Common Electrolux Dishwasher Error Codes and Solutions

Like any appliance, your Electrolux dishwasher should operate seamlessly in the kitchen.

However, it’s not uncommon for owners of these machines to experience Electrolux dishwasher error codes every once in a while.

The reason for codes and solutions, however, are going to vary from case to case, and based upon the manufacturer’s model that you own.

Understanding the proper approach to fixing the common Electrolux dishwasher error codes not only prevents future issues, but also reduces the chances that you’ll have to hire a professional (and overpay) to do repair work in the future.

Most Common Codes

Again, every dishwasher is a little different than the next. But, common Electrolux dishwasher error codes are typically related to overflow, too many/too few dishes in the dishwasher (imbalance), or clogged/backed up hoses and piping.

These are a few of the most common errors Electrolux dishwasher owners experience.

Bear in mind, that with each of these common Electrolux dishwasher error codes, the numbers may vary a bit, depending on the model (for example, IC0 might be IC1, IC2, or IC3, depending on your model).

However, the beginning of the codes tends to be similar, regardless of which model dishwasher you own, so this guide will at least provide some insight as to what the codes mean.

#iC0 (Electronic Control System)

This error code means a problem has been detected with the electronic control system. This typically affects freestanding or integrated machines.

One of the primary reasons you’ll see this code, indicating a potential problem with the control system, is a communication error.

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The error might be between the control board and the rest of the parts in the dishwasher. This is preventing your dishwasher from starting.

#i20, i40, iFO (Drain System)

This error means you’re dealing with clogged filters, or there’s a restricted drain line, which your dishwasher has detected.

If there’s a blockage in the drain line of your dishwasher’s system, this error will pop up.

Additionally, if your dishwasher’s drain pump is clogged, this might also trigger the i20, i40, or IFO error code to pop up on the control panel.

#i30 (Leak/Overflow)

With this error code, your dishwasher is informing you of a leak or water overflow, that is sitting in the drip pan (the base) of your dishwasher.

The code triggers that there is a leak or overflow coming from somewhere in your dishwasher (the code might vary for each model, based upon where the leak or overflow originates).

With this error, you’ll have to do a little more digging, since the leak can be coming from multiple areas in the machine.

#Er-03 (Motor Issue)

When your Electrolux machine’s motor is malfunctioning, this is the error code that will pop up on the control panel. This code will only come up in one of two instances.

First, the motor has failed. The second reason, is if the motor is being obstructed by dishes, or something else, while the motor is in operation.

Sometimes it’s as easy as removing the dish/obstruction, in other cases, repair might be necessary.

LOC (Dishwasher Lock Error)

This final common Electrolux dishwasher error codes appears if there is an issue with the door lock function (malfunction) with your Electrolux dishwasher unit.

If the door locks and won’t open, you’ll see this code. The only way to run a wash cycle is to first unlock the door.

The Solution to Electrolux dishwasher error codes

Again, every code error has a different solution. Make sure to check your manual if these solutions don’t work, however, for most systems, this should resolve the problem.


A simple solution is to press the power button; alternatively you can turn the power off at the breaker box for five minutes.

This will likely clear the error code, at which point you can restart the dishwasher.

Alternatively, you can try unplugging the dishwasher for 10 seconds to 1-minute and plugging it back in.

If it runs, it’s likely just a glitch that triggered the code. If not, this might indicate you need to replace the control panel.

If these solutions don’t work, you might have to contact a service technician to replace or repair the current control board.

#i20, i40, iFO

To repair this issue, you will

  • Check and clean filters
  • Clean the sump area
  • Check for pinched, kinked, or blocked hoses
  • Check to see the plug hasn’t been knocked out (if connected to a disposer)

Further inspect drain lines, hoses, drain pumps, and pressure switches. Clean all parts as necessary to remove blockage or obstructions.


You’ll first look for loose connections at the water inlet valve to ensure the unit is properly leveled when you see this error.

Look for potential leaks in the water fill valve and inspect the drain pump for blocks or clogging. If parts are damaged, rusted, or otherwise defective, they’ll have to be replaced.


Conduct an inspection of the wash motor wiring and also inspect the motor. Look for blockages. If nothing appears defective, replace the wash motor in your dishwasher.

If it has to be replaced, this is a job you’ll want to call a licensed Electrolux repair technician to perform for you.


With this final error, you’ll want to start by pressing/holding the AIR button for a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds while the door is latched shut.

With most lock issues, this will unhinge the door and pop it open.

At this point, you can restart/reselect your wash cycle. If it doesn’t unlatch the door, there might be a blockage or obstruction or something broke/jammed in the hinge.

Don’t attempt to force it open. Again, this might require a call to a professional technician in the event a part/replacement is necessary in some cases.

Regardless of the Electrolux dishwasher error codes you’re seeing, don’t fret.

Don’t immediately call a repair technician, who will open up your machine, and charge you an absurd amount of money, especially when they know it’s often as easy as unplugging and plugging the machine back in.

Try these resolutions first. If they don’t remedy the problem, check the manual for your specific dishwasher model.

If, at this point, the error persists, consider calling Electrolux to find a licensed repair technician in your area.

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    • I do not see where the “codes” are supposed to be visable? and my start screen looks like the one shown above? My machine runs for about 5 minutes then all lights flash in unison..and it stops?


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