Samsung Washer Code U6 – Ub-Troubleshooting Guide

Do you think you have a Samsung washer code U6? You don’t: it’s actually “Ub”. Ub is for unbalanced and something is causing your washer not to spin.

Information about the U6 error code on Samsung washers is hard to come by and doesn’t appear on any Samsung user manuals. Why? Well, it’s because the code doesn’t exist. The actual error code is Ub, but the displays on Samsung washers make it easily misread as U6. Not to worry, though. Whether it’s U6 or Ub, you’ve come to the right place.

The U6 error code (or ‘Ub’, instead) on Samsung washing machines indicates that the machine is experiencing an unbalanced load. There are three likely causes. Firstly, the washer itself could be unbalanced when placed on an uneven surface or if its legs are incorrectly adjusted. Undersized or oversized laundry loads can also lead to a lack of balance. Lastly, faulty shock absorbers or suspension rods are also likely causes.

We’ll dive deeper into this issue together in the following sections and explore the likely causes and possible solutions.

What does Samsung Washer code u6 -ub mean?

The U6 (or ‘Ub’) error code indicates that your Samsung washer is dealing with an imbalanced load. When that happens, the drum cannot spin at high speeds safely and without causing itself any damage.

The Importance Of A Balanced Load

No matter what Samsung washing machine model you have, all of them must have a balanced laundry load inside at all times to function correctly. That means the weight of all the items you’ve loaded into it must be evenly distributed inside the drum and with enough space to tumble freely.

When that’s the case, the washer will be able to keep the drum in equilibrium at all times, even during the spin cycle when the drum turns the fastest.

Samsung washer code u6

Other Signs To Look Out For

When you see that your washer is displaying the Ub error code, there will likely be other symptoms to go along with it. For instance, you will probably see that the machine refuses to spin at high speeds. That’s because it is attempting to balance the load inside the drum as best as it can.

However, if the machine spins at higher speeds, the drum will shake and move around erratically. Depending on how severe the problem is, it might even hit the inside panels of the washer as it spins and swings around.

As you can see, the U6 or Ub error must be addressed as soon as possible, or it could lead to further damage to your Samsung washing machine.

Possible Causes And Solutions

Here are the most likely reasons why your Samsung washer has an imbalance load and cannot maintain the drum’s equilibrium.

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How and Where The Washer Is Placed

What It Is: When troubleshooting an imbalanced load in your Samsung washer, you should begin by examining the machine as a whole. Your washing machine should be set up correctly by placing it on the part of your floor that’s perfectly level. Doing so will ensure that the machine has plenty of balance and stability coming from the floor it’s on.

In addition to that, the machine must also have its legs adjusted correctly. Samsung washing machines come with adjustable legs that you can tweak to suit your needs and ensure that the washer is perfectly level.

How It Fails: Suppose the washing machine is placed on an uneven surface. If that’s the case, it will cause the laundry load inside the drum to become unbalanced, thereby triggering the error code.

Besides that, the adjustable legs at the bottom of the washer could have been incorrectly adjusted while setting up the machine.

How To Fix: To fix this problem, you will need to get a spirit level. With this tool in hand, you can then find a place in your laundry room that is perfectly flat and suitable for your washer. Then, you can also use the level while tweaking the washer’s adjustable legs to ensure that the machine itself is in equilibrium.

Undersized or Oversized Loads

What It Is: Besides placing your washer in a balanced and perfectly level way, the conditions inside of the machine must also be the same. To do that, the laundry load size must also be ideal at approximately ⅔ of the drum’s capacity.

At that load size, the laundry inside can tumble freely as the drum turns. As a result, the weight of the items will spread out evenly on its own.

How It Fails: As you might expect, overloading the washer with too many items or with oversized items will cause it to become unbalanced. That’s because the weight of the items will not be able to spread out evenly. With too much weight focused on one side of the washer, the drum will turn erratically and potentially cause damage to the washing machine.

Although this might seem counter-intuitive, the washing machine can also become unbalanced with a load that’s too small. There simply won’t be enough items to spread the weight around inside the machine with an undersized load.

How To Fix: To fix this, add or remove laundry items into the washer to ensure that the load is sized ideally. For instance, a load that’s less than ⅓ of the washer’s capacity is undersized. So, add a few towels to the load to add a more balanced weight to the drum.

Loads that are more than ⅔ of the washer’s capacity is oversized. So, take out some of the items and divide them into smaller loads.

When either of these steps is taken, the drum can spin in perfect balance even at high speeds, preventing the error code from being triggered.

Suspension Rods or Shock Absorbers

What It Is: The drum inside your Samsung washer is kept in balance because it is supported at all times. In a top-loading Samsung washer, that job is done by suspension rods. However, front-loading machines rely on shock absorbers instead.

When these parts are in good working order, they help ensure that the drum is in equilibrium at all times so it can spin at high speeds without experiencing any issues.

How It Fails: Here, the drum (and the load inside) will become unbalanced if any suspension rods or shock absorbers fail to work correctly. That will happen when these components experience excessive wear and tear, typically after being in use for many years.

How To Fix: Fixing this issue will require you to replace whichever parts, and however many of them are affected. That process will include:

  • Removing the washer’s panels to access the washer drum where the suspension rods or shock absorbers are located.
  • Unthreading the mounting bolts and removing the affected parts.
  • Installing the replacement part and securing it in place with bolts the same way as before.

The good news is that you will not have to remove the washer drum when replacing the suspension rods or shock absorbers. Instead, you will be working around the drum. Thanks to that, this repair is a pretty straightforward process.

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How To Clear The U6 Error Code

To get rid of the U6 error code, you must first resolve the issue that caused it. You can do that by following the troubleshooting steps described above. 

Once you’re sure that the problem is solved, you can clear the error code by resetting your Samsung washer by following the steps below.

How To Reset A Samsung Washer

Performing a reset on a Samsung washer is incredibly straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Firstly, shut off all power to your Samsung washer. You’ll have to remove the plug from the wall socket or shut off the dedicated circuit breaker if it has one.
  • With no incoming power to the washer, you must leave it alone for 1-5 minutes. The longer, the better, as this step allows the washer to discharge any electricity it might be retaining.
  • Once that time has passed, you can then power up and turn on the washing machine again.

Those are the only steps necessary to reset a Samsung washing machine.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode

Samsung washing machines also feature a diagnostic mode that you can access. This mode will show you all active error codes (if any). To do so, follow these steps:

  • First, turn the washer on.
  • Then, press and hold the Soil Level and Delay Start buttons. Do that until the machine chimes, and the display shows several zeros.
  • Next, press the Soil Level button, so you’ll see a ‘D’ appear on display. That means you’ve entered the diagnostic mode.
  • You can turn the dial to scroll through all active error codes (if any) in this mode. Then, when you return to the letter ‘D’ again, that means you’ve reached the end.

The precise steps to enter diagnostic mode might differ depending on the Samsung washer model you are using. So, you can confirm the steps by referring to the user manual for your model.

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How To Test A Samsung Washer After Fixing It

After troubleshooting and fixing your Samsung washer, it’s always wise to test the machine and ensure it is in good working condition. The most thorough approach is to run a complete wash program from start to finish. That will help you ensure that all of the washer’s functions are working correctly.

To save time, however, you can choose the shortest wash program available on your Samsung washer. For example, the Quick Wash cycle only requires 15 minutes to run, and it will demonstrate whether or not the load inside remains balanced when the drum turns. Protection Status