Frigidaire Freezer Upright Problems You Need To Know Before Buying

If you’ve been searching for a new upright freezer, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming with so many models on the market. While Frigidaire carries a popular range of upright freezers, there are a few problems associated with them that you should be aware of before making a purchase. 

Frigidaire upright freezer problems you should be aware of before buying include their small capacity, lack of glass shelving, a clogged ice maker, and no external temperature controls. They are also prone to fan and thermostat malfunctioning, and their warranties don’t cover wear and tear. 

This article will provide an in-depth overview of some potential problems you may encounter if you buy a Frigidaire upright freezer. Let’s get started! 

1. Frigidaire Upright Freezers Have a Small Capacity

While Frigidaire offers a range of freezer sizes, the largest size is only 20 cubic feet (0.57 cubic meters), and this model will cost you well over $1,000 before installation. 

Purchasing a smaller upright freezer may require you to stuff it to the brim if you want to fit all of your freezable food inside. Unfortunately, over-filling an upright freezer, regardless of the brand, may cause the fan, compressor, and other parts to fail. 

Additionally, returning an appliance that ends up being too small can be complicated or even impossible. An upright freezer is a big purchase, so you should make sure you pick one in the correct size for your needs.

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2. They Have No External Temperature Controls 

External temperature controls refer to the buttons or dials commonly found on refrigerators and other kitchen appliances. They are usually located in a convenient spot for easy access. These controls let you adjust the temperature and are also the necessary component for resetting your freezer if you need to. 

Frigidaire upright freezers do not have external temperature controls; therefore, adjusting the temperature or resetting the appliance is more complicated. If your freezer has stopped cooling properly, the first step in fixing the problem is resetting it. Unfortunately, doing so on an upright freezer without an easily-accessible temperature control panel may result in you having to contact an expensive repair service.

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3. Glass Shelving Is Not Included in Frigidaire Upright Freezers

While this may seem trivial, metallic wire shelving can cause some annoying problems because items you put in the freezer can become stuck in the spaces between the wires. If your food freezes and becomes stuck, removing it without breaking the wire shelving may require you to turn off the freezer or lower the temperature. As mentioned above, adjusting the temperature in a Frigidaire upright freezer is difficult due to the lack of external temperature controls. 

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If you value cleanliness, wire shelving may be inconvenient for you. Cleaning glass shelving is as simple as running a damp cloth across it. For metallic wire shelves, you need to put in some effort to get between each bar. 

Metal wires are also prone to rust, which may void your warranty. 

That said, Frigidaire upright freezers come with a convenient plastic bin at the bottom of the unit. An extra container is excellent for storing grab-and-go items or loose ice and is especially important due to the smaller size of this brand of freezer.

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4. Frigidaire Freezers Can Experience Problems With Cooling

Some customers who have purchased a Frigidaire upright freezer report fan issues as soon as ten days after delivery. Many have stated a loss of frozen food items totaling almost $1,000 due to a problem with the freezer’s cooling system. 

One review posted on Consumer Affairs cites a complete breakdown after only thirty days, with another ten-day waiting period before a technician was available to make repairs.  

The fans or the thermostat usually cause a problem with cooling. A freezer’s fans are responsible for cooling the inside of the freezer, so faulty fans will cause your food to spoil and result in expensive repairs. Fixing nonfunctioning fans or other components is possible, but the issue may be too advanced to solve on your own. 

While you can always consult your warranty and ask the salesperson questions before purchasing a new freezer, there is no guarantee that your brand-new appliance will work adequately when the team installs it. Hiring a repair service will cost you more money.

If your freezer’s fans malfunction, it may be possible to fix the issue yourself. While you may need to purchase extra parts and have a few tools handy, you can solve some problems quickly. 

Check out my guide explaining how to troubleshoot Frigidaire refrigerators to learn about problems you might face when purchasing from this manufacturer. 

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5. Frigidaire Upright Freezers May Leak Water

Leaking water from an upright freezer can be caused by several things:

A leak will cause water to pool up on the floor around the base of your upright freezer. Nothing is worse than walking through a puddle of water while wearing socks, but leaking can also point to other problems with the freezer. 

On top of the costs associated with fixing the issue that caused the leak, you will also have to pay to repair any damage the leaking water has caused your flooring. After spending $1000 or more on a new appliance, dealing with leaks that turn into expensive repairs is incredibly frustrating. 

6. The Ice Maker Can Become Clogged With Ice

Although not a common issue, a Frigidaire freezer’s ice maker can occasionally stop working properly. This is usually caused by an ice build-up around the parts that eject the ice. When this happens, you will notice a green light blinking (and you also won’t have any fresh ice). 

Thankfully, this issue is easy to fix, and simply removing the accumulated ice will have the ice maker up and running again. 

7. Frigidaire’s Appliance Warranty Doesn’t Cover Wear and Tear

Regardless of the brand, a home appliance is eventually prone to breaking down due to regular, everyday use. 

Frigidaire’s kitchen appliances come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and additional protection options are available. Unfortunately, extended warranties come with an extra price tag.

Frigidaire upright freezers come with a warranty that includes factory service from a trained and vetted technician. You may be required to use a repair service that is provided by Frigidaire or the store you purchased the unit from because repairs by a non-authorized technician will void your warranty, and any damage caused by the non-authorized repair technician won’t be covered. 

There are also a few things the warranty doesn’t cover that you should know about. Warranties may be model-specific, so be sure to ask your Frigidaire salesperson for a copy before you make your purchase.

Here’s what your Frigidaire warranty won’t cover:

  • Replacement light bulbs, filters, and external parts like door handles and knobs 
  • Reimbursement for food that has gone bad due to a breakdown 
  • Floor, wall, or trim damage caused by installation technicians 
  • Freezers used in commercial settings like restaurants or vacation rentals
  • Rust accumulation, regardless of how long you’ve had the unit
  • Breakdowns due to normal wear and tear

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