Frigidaire Washer Code E41 – Troubleshooting Guide

Frigidaire washers have a small display that they will use to notify you of any problems. To do so, the machine will display an error code that corresponds to the issue it’s facing.

The E41 error code on your Frigidaire washer means the appliance is experiencing a door lock error. The most likely causes are a faulty door latch assembly or a failed main control board. However, a clogged drain pump can also trigger the same code to appear on the older Frigidaire models.

This guide will look at the most likely reasons behind this code and the steps to fix them.

What The E41 Code Means On A Frigidaire Washer?

On a Frigidaire washing machine, the E41 error code means that the appliance is experiencing a door lock error.

Whenever you select and begin a new wash program, the first thing that happens is the washer will securely lock the door. Doing so will prevent the door from opening mid-cycle and flooding your laundry room floor. 

More importantly, this is also done for safety reasons. It ensures that children will not accidentally open the washer door in the middle of a cycle and potentially injure themselves.

Your Frigidaire washer will not begin the new wash program until it senses that the door is secure. As such, you must resolve the E41 error immediately to continue regular use of the washer.

Possible Causes And Solutions

When the E41 error code appears on your Frigidaire washer, the most likely causes are a failed door latch assembly or a faulty main control board. In addition, although not directly related to the door lock, a clogged drain pump can trigger the E41 error code.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those likely causes and what you can do to fix them.

Failed Door Latch Assembly

What it is: The door latch assembly is designed to secure the washer door and prevent it from being opened. This component sits right behind the washer’s opening and catches the strike when you close the door firmly.

The door latch assembly will engage and keep the door locked whenever you begin a new wash program. However, it will only unlock the door at the end of the wash program when the washer has drained all water from the drum.

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How it fails: The two most common reasons that a door latch assembly will fail on your Frigidaire washer are excess wear and damage.

As you might imagine, the door latch assembly will engage and disengage thousands of times throughout its life. After many years, its moving parts might simply wear out and not engage when they should.

Besides that, slamming the washer door shut too hard and too often can cause damage to the door latch assembly.

In both cases, the E41 code will be triggered when the washer senses that the door lock is open.

How to fix it: The door latch assembly must be replaced, as repairing it is impossible. Firstly, locate and identify the door latch assembly behind the washer’s opening.

From there, you’ll need to remove the outer retaining clip that holds the washer door seal in place. With that removed, you can pull the door seal on the side of the door latch assembly.

Next, unthread the screws holding the latch in place and pull it out from the side so you can remove its electrical connectors. Next, place those connectors onto the new door latch assembly and mount the assembly in place.

Once that’s done, work your way backwards by replacing the door seal and the outer retaining clip.

Faulty Main Control Board

What it is: The main control board is a small printed circuit board that controls all of your Frigidaire washer’s functions. The board consists of many tiny electrical components that send power and instructions to each component according to the needs of the wash program you have selected.

How it fails: As mentioned above, the main control board has plenty of tiny components, each controlling the washer’s parts and functions. That also includes a few that communicate with the washer’s door lock.

When these components fail, they can’t detect whether or not the door lock is engaged. As a result, the E41 error code is triggered, signifying that there’s a problem with the door lock.

How to fix it: The most practical solution to a faulty main control board is to replace it with a new one entirely. To do so, you’ll need to open the washer’s top panel to identify and locate the main control board, using your user manual as a reference if necessary.

Once you find it, you’ll see that it has plenty of electrical connectors and wire harnesses attached to it. Before removing any of them, take a photo to use as a reference later.

Next, remove all the wires and unthread any screws holding the board in place. Then, mount the new control board in place, and replace the wires the exact way they were before.

Lastly, replace the access panel(s) that you removed earlier.

Clogged Drain Pump

What it is: The drain pump is designed to drive grey water (used water from the washer that contains dissolved dirt and detergent) out from the washer. In doing so, the pump will ensure that the washer drum is empty whenever necessary.

The drain pump will turn on several times during the wash program before the machine fills the drum with clean water. Then, at the end of the cycle, the drain pump will turn on one final time to drain all excess water from the washer.

How it fails: As mentioned above, the drain pump pushes out water containing dissolved dirt and detergent. Unfortunately, foreign objects and lint can sometimes flow into the drain pump and clog it.

When that happens, the pump will stop working and not drive any more water out. This problem can also trigger the E41 error code on your Frigidaire washer.

How to fix it: The solution to this problem is to clear the clog from the pump. To do that, you must first access the pump located at the bottom of the drum, within the washing machine.

Once there, disconnect the electrical connectors attached to the drain pump and remove any clamps keeping the pump connected to any water connections. 

Careful, though, as all the water in the drum will rush out as soon as you do that. So, prepare a few pieces of cloth or a tray to catch that water.

Then, clear out any foreign objects or lint buildup you find inside the pump. Once the pump is free, you can reattach its water and electrical connections.

How To Clear The E41 Code On Your Frigidaire Washer?

To clear this error code, you must resolve the root cause that triggered it in the first place. Until you do that, the code will persist or return quickly, even if it disappears for a short period.

Once you’ve followed the troubleshooting steps described above, you can then perform a reset on your Frigidaire washer to clear the E41 error code and any others affecting your machine.

How To Reset A Frigidaire Washer?

To reset your Frigidaire washer, simply cycle its power. That means turning it off and then back on again after a short period.

For power cycling on a Frigidaire washer, follow these steps:

  • First, disconnect the washer from its power source, whether it’s removing a plug or switching off its dedicated circuit breaker.
  • Then, do not use the machine for at least one minute.
  • Finally, turn the machine back on and continue using it like usual.

Once these steps have been completed, you can consider the washer reset.

How To Test Your Frigidaire Washer After Fixing It?

After fixing it, the best way to test your Frigidaire washer is to run a wash program from start to finish. Doing so will allow you to see if all of the washer’s functions are working correctly and check whether or not the E41 code returns.

Since the E41 error code is a door lock issue, you’ll be able to see whether or not the problem is solved during the first minute or two of the new wash program.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode And Read Error Codes On Your Frigidaire Washer?

Another way to test your washer after fixing it is to enter its diagnostic mode. You can enter it by following these steps:

  • Press 3 buttons simultaneously: Soak, Extra Rinse, and Power. This step will enter the machine into diagnostic mode, and the display will start blinking.
  • You can only run one test at a time while in the diagnostic mode by pressing the following buttons:
    • To run a wash test, press the Soil Level button.
    • To run a spin test, press the Temp button.
    • To run a water valve test, press the Fabric Softener button.
    • To run an auto-sensing test, press the Delay button.
  • To end or exit any of those tests, press the Power button. To run another test, start from the beginning. Protection Status