How Does A Samsung Steam Dryer Work?

Samsung is one of the top names when it comes to household appliances, including dryers. These days, their product lineup includes several steam dryer models. These units are touted as having several distinct advantages over conventional dryers, including higher energy efficiency, anti-bacterial benefits, and more. But how does a Samsung steam dryer work?

Samsung steam dryers work in much the same way as conventional dryers, but with the addition of steam. Some models generate the steam directly inside the drum. Others spray a mist of water which converts into steam when combined with the high temperature of a drying cycle. Samsung has several unique steam drying cycles like the Refresh cycle and Steam Sanitize.

In this article, we’re going to explore how Samsung steam dryers function. We’ll look at how they generate steam, the setup required for these machines, and more!

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How Does A Samsung Steam Dryer Work?

Generally, a Samsung steam dryer works much in the same way as a conventional dryer. First, freshly washed laundry is tumbled around in a spinning drum. At the same time, hot air is generated by a heating element and forced through the drum to remove all of the moisture inside.

From there, all that moisture is either condensed or vented out through your household’s dryer vent.

Steam Features

Samsung steam dryers set themselves apart with their ability to produce steam:

  • First, a fine mist of water is sprayed through a small nozzle inside the drum.
  • Then, when that water mist combines with the high temperature inside the drum, it converts into steam.

As the clothes inside the dryer tumble around continuously, the steam will be able to penetrate the fabrics deeply.

Advantages Of A Samsung Steam Dryer

Samsung steam dryers have several distinct advantages over their other conventional dryer models. They include:

  • Reduced Odors: Samsung steam dryers are much more effective at removing odors from clothes. That can be helpful in two ways. Firstly, any leftover odors after the laundry cycle will be removed when the clothes are put in the dryer. Second, you can use the steam dryer to freshen up clothes instead of having to rewash them.
  • Reduced Wrinkles: Much like a steam iron, Samsung steam dryers are also effective at softening the wrinkles on both freshly-laundered clothes and those that have already been worn.
  • Sanitation: The high temperatures and steam generated by the Samsung steam dryer is also helpful in sanitizing the fabrics inside. Parents with small children might appreciate this advantage more than others. The same might also be true if you used the Samsung steam dryer in a medical setting to dry patients’ laundry.
  • Reduced Energy And Water Usage: Samsung steam dryers help soften wrinkles and remove odors, including on worn clothes. That will reduce the frequency of having to re-wash those clothes and removes the need for ironing and dry cleaning. That will indirectly lead to energy and water savings in the long run.

Samsung Steam Dryer Setup

Some Samsung steam dryers might require a slightly different setup in your laundry room, depending on the exact model. That will depend on whether the model relies on a water reservoir or connects to the household water supply instead.

Reservoir or No Reservoir

As mentioned earlier, Samsung steam dryers work by spraying a fine water mist inside the drum. That water might come from a built-in water reservoir or the household water supply, depending on the model.

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With Reservoir:

Samsung steam dryer models with reservoirs will need to be refilled with water before running a steam drying cycle. That will require extra time and effort, especially if you use the steam dryer often. However, having the reservoir also means that you won’t require any additional setup to use a Samsung steam dryer in your laundry room.

Without Reservoir:

Samsung steam dryer models without reservoirs will instead need to be connected to your household water supply. If you’re placing it next to your existing washer, then that’s not much additional work. You can just use a connector to share the washer’s water supply with the dryer.

Samsung steam dryer

However, if you’re placing the Samsung steam somewhere alone by itself, then you may need to do some additional plumbing to supply it with water.

Samsung Multi-Steam Technology

Several Samsung steam dryer models are equipped with their trademarked ‘Multi-Steam Technology’.  Models with this technology do not require the use of a water reservoir. Plus, it features several different steam drying cycles, each providing a specific benefit.

Multi-Steam Technology
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For instance, the Refresh Cycle removes smells, the Wrinkles Away Cycle to remove wrinkles, and the Sanitize Cycle to remove germs. We’ll explore each of these cycles in the next section.

Besides all of that, some models also have the optional Anti Static function to remove static from those clothing items.

Samsung Dryer Steam Cycles

As mentioned before, Samsung steam dryers help remove odors, wrinkles, and even germs. Still, Samsung steam dryers also come with unique drying cycles. So you can choose to focus on one of those benefits over the others, depending on your needs at the moment.

They are the Refresh, Wrinkle-Away, and Steam Sanitize cycles:

Refresh Cycle

The Refresh Cycle is pretty straightforward. This cycle is aimed at clothing items that you’d like to wear again without having to put them through the washer.

The refresh cycle lasts 15 minutes and is suitable for 1-4 dry clothing items. It’ll remove odors and wrinkles to make those clothes ready-to-wear without having to be washed all over again.

To achieve that, the Samsung steam dryer will spray a fine water mist which will steam the odors and wrinkles out of those clothes. That will also remove the need to iron those clothes once they come out of the dryer.

For the best outcomes, though, the clothes must already be dry. Plus, there should only be a maximum of 4 items inside to ensure that the steam can cover each of them thoroughly.


The Wrinkle-Away cycle is just as it sounds. It focuses on removing wrinkles from clothes that are already dry. If you’ve ever owned a Samsung dryer before, you might notice that it functions in the same way as the ‘Wrinkle Release’ cycle that you’d find on some Samsung dryer models.

As you might’ve guessed, there’s one significant difference. In this cycle, steam is included in the mix to remove those wrinkles, so you don’t have to iron those clothes later.

Steam Sanitize

Lastly, there’s also the Steam Sanitize cycle. While some steam drying cycles require the items to be dry before you use them, the Steam Sanitize cycle works best if the items are partially wet. Samsung also doesn’t recommend using this cycle for regular laundry because of the high levels of heat combined with steam.

So, this would be best used for heavier items like curtains and bedding. The Steam Sanitize cycle promises to soften these items, reduce odors, and of course, remove wrinkles.

Other Considerations

Another Samsung steam dryer feature that you need to be aware of is its cost. Because of the additional features and benefits, Samsung steam dryers typically cost at least slightly more than conventional dryers. Still, those additional benefits might be worth it for some dryer users, depending on their needs.

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