Frigidaire Dishwasher Won’t Start | Here is How To Fix it

Your Frigidaire Dishwasher won’t start and you don’t know where to find a solution? In this article, we will show you several of the most common issues which happened with different models of Frigidaire dishwashers.

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Let’s start with a basic troubleshooting.

Please check the dishwasher breaker to make sure it not tripped. If it tripped, in order to reset the breaker, turn it into OFF position and then back ON.

If the control panel has lights on, but does not respond, find a button on the panel with a lock pictogram. Press and hold for 3 sec to unlock.

Some models use the Heat Dry pad as a lock and some model has a Control Lock. If the lock symbol is adjacent to the Heat Dry pad, then you’re dishwashers lock feature is activated utilizing the Heat Dry pad.

The pads will not respond while lock is enabled. To disable this lock, hold the heat dry pad for three seconds and you will hear a beep and the light will go off.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Lock panel

Frigidaire Dishwasher Lights on But Won’t Start

Frigidaire dishwasher that is not responding to the Start button, even though all the other lights work, but when you press START nothing happens?

Or maybe HEAT DRY or HIGH TEMP (or other buttons) flashing, but not responding.

The problem can be with a touchpad or ribbon cable which is attached to the touchpad. Through the control board housing seal, moisture got inside and corroded ribbon cable contacts,

You can disassemble the front panel to get inside the panel and most likely you will be able to fix by yourself by cleaning ribbon cable contacts.

But, if cleaning ribbon cable contacts didn’t solve the problem, you might need to get a new touchpad panel. Here is a procedure on how to do it.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Working, No lights on the panel

If you Frigidaire Dishwasher has no lights and not responding to any button on the panel, the first thing that you need to check is a junction box connection underneath the dishwasher on the right side.

Power cable connected to the Junction box and if it was connected not properly once installed, after some period of time these wires got burnt and lost connection.

You need to TURN BREAKER OFF before doing any repair. First of all strip burnt wire and reconnect with the new Marrette connector.

Another issue which might happen when Frigidaire Dishwasher Won’t Start or not working at all is when THERMAL FUSE is blown on the control board.

Thermal fuse is a safety device located behind control panel preventing the control board from overheating.

The main reason be changing out, is if it overheated or shorted out.

In order to change a thermal fuse, please follow this procedure:

  • Open the door and take apart the front panel
  • Carefully remove control panel housing and disconnect thermal fuse from the control board
  • Change the thermal fuse with a new one.
  • DONT DISCONNECT 2 wires which comes with a new Thermal Fuse. You need to connect them directly to the control board.

Get Help Online
Our Technicians Are Always Online and Ready To Provide You With Information
“How to Fix Your Broken Appliance”

6 thoughts on “Frigidaire Dishwasher Won’t Start | Here is How To Fix it”

  1. This was spot on. Thanks! Your suggestion to check the junction box was the solution. The wire nut was charred just like your picture. We moved into this house 2 years ago and never had a problem and one day we had nothing. If they had made the connection with a wire nut, what would cause it to char like that? All of the other connections looked good with the exception of the ground wire. It was loose on the grounding screw.

  2. My Gallery is new. Used it once with no problems. All lights on panel on. When I close door completely, lights go out and unit won’t start.

    • Hi Bonnie, does buttons on the panel responding? When you press Start button what is happening? Try to reset power to the dishwasher.

      • My parents have the exact same problem! Brand new, close the door and lights go out. They have been waiting for a call back from Frigidaire for 3 days.

  3. Frigidaire dishwasher lights come on and you here a relay sound on the board but doesn’t start the wash cycle. I was able to fiddle with the control board yesterday and got it to work for a complete cycle, today it will not start again.
    I removed the control board cover and check all the connections and wasn’t able to make it start.
    Also what volts should be on the black and red wire coming to the control panel.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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