Frigidaire Dishwasher Won’t Start | Here is How To Fix it

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Your Frigidaire Dishwasher won’t start and you don’t know where to find a solution? In this article, we will show you several of the most common issues which happened with different models of Frigidaire dishwashers.

If your Frigidaire dishwasher won’t start, either by pressing the START button or there is no lights on the display, the most common issues caused by corroded touchpad ribbon cable, a bad power connection in the junction box, a blown thermal fuse on the control board.

Let’s start with a basic troubleshooting.

Please check the dishwasher breaker to make sure it not tripped. If it tripped, in order to reset the breaker, turn it into OFF position and then back ON.

If the control panel has lights on, but does not respond, find a button on the panel with a lock pictogram. Press and hold for 3 sec to unlock.

Some models use the Heat Dry pad as a lock and some model has a Control Lock. If the lock symbol is adjacent to the Heat Dry pad, then you’re dishwashers lock feature is activated utilizing the Heat Dry pad.

The pads will not respond while lock is enabled. To disable this lock, hold the heat dry pad for three seconds and you will hear a beep and the light will go off.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Lock panel

Frigidaire Dishwasher Lights on But Won’t Start

Frigidaire dishwasher that is not responding to the Start button, even though all the other lights work, but when you press START nothing happens?

Or maybe HEAT DRY or HIGH TEMP (or other buttons) flashing, but not responding.

The problem can be with a touchpad or ribbon cable which is attached to the touchpad. Through the control board housing seal, moisture got inside and corroded ribbon cable contacts,

You can disassemble the front panel to get inside the panel and most likely you will be able to fix by yourself by cleaning ribbon cable contacts.

But, if cleaning ribbon cable contacts didn’t solve the problem, you might need to get a new touchpad panel. Here is a procedure on how to do it.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Not Working, No lights on the panel

If you Frigidaire Dishwasher has no lights and not responding to any button on the panel, the first thing that you need to check is a junction box connection underneath the dishwasher on the right side.

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Power cable connected to the Junction box and if it was connected not properly once installed, after some period of time these wires got burnt and lost connection.

You need to TURN BREAKER OFF before doing any repair. First of all strip burnt wire and reconnect with the new Marrette connector.

Another issue which might happen when Frigidaire Dishwasher Won’t Start or not working at all is when THERMAL FUSE is blown on the control board.

Thermal fuse is a safety device located behind control panel preventing the control board from overheating.

The main reason be changing out, is if it overheated or shorted out.

In order to change a thermal fuse, please follow this procedure:

  • Open the door and take apart the front panel
  • Carefully remove control panel housing and disconnect thermal fuse from the control board
  • Change the thermal fuse with a new one.
  • DONT DISCONNECT 2 wires which comes with a new Thermal Fuse. You need to connect them directly to the control board.
Frigidaire Dishwasher Thermal Fuse
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10/03/2023 07:05 am GMT
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Reader Comments (94)

  1. I have a Frigidaire dishwasher model LGBD2432LW0A. It starts just fine, lights are on, everything works at first. Then during the cycle, it will just stop. No noise at all – lights are all still on. If I press on the top- center of the front metal panel, just below the hand-pull, it starts working again. I’ve taken it apart to look for a shorted out wire, or a loose connection but found nothing. It’s not the latch. It’s very odd that just pressing in on the door would make it operate (the control board is directly behind where I’m pressing). Any suggestions?

  2. I have a FGIP2468UF0A only when I flip the breaker on and off does the lights come on. When I try to change the cycle or just hit START all lights go off! Its only a little over a year old! Help please

    • For me it sounds like the problem with the control panel
      Other Possible problems:
      1. Ribbon cable connected between the control panel and main control board loose or dirty. Not providing proper connection.
      2. Control panel itself faulty
      3. One of the buttons stuck
      4. Main control board failed

  3. My Frigidaire ( LFID2422RF3B ) dishwasher only top shelf, and timer 2,6 light up and start button does not work. I used timer and waited for last couple of weeks. Now the timer did not start. Need help on what to check and replace to resolve so that I can’t press start and use it whenever I needed it.

  4. Hello Iam an appliance tech , I having some issues with a Electrolux dishwasher , no matter what cycle I put it on the drain pump will start and after awhile it will shut off , will not let water come in and yet the water fill solenoid is good . Changed the main control and still doing the same thing .

  5. My dishwasher lights up but when I press the start button it blinks a few times and goes off. Control panel and latch have been changed and electricians have done work to make sure it is getting enough electricity. What could be the problem?

  6. I have a new Frigidaire dishwasher that the door was not latching. I did not see that there was a minor obstruction and instead I put a butter knife into the latch area. It made a click noise and there are no lights illuminated on the top of the door. The door is effectively locked open. Does anyone know how to unlatch it when it is locked open. The hold control lock down for 3 seconds does not work as there is no lights on. Yes the breaker is also on. Please help!

      • I have a similar problem latched was locked , I had to pull harder than usual to open then clean light stayed lit and door no longer latches. I turned breaker off and on and lights flashed then all went out now no power at all and door still won’t latch model FGIP2468UF

    • If you take the front cover off (you might have to also remove the touchpad depending on the model but it’s just as easy as taking off the front cover) you can gain access to the latch. A lot of Frigidaire model have a latch where you can push on the back of the latch housing and you will see it move. Take flat head screw driver and push up on the locking latch while you have the housing pushed all the way in and it will move back to the unlocked position. Takes about 15min total time to take off cover, fix the latch, and put the cover back on.

  7. Hello. I have a Frigidaire dishwasher, Model # gld2250rdb3, that’s not turning on nor does it have lights. It was working until the electricity blinked twice then went out. Can you please tell me which part that I need to purchase to repair it? I’m trying to make sure that I buy the correct part and that it can be fixed. Thank you.

  8. Hello! I have a 9 year old FFBD2409LS0B Frigidaire Dishwasher that will not turn on. I have checked the breaker and the plug and both are okay. The door is also latching so that is not the issue. I have done some googling to see that I may need to replace the thermal fuse in the control panel of the door. What part would I need to purchase? I would like to purchase it on amazon, I just want to make sure that I buy the correct part. I would like to fix this on my own instead of having to call a repair person or buy new. Do you have any other advice?

  9. I have a Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher. The lights on the panel are ON. When I hit the start for washing nothing happens. I pushed number of combinations but still doesn’t work. I even try draining it but it won’t start too. I even check the drain hose if its clog. I clean it up. But still, it doesn’t work. Can you please help me what to do?

  10. I have a Frigidaire Dishwasher model FDB1050REB2. The lights on the panel are on. When I hit start nothing will happen. When I hold down start/cancel, still nothing happens. I’ve tried multiple other button combinations. When I turn the breaker off, wait about a minute and turn back on the machine starts right up when I hit start button. It runs a complete cycle fine and voila dishes are clean. Each time I want to use the machine I have to turn the breaker off and on. Does anyone know what is going on? I would love to avoid having to do this every time I want to wash dishes.

  11. I am aware of a 12 to 15 yro, very lightly/infrequently used Frigidaire “3 speed” dishwasher with a “won’t start” issue. While currently undiagnosed and not truly a “fix” fix, an acceptable workaround for said unit was to set the delay start for whatever desired hour-increment you choose, and simply wait for the machine to bypass the start button function. Hope this helps someone in the meantime! Best!

    • Thanks Todd! I have checked everything on my 15+ year old Frigidaire dishwasher that lets you select the cycle but shuts off the lights 10 seconds after pushing the start button. As you suggested, I tried using the delayed start and it worked. Do you have any idea what needs to be replaced to make it work with the start button?

  12. Have a frigidaire ffbd2406nb11b. It didn’t drain all the way, cleaned out the dishes and tried to start a cycle since sometimes the sink is just clogged up. Washer won’t start. Did an unplug for a minute and plug back in. All lights come on then regular setting lights, evrrything looks good to go. Hit start and Washing flashes 4 times then Start starts flashing. Any ideas? Couldn’t find any flashing light codes in the manual.

    • Do you have a service manual? Not user manual. You should be able to enter diagnostic mode and see what kind of errors stored in the memory

  13. Hey Eugene-

    So I’m having the same prob with the door and the control panel where if the door ids closed it’s lit but when I open it (and it becomes unlocked) the panel turns off. Can the door latch cause this sort of issue? Also the wires going up to the door latch (black and white) have white connectors to the door latch that look to be turning brown where they plug in (no smell of burning though).

    Thanks ahead of time!

  14. Hi my 3 year old Fridgidare is having issues lately. When I put on Regular Wash it starts, runs for fee minutes and then it stops and re-sets it’s time . If I won’t shut it off then it would be running 24/7 . When I use it on Quick Wash Then everything works fine. Also I noticed it dosent drain all the way sometimes and I already cleaned it up still Regular Cycle won’t work.

  15. I have a Frigidaire model FGIP2468UF. All of the buttons light up and work except for the start button, which used to work but now will not respond at all. We’ve replaced the control panel and the touchpad and it still won’t work so we aren’t certain what is wrong with it.

    • Hi Briana, we’re you ever able to determine what was wrong? Ours is doing the same thing currently. It’s only the start button and is intermittent — sometimes I can get it to start after playing with it for a few minutes.

  16. I have a Frigidaire modal #FGID2466QF5A. When we push Start and close the door “ALL” the lights turn on for about 30 sec. then everything goes off.

    I tried turning the power off then back on, nothing changed.
    tried different modes. Made sure the door was closed.

    It acts like it goes in to a test mode then turns off.

  17. My dishwasher was running when I smelled a burnt rubber/electrical smell. I opened my running dishwasher to check the heating element to see if anything had melted to it and there was nothing there. I also noticed there wasn’t a smell inside the dishwasher. The smell was coming from outside the dishwasher. So then I started the dishwasher and it wouldt start. I tried resetting it and turning off the breaker for 5 minutes and it still does not work. The start button lights up but now does not start washing. What could be the problem?

    • Turn BREAKER OFF and Check electrical junction box, where power connecting to the dishwasher. In most cases smell coming from burnt wires

  18. I got mine fixed! I had the blinking start light button then no lights.
    When I took the control panel off and inspected the latch switch connections they were burnt on the white wire side.
    I pulled them loose from the switch and used jumper wires for white to white and black to black , bypassing the switch.
    And yes! It fired up and ran! Ordered the new part online !
    Thanks for your wonderful forum!


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