samsung washer, follow these steps:

  • With the washer on, press and hold the Delay Start and the Soil Level buttons. Wait until the display shows all zeros.
  • Turn the dial to scroll through all of the error codes (if any). When you see the alphabet ‘D’ on display, that means you’ve reached the end.
  • If you do not see any codes, that means your washer has no errors.
samsung washer 5c code

How To Test A Samsung Washer After Fixing it

The best way to test your Samsung washer after a repair is to run a complete wash cycle from start to finish. Doing that will help you confirm that all of the washer’s functions are working correctly without any problems.

However, in this case, the focus is on your washer’s ability to drain water out through the drain pump and hose without any problems. In that regard, Samsung washers also have a Rinse+Drain cycle that you’ll find helpful. This cycle is much shorter than an entire wash cycle, and you can use it to test the machine’s draining function. Protection Status