Why is Clothes Dryer Won’t Start or Has No Power?

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Clothes dryer machines could use DIY maintenance or professional touch from time to time.

In case you reached into your beloved dryer hoping to pull out some dry clothes only to be greeted by soaking wet items because the machine failed to spin, the following could be the reasons:

The first step is to try to RESET POWER to the dryer for 2 minutes.

Most dryers in our days have the main control board.

Sometimes, for some reason control board stopped responding on any command when you press buttons, due to control board glitch.

Even though it’s not a common problem, you need to check this first.

So, if after resetting control board, the dryer still won’t start or spin, the cause could be:

1. A blown thermal fuse (on the blower wheel side)

Check if the fuse is blown.

This particular thermal fuse is attached to the clothes dryer blower wheel housing and acts as a safety mechanism that trips in case the air flowing through the drum gets hotter than usual.

The thermal fuse trips to interrupt power supply to the clothes dryer, and the motor won’t run in this case.

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The most common cause of a blown thermal fuse is a blocked exhaust vent that causes the air to overheat.

Now, a blown fuse can’t be reset; you just have to replace it.

Just get your mitts on the manufacturer-approved fuse, working gloves, duct cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner, slot screwdriver, and a ΒΌ-inch nut driver.

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Begin by disconnecting the machine from the power, unscrew off the back panel, then remove the fuse, position in the new fuse and screw it in, and put the wires back as were in the original fuse.

Next, put the rear panel back, plug in the machine and clean the exhaust vent.

2.Control Board Failure with F01 error code

This problem often appeared on some models of Whirlpool, Maytag or Kenmore dryers.

When this error F01 showed up on dryers display, that means your control board malfunction, due to some burnt spot on the board.

You can fix it by yourself or get a new board.

3. Start Push Button Broken

Another cause, when the dryer won’t start and spin, it’s failed Start Button.

So, when button switch lost continuity, it’s not engaging electrical circuit and not sending a signal or power to start a motor.

You need to take the rear panel off in order to reach push button.

The best way to check continuity of the button is by using Multi Meter.

If you are getting O readings, when pushing Start Button, that means there is no continuity and switch is broken.

If you are getting 1, that means push button switch is working ok.

4. A faulty door switch

A clothes dryer door switch has a plastic peg that clicks to allow the switch to put the machine to work.

Every time you close the clothes dryer’s door, the plastic peg should click the switch into position.

If you do not hear the clicking sound, then check if the plastic peg is broken or bent, you will need to straighten it or replace it with a new one to get the switch working again.

If, however, you get the clicking sound, the peg is just fine, and the problem lies with the switch itself.

You can tell that the switch is faulty if the drum light fails to turn off.

Replacing the faulty door switch with a new one should get the drum spinning again.

The dryer starts, but the drum won’t turn.

If the dryer starts okay, but the drum won’t spin, check out for the following issues:

5. Broken drive belt

Of course, the most common reason the dryer starts okay, but the drum won’t turn is always a problem with the drive belt.

To verify that the drive belt issue, just try turning the drum by hand, the belt ought to provide some resistance, but if the drum rotates easily, then the belt is not in good working condition.

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Drive belt break or get loose due to wear and tear over time.

The drive belt is what rotates the drum; now, if it’s loose or broken, the clothes dryer won’t be able to function without it.

Unplug the lid of your dryer to inspect the condition the drive belt is in and if it’s loose or broken, get your mitts on a brand-new drive belt and switch out the old belt for the new one.

6. Dryer Motor issue

Apart from bad bearings, drive belt, axles and glides putting a strain on the motor, a broken motor on its own won’t turn too.

So, check if the motor is malfunction and while at it, check if the motor capacitor is in good working condition too.

If you hear a humming noise coming from the dryer after you pressed Start Button and dryer won’t start, that means there is a problem with the motor.

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Try turning the drum using your hand, and if the dryer starts working till it stops to reverse, the problem is the capacitor.

Get the help of professionals to replace the faulty capacitor or motor.

7. Drum roller issues

Most clothes dryers have rollers that support the drum while it spins by means of the drive belt.

Usually, there are two support rollers at the back and front of the drum.

But over time, drum support rollers become damaged or worn.

In such a case, the drum starts making thumping noises.

Also, as the rollers fail to spin freely, the motor becomes overloaded, and eventually, this may cause the dryer to stop working.

To verify the damaged or worn out drum support rollers, remove the drum belt, then turn the drum by hand, in case the drum fails to spin freely, inspect the rollers for signs of damage.

All rollers should turn freely, so if the problem is with one roller, all rollers must be replaced at the same time.

Roller replacement is a bit technical; you need the repair manual for that specific machine.

8. Roller axles issue

While inspecting the drum rollers for wear and tear, do not forget to check the roller axles too.

If the axles are in good condition, the drum support rollers should turn freely without wobbling; otherwise, the axles are worn out and need to be switched out for brand new roller axles.

9. Drum bearing issue

A worn-out drum bearing puts so much pressure on the motor too, and eventually, the motor stops functioning.

Remove the drum drive belt then turn the drum by hand, in case of squealing or grinding noise, the bearing is worn out. Replacing the drum bearing should get the drum spinning again.

10. Worn out glides issue

A clothes dryer’s drum slides on small plastic pieces when it spins.

These plastic pieces are called glides, and they provide support too.

But in the case that they are worn out, the drum starts binding and, in turn, puts so much strain on the motor, which eventually shuts down.

So, while inspecting the drive belt, axle and bearing, check the glides for wear and tear too and make the necessary replacement.

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