Samsung Washer UB code — 4 easy tips to clear error

Are you getting a Samsung Washer UB code? UB stands for unbalanced and it means the washer can’t spin the drum without damage to the machine. A Samsung washer must be in perfect weighted balance to work correctly. When it isn’t, it will display the UB error code that signifies something is wrong.

The UB error code on a Samsung washer means it has an unbalanced load and can’t spin the drum safely. That can be caused by a laundry load that’s too small/too large, or the clothes have shifted to one side of the drum during the cycle. Also, damaged suspension rods or shock absorbers can cause your washer not to spin properly. An uneven floor can cause the washer to wobble and unbalance; the same for adjustable legs that aren’t set correctly.

In this guide, you’ll learn the most likely triggers behind this error code and how you can resolve them.

What The UB Code Means On A Samsung Washer

If you ever find that your Samsung washing machine shows the UB error code, that means the machine is experiencing an unbalanced load.

Why You Must Keep Your Laundry Load Balanced In Your Washer

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Washing machines work by spinning your laundry items in a round drum. In doing so, the washer agitates the dirt and allows the detergent to clean each item thoroughly. Spinning the drum also helps to wring out all the excess moisture from your laundry at the end of the cycle.

For all of this to happen effectively, the load inside the washer drum must be balanced. In simpler terms, the weight must be evenly distributed so the drum can spin in a balanced manner.

First and foremost, always load the washer with even weight around the drum. Don’t put a lightweight t-shirt across the drum from heavy jeans. Jeans on both sides, spread loosely. If washing bedding or jackets, use the bedding setting or heavy duty… so the drum doesn’t spin as fast.

If weight inside becomes unbalanced, it will trigger the washer to display the Samsung Washer UB code error.

Accompanying Symptoms

The UB error code is often accompanied by additional tell-tale signs. For instance, an unbalanced load from having too many items in the drum, or items too large (like bedsheets and comforters), will cause the drum to swing and hit the insides of the washer.

One quick fix is to pause the wash cycle, and go redistribute the weight of the wet items in the load. If towels or blankets have shifted during the wash cycle, they may be all sticking to one side of the machine causing unbalance. I’ve heard my washer clanging from across the house and I’ve made a run to stop the load. If you catch it quick enough, you might be able to prevent damage to the machine and get back to washing quicker.

When your washing machine is balanced, the drum will spin perfectly balanced even at the highest speeds.

Possible Causes And Solutions

Here are the most likely reasons causing an unbalanced load in your Samsung washer and what you can do to fix them.

Load Too Small or Too Large

How this happens: Your Samsung washer must be loaded with the correct amount of weight for it to maintain its balance. A load that’s too small or too large will both cause an unbalanced load, leading to the drum spinning erratically.

For example, when a load is too large, too much weight will be concentrated on one side of the drum. That will prevent it from spinning in a perfectly balanced way. Your load should not be more than ⅔ of the washer’s capacity, as the items need room to tumble around freely.

The same is also true if the load is too small. With too few items inside the drum, the weight will not distribute evenly to ensure a good balance. Therefore, a load that’s less than ⅓ of the washer’s capacity is considered too small.

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How To Fix: Thankfully, fixing this problem is relatively straightforward. Firstly, avoid using the washing machine if you can only fill less than ⅓ of its capacity. If you must use it regardless, add a few towels into the drum so that there will be enough weight to spread around.

For larger loads, the best thing to do is spread them out into several smaller loads. Again, only use about ⅔ of the washer’s capacity so that the clothes can tumble freely and spread their weight evenly.

Use the correct setting for bedding and heavy duty items. The washer is pre-programmed to spin at a different speed for these loads… and will protect itself from harm. Remember that you can adjust the spin speed on most washers. The fastest speed is only appropriate for “normal” wash loads.

Uneven Surface and Adjustable Legs

What It Is: Having an unbalanced load inside your washer could be the result of where and how you’ve placed the machine. Your Samsung washer must always be placed on a perfectly level and even surface to maximize its balance, both inside and out.

On top of that, your washer also has several adjustable legs underneath. These legs must be adjusted so that the washer itself is perfectly level.

How It Fails: Firstly, it’s possible that the floor in your laundry room is not perfectly level. Alternatively, the machine may have moved or ‘walked’ to a slightly less even part of the floor after being in use for many years.

Besides that, the adjustable legs underneath the washer might have been set incorrectly when the machine was being set up.

How To Fix: The solution to this problem is very straightforward. Start by ensuring that your Samsung washer is placed on the part of the floor that’s perfectly level. Then, grab a wrench and adjust each leg underneath the washer to ensure that the machine itself is also perfectly level.

For the best results, you must use a spirit level to measure the washer’s balance. Unfortunately, not many people own spirit levels these days, so you can also use spirit level smartphone apps as a substitute.

These apps rely on the sensors in your smartphone to determine whether or not a surface is perfectly even. So, they are beneficial in this situation.

Suspension Rods (Top-Loading Models) 

What It Is: Top-loading Samsung washing machines rely on a series of suspension rods to keep the drum perfectly balanced. As the name suggests, these components have traits similar to springs, and they keep the drum suspended from the inside of the washer’s frame.

How It Fails: Unfortunately, suspension rods are prone to breaking as a result of long term use and normal wear and tear. Even though one might fail, the rest will keep the drum suspended, albeit in a very unbalanced way. This condition is what triggers the UB error code.

How To Fix: To fix this, the broken suspension rod must be replaced. That means the external panels must be removed to gain access to the existing rods to identify damaged ones.

Once you’ve opened the washer, you will see one suspension rod in each corner. Therefore, you will have to replace however many are damaged. Thankfully, you don’t have to remove the drum to perform this repair, as you will just have to remove the damaged rod and put a new one in its place.

Shock Absorber (Front-Loading Models)

What It Is: On front-loading Samsung washers, the shock absorbers are responsible for keeping the drum balanced. 

How It Fails: Shock absorbers typically fail due to excessive wear and tear. That will most likely happen after the machine has been in use for a very long time. Failed shock absorbers cannot be repaired, so they must be replaced entirely.

How To Fix: Replacing the shock absorbers on your Samsung front-loading washer is pretty straightforward, though it is a time-consuming process. That is because you will need to remove the washer’s entire front panel to gain access to the existing shock absorbers.

However, once the front panel is removed, you will remove the bolts that hold the shock absorbers in place. So then, it’s only a matter of putting the replacement parts in the same place and securing it with the same bolts you removed earlier.

How To Clear The samsung washer UB Code error

To clear the UB error code on your Samsung washer, you must first resolve the root cause that triggered it in the first place. You can do that by troubleshooting the issue following the steps mentioned above.

Once that’s complete, you can then clear the code by performing a reset on your washer using the following steps.

How To Reset A Samsung Washer UB code

To reset a Samsung washer, first, disconnect the machine from its power supply. Next, remove the plug from the socket or turn off the dedicated circuit breaker at your household’s main electrical box.

Then, follow these steps:

  • With the power disconnected, you must allow the washer to discharge any electrical power it is retaining. You can do this by simply leaving the washing machine unplugged and alone for up to five minutes.
  • Next, reconnect the washer to its power supply and use it as usual.

That is all it takes to reset your Samsung washing machine. When done correctly, the Samsung Washer UB code error will be cleared.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode

Diagnostic mode exists on your Samsung washer to help you show you all active error codes that require your attention. To access that mode, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Firstly, ensure that the washing machine has power and is switched on.
  • Then, press and hold the Delay Start and Soil Level buttons.
  • Continue holding the buttons until the display shows several zeroes and also plays a chime.
  • Finally, press the Soil Level button once more, and you’ll be in diagnostic mode when you see the alphabet ‘D’ on display.
  • Here, you’ll scroll through all the active error codes by turning the dial on your washer. There might be several active error codes or none at all. Once you see the letter ‘D’ again, that means you’ve reached the end.

By using the diagnostic mode, you’ll be able to confirm that you’ve fixed the Samsung Washer UB code issue and that there are no other faults that require your attention.

How To Test A Samsung Washer After Fixing It

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Source: Sharper Service Solutions

The best way to test a Samsung washer after you’ve completed troubleshooting and repairs is to run an entire wash program. That way, each function will be activated, and you can be sure that the machine is indeed working as it should.

To save time, select the shortest wash program available on your Samsung washer model. For example, you can use the Rinse + Spin program. Then, when the drum spins at its highest speeds, you can see for yourself if the drum is balanced as it should be.

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