How To Troubleshoot FRIGIDAIRE Freezer Not Freezing Problem?

Do you have a Frigidaire and the Freezer not Freezing? Read below for tips on how to get this appliance back to ICE COLD.

A standing freezer is a straightforward appliance, even more so than a standard refrigerator. There’s only one compartment and a single set of components to troubleshoot when there’s a problem. So, which of them will cause a Frigidaire freezer not to freeze?

When your Frigidaire freezer isn’t freezing, check for signs that cold air is escaping from inside. That could be due to a worn or loose door gasket or a misaligned door. The unit might also not cool if the Reed switch and magnet are faulty, causing the unit to think the door is open and pause freezing indefinitely. Lastly, check if the evaporator fan assembly is frozen.

You can troubleshoot this problem by yourself before calling a trained technician. This guide will show you the most likely causes of your problem and how you can solve it quickly.

Why Is My Frigidaire Freezer Not Freezing?

Let’s suppose your Frigidaire standing freezer is powered and running, yet it won’t reach the freezing temperatures you want. In that case, you’ll want to consider that the unit isn’t storing cold air correctly, it isn’t distributing that cold air, or it isn’t generating any cold air, to begin with.

Here are the likely causes behind those three problems and the solutions you can use to fix them quickly:

Door Gasket Isn’t Making Good Contact

freezer not freezing door seal

When you begin troubleshooting your freezer for cooling problems, always begin with the causes that are easy to rule out quickly. Starting that way saves you plenty of time and effort instead of assuming that the problem is something more complex.

In this case, you’ll first want to check whether the door gasket is making good contact with the freezer cabinet.

Remember: the gasket isn’t a complex component but plays a critical role. It ensures that your freezer unit maintains a tight seal when you shut its door. That way, none of the cold air inside can ‘migrate’ or leak outwards, going to waste.

When that happens, the temperatures inside will not stay cold enough to freeze your food items.

A door gasket won’t make good contact with the cabinet if:

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  • The gasket isn’t in the correct position (e.g. the gasket has come loose)
  • It is worn out or damaged (e.g. rips, tears, holes)
  • There is an obstruction stuck between the gasket and the cabinet (e.g. debris or food packaging)

Any of the problems listed above will cause cold air to leak out of the freezer and prevent it from staying cold.

The Solution: Firstly, check all sections of the door gasket to ensure that no part has come loose. If you find one that has, move it back into its original position.

Simultaneously, remove any foreign objects and clean away debris stuck on the door seal.

Lastly, you must replace the door seal if you find any signs of damage or wear.

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Freezer Door Is Misaligned

Another reason cold air escapes your freezer and leaves it warm is the freezer door is misaligned. Even if the gasket is in excellent condition, a misaligned door will create tiny gaps that allow cold air to escape.

Your Frigidaire standing freezer has an adjustable door, allowing you to realign the door as needed. Unfortunately, that ability can also cause the door to become misaligned by itself or due to a mistake on your part.

You can confirm that to be the case by running your hand over the closed freezer door’s sides, top, and bottom. If your door seal is fine, but you still feel cold air leaking out at certain points, the door isn’t aligned correctly.

The Solution: You can realign your door with a screwdriver. Firstly, inspect all sides of the freezer door with your hand, as described above. Then, identify the spots where cold air is leaking out from.

Then, take that screwdriver and adjust the hinge until those spots no longer leak cold air. That will keep the air within the compartment and restore freezing temperatures in the unit.

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Door Magnet Not Making Contact With Reed Switch

One thing you must understand about your freezer is that it’ll stop cooling when you open the door. Only when the unit senses that you’ve shut the door does it turn its cooling system back on, including the compressor and the evaporator fan.

All of that is possible thanks to two components that work together: a magnet in the door and a Reed switch directly opposite it in the fridge cabinet.

Simply put, shutting the door puts the magnet directly in front of the Reed switch, triggering the freezer to resume cooling.

The problem is when those two components aren’t aligned or the Reed switch is faulty. In both cases, the freezer doesn’t freeze because it mistakenly thinks the door is still open.

The Solution: Firstly, you must ensure that the magnet makes contact with the Reed switch when you shut the door. If you’ve aligned the door correctly, like in the previous section, that won’t be a problem.

However, a faulty Reed switch must be replaced if it is no longer working correctly. Replacing that switch will involve removing it from the freezer’s frame and disconnecting the wire harness.

Of course, that part replacement must only be done when the freezer is disconnected from its power source.

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Defective Evaporator Fan Assembly

freezer not freezing fan

Unfortunately, there is a known defect in several Frigidaire freezer models. That defect causes moisture to migrate into the evaporator fan assembly and accumulate. 

The design defect causes moisture to accumulate inside the evaporator fan assembly, where it doesn’t belong. That moisture quickly freezes into frost and ice, preventing it from working correctly.

Remember: the evaporator and fan in any freezer must always remain frost-free. That’s because frost build-ups will become more severe with time until they form a solid block of ice that prevents any cold air from moving through.

Despite the cooling system working as it should, that ice buildup will leave the rest of the compartment feeling warm.

The Solution: You have two options to fix this problem. Firstly, you can fix it by making a few modifications to the evaporator fan assembly. Alternatively, you can hire a qualified technician to source the professional kit necessary to resolve the defective design.

The repair involves making the drain hole larger on the evaporator fan assembly. 

On top of that, the air holes in the assembly must be covered by tape to prevent moisture from migrating through them into the assembly.

By preventing moisture migration and improving drainage, less moisture will accumulate inside the evaporator fan assembly. That will prevent frost and ice buildup, allowing the unit to cool down and maintain freezing temperatures correctly.

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Final Thoughts

A lack of freezing inside a freezer is usually caused by a list of common reasons. First, assuming the unit has no power supply issues, it’s likely affected by cold air escaping from inside the freezer. That’s due to a worn-out gasket or a misaligned door.

However, the same problem could also happen if the Reed switch and door magnet aren’t working correctly. When that happens, the freezer won’t cool its compartment, even when the door is shut.

Lastly, know that some Frigidaire standing freezers are affected by a defect that causes the evaporator fan to freeze over. That, too, will prevent cold air from being distributed into the freezer compartment.

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