Frigidaire Washer Code E5 – Troubleshooting Guide

Frigidaire washing machines must always be level and balanced to function correctly. That’s why a washer that’s not level will cause you problems and even trigger the E5 error code.

The E5 error code on a Frigidaire washer means that the machine is not levelled. That is most likely because the machine’s adjustable legs weren’t set correctly, or the floor underneath the washer isn’t perfectly level. Besides that, repeatedly running the washer with an unbalanced load can cause the appliance not to stay level in the long run.

As you keep reading this guide, you’ll understand more about the triggers behind the E5 error code and how you can fix them.

What The E5 Code Means On A Frigidaire Washer?

The E5 error code on a Frigidaire washing machine is unique as it means that the washing machine is not level. 

The reason this code is unique is that not many washing machine brands have such a code to warn you of this problem. Instead, most people discover this problem too late, when their washers shake and vibrate violently during the spin cycle.

The problem of a washer that’s not level should not be underestimated, so you’ll want to resolve it as soon as possible.

What Happens If A Washing Machine Is Not Level?

Washing machines will continue to function even when they’re not level. Still, you should never delay correcting the issue because many problems could occur as a result.

Some of the problems that could come as a result include:

  • Too Much Wear: A washing machine that’s not level will experience excessive vibrating as it goes through the various cycles of a wash program. Those vibrations will cause the washer’s components to wear out faster than average.
  • ‘Walking’: You see, a level and balanced washer will remain in its position no matter how fast the drum might spin. However, a washer that isn’t level will ‘walk’ away from its position, especially during the spin cycle when the drum spins at its highest speeds.
  • Strong Vibrations and Loud Noise: Lastly, all of the excessive vibrations and motions of the washer will also cause banging and other loud noises, which you’ll likely hear throughout your home.

With that in mind, you should resolve the root cause of your washer not being level as soon as possible. You can do so following the troubleshooting steps below.

Possible Causes And Solutions

Remember: The E5 error code on your Frigidaire washer means that the appliance is not level. That’s most likely caused by adjustable legs that aren’t set correctly, the floor underneath the washer not being level, or the washer repeatedly having unbalanced loads inside.

Let’s look closer at each of these possibilities and what you can do to resolve them.

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Incorrectly Set Adjustable Legs

What it is: The bottom of your Frigidaire washer doesn’t come into direct contact with the ground underneath it. Instead, it has adjustable legs that keep it steady at all times. Not only do these legs keep the washing machine even and balanced, but they’re also made of materials that prevent its vibrations from transferring to the ground.

Seeing as how the legs are adjustable, you can easily make it so that the washer remains perfectly level, even if the floor of your laundry room is slightly uneven.

How it fails: One of the most likely reasons your washer isn’t level is that the adjustable legs weren’t set correctly or need to be set once more.

For example, if the washer is new, it might have seemed level when the legs were first set. However, you’ll realise that’s not the case during the spin cycle when the washer shakes and vibrates much more than it should.

Still, even if the legs are adjusted correctly when the washer was installed, months or years of vibrations could cause it to become uneven as well gradually.

How to fix it: The solution to this problem is very straightforward, as all you’ll have to do is set your washer’s adjustable legs once more. To be sure that you’ve done it correctly, try to shake your washer diagonally. When the legs are set correctly, the machine will not move or shake at all.

You will likely have to repeat this process every few months to ensure that the washer is always level and that this problem doesn’t repeat itself.

Uneven Laundry Room Floor

What it is: When trying to make your washing machine level and balanced, the floor underneath the appliance is just as important. In this case, we’re referring to the floor of your laundry room, kitchen, or wherever you decide to place your washing machine.

As long as the floor is perfectly level and even, keeping your washing machine the same way will be much easier to do.

How it fails: Unfortunately, the floor in some spaces isn’t as even as it should be. When that’s the case for the floor underneath your washing machine, the appliance might sense that it’s not level and trigger the E5 error code.

How to fix it: In some cases, you can compensate for an uneven floor by adjusting the washer’s legs. However, that might not be enough depending on how uneven the floor is. Seeing as how getting the floor redone might not be feasible, a practical solution would be to reposition the washing machine in another location where the floor is much more even.

Unbalanced Laundry Loads

What it is: The laundry load that you place into your washer also plays a role in how level the machine stays. Ideally, your laundry loads must always be balanced instead of being too large or too small.

A good rule of thumb to stick to is that the drum should always be filled up to ⅔ of its maximum capacity. Then, when the load is balanced, the drum can spin in perfect equilibrium throughout the entire wash program.

How it fails: When laundry loads are often unbalanced, they can cause the washing machine to shake too much. As a result, the machine will experience excessive vibrations, and the drum might even hit the insides of the washing machine.

As this problem goes on over time, it could cause the washer as a whole not to be level. For example, all that shaking and vibrating will loosen the adjustable legs and cause them to no longer be level.

When the washer senses that it is no longer level, it’ll trigger the E5 error code.

How to fix it: The solution is always to run the washer with a balanced load. When the load is too small, add items like towels to distribute the weight evenly. For larger loads, split them into smaller loads that only take up ⅔ of the washer’s capacity at a time.

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How To Clear The E5 Code On Your Frigidaire Washer?

The E5 error code is caused by the washer not being level. So, you can clear the code by ensuring that the washer is level again, following the troubleshooting steps detailed above.

Once the washer is level, you can reset the appliance to clear the E5 and any other error code that might be active.

How To Reset A Frigidaire Washer?

Resetting a Frigidaire washer only requires these three steps:

  • Unplug: Locate the washer’s plug and remove it from the wall socket.
  • Wait: Do not press any buttons or do anything to the washer for at least one minute.
  • Replug: Plug the washer back into its wall socket.

By following those three steps, you’ll reset your Frigidaire washing machine and clear any error codes that are present.

How To Test Your Frigidaire Washer After Fixing It?

The best way to test your Frigidaire after fixing the E5 error code is to let the washer run a full wash program. As it does that, pay close attention to the washer when it goes through the spin cycle to watch for any excessive shaking in the machine.

For a more thorough test, you can also run the machine through its diagnostic mode.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode And Read Error Codes On Your Frigidaire Washer?

The diagnostic mode on your Frigidaire washer allows you to test specific systems in your washer. To enter that mode, start by pressing the Power, Soak, and Extra Rinse buttons simultaneously.

Once here, you can run a different test by pressing specific buttons. For example, after fixing the E5 error code, you’ll want to run the Spin Test by pressing the Temp button.

Besides that, you can run these other tests as well:

  • Wash Test (enabled with the Soil Level button)
  • Water Valve Test (enabled with the Fabric Softener button)
  • Auto-Sensing Test (enabled with the Delay button) Protection Status