How LG Microwave Auto Defrost Works?

Microwaves can be used for so much more than straight-up cooking. The secret to getting the most out of your microwave is to understand the special features like auto defrost and learn how to properly use them. 

The LG microwave auto defrost feature has three preset programs for you to use. Its three programs are defrost, soften and melt. The program you use depends on what food you are cooking. Defrost is for frozen items while soft can be used for things like butter. Melt is for items like marshmallows.

Auto defrost on your LG microwave creates an excellent way to thaw foods and cook other things to use in recipes or as toppings.

Read the article below to understand more about the auto defrost feature. 

How is the Defrost Feature Automatic?

The defrost feature automatically sets the exact time needed to thaw, soften or melt your food based on the weight. You can thaw more than meat or frozen dinners with this feature. You can use it for bread, fish, or any type of frozen food. 

How to Use Defrost to Thaw?

Using the automatic defrost is simple. Remove the food from its original container or package and put it on a microwavable, shallow pan or dish. Press the stop clear key. Now, press the auto to defrost the key. Pick the food category by entering a category number or toggling the defrost button. 

The numbers for each category are on the label on the front of the oven cavity. Enter the food’s weight in pounds on the keypad. There will be different ranges for different foods.

Close the door and hit start. 

The defrost countdown will be on the display. The oven will beep at times to remind you to flip the food. Open the door, flip the food, close the door, and press start again to resume the cycle.

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The Soften Feature

This is a great feature for things like butter, cream cheese, hard ice cream, and frozen juice. It won’t completely melt the food but makes them easier to handle for scooping, serving, and using in recipes. 

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When using this feature, the display will show options in numbers based on the quantity. For instance, you will tell it if you have 1, 2, or 3 sticks of butter or a pint, quart, or half-gallon of ice cream. Once you have the proper amount set, press the start button to begin softening. 

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Using the Melt Button

The melt button is a great way to melt butter, cheese, chocolate, marshmallows, and other things. Utilize this button by first selecting the melt feature and then entering a category number. 

The display will have several numeric options on the touchpad where you can enter the proper category and the food amount. 

After you select the category, the feature will give you options for the amount. Butter will be in sticks while other categories will be in ounces. Once, you enter that information, press start and your food will start melting. 

To get the best and most even melt, you should take it out halfway during the cycle and stir it. Put it back into the oven, close the door, and press start. It will resume without you needing to enter anything else. 

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Why is my microwave beeping during auto defrost?

Your LG microwave is designed to beep halfway through the auto defrost cycle to remind you to turn your food over or stir your melting food. This is when you open the door, turn your food, close the door, and hit start again. 

You will not need to re-enter information to resume thawing, softening, or melting. However, the oven will not stop automatically when it beeps. It will continue defrosting unless you open the door. 

My microwave isn’t stopping cooking when I open the door?

This is not normal. Your oven should stop defrosting or cooking when you open the door. Either one of your door switches is likely bad or you have a faulty door latch. Those will need to be replaced. 

Will the melting feature harden my food?

No, the melting feature won’t make your food hard because it won’t overcook it. It has an automatic timer set based on the food and the amount of food you put in. As long as you put the correct information into the display, your LG microwave will properly melt your food. 

It is advisable to take your food out midway through the cycle to stir it to get an even melt. The oven will beep to remind you to do that. 

Will the microwave actually cook my food or just thaw it?

The auto defrost feature is designed to thaw your food and not cook it. That is what makes it unique from other microwaves. You can use the microwave to thaw meat even if you want to cook it in a traditional oven or on the stove. 

Is there a maximum weight the microwave can handle on defrost?

Yes, the maximum weight for any type of meat is six pounds. You can also thaw one pound of bread. All other foods are by quantities of how many you are putting in the oven or by ounces.

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How do I set my microwave to auto defrost?

First press the stop/clear button and then press the auto defrost. The various categories will then show up on the display.

Will the auto defrost thaw according to different kinds of meat?

The auto defrost feature on the LG microwave will distinguish between meat, poultry, and fish. Once you press the auto defrost button once, press it again to indicate the type of meat you have. 

You will press it once for meat, twice for poultry, and three times for fish. The display will then ask you to enter the pounds and ounces. For 1.2 pounds, you’ll enter 1 and then 2. 

Press start and defrosting will begin. 

What is the Quick Defrost?

Those who have only one pound or less of frozen poultry or beef can use the Quick Defrost to help you get a jump start on dinner. All you need to do to use it is press the stop/clear button and then Quick Defrost. You won’t need to enter any categories or weight as it’s pre-programmed.

What does auto defrost on a microwave mean?

You may see a button called auto defrost or weight defrost. This is a fast way to thaw foods rather than letting them set out on the counter. These cycles are pre-set power levels and defrosting times to thaw for all types of meats, poultry, fish, and other frozen foods.

Is it safe to defrost in a microwave?

Microwave thawing is safe according to the USDA. However, meat thawed using a microwave should be cooked immediately after it’s thawed because this method quickly puts meat into the temperature “danger zone” for bacteria to multiply. 

As long as you cook it as soon as it’s thawed, it’s perfectly safe to eat.

Is defrosting food the same as thawing it?

Technically, no the two words don’t mean the same thing. Defrosting means taking away the frost from the item. Thawing means to soften, dissolve or become fluid. 

However, the two are the same thing for microwave auto defrost. When you use the auto defrost mode on your microwave, you are thawing food to be fully cooked another way.

What is the wattage microwave used to defrost?

The wattage for defrosting is low, ranging from 100 to 300 watts. Foods need a high wattage of over 1000 watts to cook. The lower wattage works best for more delicate foods.

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Checking Danger Zone Temperatures

The danger zone for food temperature is between 40 degrees and 135. Food in the refrigerator is kept at 40 degrees or below. Food is cooked at above 135 whether it’s on the stove or in the oven. 

The longer food sits in a microwave without being fully cooked, the more chance there is of bacteria growing. Be safe and remove to cook food quickly after it finishes the auto defrost cycle.

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