Amana Ice Maker reset button? 5 easy steps

Amana ice makers are an excellent way to enjoy ice automatically. If the ice maker is turned on and has water, it’ll continuously prepare ice for you. However, this part of your refrigerator can also experience short-term errors that’ll require a reset to clear.

An Amana ice maker reset will require you to cycle its power by turning it off for 5 seconds before turning it back on again. Then, you’ll need to press and hold the ice maker’s reset button, which will enable its Test Mode. Once that part is complete, your ice maker has been reset.

Performing a reset on your Amana ice maker won’t take long. This guide will show you the steps you’ll need to follow and help you understand when a reset might be necessary for you.

How To: Amana Ice Maker reset

The process of resetting your Amana ice maker is pretty straightforward, and it won’t take much time to complete. However, there are a few things you’ll want to check first before you continue with the reset.

Here are the steps you can follow when you need to reset your Amana ice maker:

Before The Reset

When you decide that a reset is necessary, it’s probably because your ice maker isn’t working correctly.

However, before you go through with the reset process, there are two things that you must first check:

  • Power supply: Firstly, check that your Amana refrigerator receives power and is turned on. Then, confirm that the ice maker has also been turned on. A lack of power could be why your ice maker wasn’t working as it should have.
  • Water supply: Aside from power, your ice maker also needs a continuous water supply at the correct pressure levels. So, make sure the ice tray is filled with water.
  • Ice production: Assuming the ice maker didn’t have power or water until now, then you’ll have to wait a few hours to see if it’ll now produce ice correctly.

Let’s say your ice maker has water and power but still doesn’t work correctly. In that case, you can proceed with the following steps to fully reset your Amana ice maker.

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Step 1: Switch Off

The first step of the reset process is to switch off the Amana ice maker. The way you do that will depend on the precise Amana fridge model that you own, such as:

  • Models with an On/Off arm: Lift the arm until you hear a click. Once you do, that means the ice maker is turned off.
  • Models with an On/Off switch: Some Amana ice makers have a dedicated On/Off switch. Flip the switch to the Off position to turn the ice maker off.

Next, leave the ice maker off for at least 30 seconds.

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Step 2: Switch On

Amana ice maker reset

After that brief period passes, turn the ice maker on. Again, this step will depend on the type of Amana ice maker you have, so:

  • Models with an On/Off arm: Lower the arm until you hear a click. Once you do, that means the ice maker has turned on again.
  • Models with an On/Off switch: Flip the switch to the On position to make the ice maker operational once more.

The process of turning the ice maker off and on again this way is called power cycling. It helps to clear any short-term errors the ice maker might be experiencing.

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Step 3: Prepare A Cloth

Next, prepare some towels or a few pieces of cloth directly underneath the ice maker. You must do that before proceeding to Steps 4 and 5 to capture any water that might fall from the ice maker.

That way, you’ll prevent the water from potentially flooding the rest of your fridge compartment.

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Step 4: Press And Hold Reset Button

Once you’re ready, you can press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. Again, the position of the reset button will differ between Amana models. 

Typically, the reset button is somewhere underneath the ice maker. If you’re unsure, please refer to your user manual to locate and identify the unique reset button for your appliance model.

You’ll enable the ice maker’s Test Mode when you press and hold the reset button.

Step 5: Complete Test Mode 

The ice maker’s Test Mode is entirely automatic. You’ll know it’s started when the bale arm comes down and then goes back up. 

Then, you’ll see the ice tray twist to dump out ice if there’s any stuck inside. 

The ice maker’s water valve will turn on 2 times to fill up the ice tray. So, if you see the ice tray successfully filled with water, you have no water supply issues with your ice maker, and the reset process is complete.

After The Reset

After you finish resetting your Amana ice maker and the part works normally, you’ll have to give it at least a few hours to produce its first batch of ice. After that, you can expect to wait at least 24 hours for the ice bucket to be completely full of ice.

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When Should You Reset Your Amana Ice Maker?

Resetting your Amana ice maker isn’t always necessary. However, there are some situations where a quick reset could resolve your problems quickly, such as:

  • No ice even after 24 hours: As you saw above, an ice maker that has been restarted needs up to 24 hours to produce ice. However, a reset might be necessary if your ice maker has water and power but still won’t produce ice after that time.
  • Ice or frost buildup: Your Amana ice maker can sometimes experience a buildup of ice and frost. In severe cases, the whole ice maker might even freeze up. A quick reset will trigger the ice tray to twist, breaking away any ice or frost buildup around it.
  • Ice maker won’t dump ice: Another issue you might experience is that the ice tray produces ice yet fails to dump it into the ice bucket. In that case, a reset is an excellent way to force it to dump the ice as it should.

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Bonus Tips

Here are a few more questions and answers to help you as you reset your Amana ice maker:

Does The Ice Maker Have A Reset Button?

Yes, your Amana ice maker has a reset button. You’ll typically find it located directly underneath the part. However, the precise location can differ between Amana fridge models. Therefore, you should refer to your user manual to know what the reset button looks like and where you can find it.

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Why Is My Amana Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

Your Amana ice maker won’t start to make ice if it’s not turned on. Besides that, a lack of power or water supply will also prevent the ice maker from doing its job. However, suppose everything is working as it should, and you’re still not getting any ice. In that case, you should perform a reset to clear any short-term errors it might be experiencing.

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What Would Cause My Ice Maker To Stop Working?

Your ice maker will stop working automatically when the bucket is already full of ice. However, the same will also happen if it’s not receiving any water or if the ice maker has frozen over. When that happens, none of the ice maker’s parts can move, preventing it from making and dumping ice.

How Long Does It Take An Amana Refrigerator To Make Ice?

An Amana refrigerator will need at least 6-12 hours to start making ice. That’s especially true if the ice maker has turned off for a long time and is warm on the inside. After that, the ice maker will require up to 24 hours to fill its ice bucket.

Can You Replace A Refrigerator Ice Maker?

Yes, the ice maker is a removable part. Therefore, you can purchase a new ice maker separately if you ever have to replace the one you have.

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