How To Fix Samsung Refrigerator Fan Noise? – Troubleshooting Guide

Samsung refrigerators make a little bit of noise when they function correctly. While a gentle humming sound is normal, loud noises from the appliance’s fans are signs of a problem requiring your attention.

Your Samsung refrigerator fans make loud noises when the fan blades are frozen, the condenser fan is dirty, one or more fan motors are faulty, or if the fridge isn’t placed correctly. Ice and dirt build-ups are easy to clean away. However, you must replace defective motors as they are not repairable.

As you read through this guide, you’ll discover why your Samsung refrigerator is noisy and what you can do to fix it.

Why Does My Samsung Fridge Fan Make Noise?

Hearing loud noises coming from your Samsung fridge fan can be pretty stressful. But don’t worry too much.

Now that you’ve identified the source of the noise, here are its most likely causes:

#1 Frozen Fan Blades

Kenmore evaporator fan frosted over

What it is: Each of the fans in your Samsung refrigerator consists of the fan blades that move the air and the motor that turns those blades.

Anytime the fan motor is activated, it’ll turn those fan blades to force air towards where it’s needed. 

Condenser fan blades drive air past the condenser coils behind the appliance. However, evaporator fan blades drive cold air past the evaporator coils and into your Samsung fridge compartments.

What’s happening: The first reason noises come from the fan blades is that they’re frozen. This reason applies only to the evaporator fan blades you’ll find inside your Samsung refrigerator compartments.

Unfortunately, the cold air in those compartments sometimes carries excess moisture. That can quickly cause frost and ice to build up around the fan blades.

As the fan blades rotate, they’ll repeatedly strike the buildup of hard ice, causing the loud knocking or grinding noise you hear from the appliance.

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How to fix it: The solution to this problem is to melt away the frost and ice buildup around the fan blades. To do that, shut off your Samsung refrigerator and leave the door open to defrost the compartment naturally.

Avoid using a hairdryer or heat gun, as the focused blast of heat from those tools will damage the plastic panels inside your fridge.

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#2 Dirty Condenser Fan

Fridge making noise condenser fan

What it is: You’ll find the condenser fan behind your Samsung fridge and close to the floor. Like any other fridge fan, it consists of a fan motor which turns a set of fan blades.

The condenser fan is there to blow air through the condenser coils and dissipate heat into the surrounding air. 

The fan plays a crucial role because those coils get very hot. Heated refrigerant, which has removed heat inside your fridge compartment, passes through those coils.

What’s happening: While the fans inside your refrigerator experience frost and ice buildups, the condenser fan outside will experience a dirt buildup instead.

Similarly, a severe dirt buildup will prevent the fan blades from spinning freely. The fan motor will have to compensate by working harder, producing the loud noises you hear from the back of the Samsung refrigerator.

How to fix it: You can solve this problem by removing any dirt trapped in the condenser fan. Some of that will be easy to do, allowing you to do the job using a brush and perhaps a vacuum cleaner.

However, you’ll also want to remove the motor and disassemble it so you can perform a deep clean. Doing so will help you reach any dirt that’s found its way into the motor’s inner workings.

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#3 Faulty Fan Motor

What it is: All the fans in your Samsung refrigerator, whether the condenser or evaporator fans, rely on a fan motor to function. 

When the motor receives electrical power and signals from the fridge’s control board, they’ll begin spinning the fan blades for as long as needed.

What’s happening: Loud noises will come from a fan motor if a foreign object gets stuck inside it. The same will also occur if the fan develops a fault after being used for an extended period or if it was defective even during manufacturing.

The fan motor consists of many tiny moving parts, so a fault, defect, or foreign object will affect those parts and cause loud noises to come from inside the motor.

How to fix it: Unfortunately, a faulty fan motor must be replaced. Despite the fault or defect the motor might have, this component is not serviceable or repairable.

So, you’ll have to detach the motor’s wire connector and remove any screws holding it in place. Then, you’ll reconnect a new motor and mount it the same way as before.

A new motor won’t make any loud noises and will still work with the fan blades you already have.

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#4 Wrong Fridge Placement

What it is: One of the most overlooked factors of setting up a Samsung fridge is its physical placement. 

Like many other appliances, your Samsung refrigerator should have a small clearance on all sides (even above). That will allow for smooth airflow around the appliance at all times.

Correct placement is essential to keep in mind, especially if the appliance is in a confined space, like if you place it flush inside a wall.

What’s happening: Blowing and whistling noises coming from your fridge’s fans could result from incorrect fridge placement.

When your Samsung fridge is in a tight space, the noise of those circulation fans will seem louder than usual.

Though it’s not a sign of a problem, the amplified fan noises could be uncomfortable for you and others in your household.

How to fix it: You can solve this problem quickly by repositioning your Samsung fridge. At a minimum, the appliance should have at least 2 inches of clearance on all sides. That includes the refrigerator’s top, side, and back.

Providing it with clearance will reduce the amplification of fan noises you hear, leaving you with a fridge that only hums quietly as it should.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you’ll find a few more questions and answers to help you troubleshoot fan noises in a Samsung refrigerator:

Why Does My Samsung Refrigerator Sound Like A Jackhammer?

A jackhammering noise in your Samsung refrigerator is likely caused by spinning fan blades hitting hard ice. Take a closer look at the affected fan; you’ll probably see a buildup of frost and ice around the fan blades. Defrosting the compartment will melt away that ice and stop the noise.

How Do I Check The Fan On My Samsung Refrigerator?

Firstly, you can check your Samsung fridge fan with a visual inspection. Look for any buildups of frost and ice. Also, check for any foreign objects stuck between the fan blades. Secondly, you can use a multimeter to check that the motor is functioning correctly.

Why Is The Fan On My Samsung Fridge So Loud?

The fans on your Samsung fridge are loud because the spinning blades are hitting something hard. Alternatively, it could also be that the fan motors are faulty.

How Many Fans Does A Samsung Fridge Have?

Generally, there are two types of fans in a Samsung refrigerator. The first is the evaporator fan that sits inside the fridge compartments. The second type is the condenser fan behind the fridge, close to the floor.

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Where Is The Fan On My Samsung Refrigerator?

The evaporator fans inside your Samsung refrigerator are behind the back panel inside each compartment. However, you’ll find the condenser fan behind the fridge. The fan is close to the ground and typically concealed behind an access panel. Protection Status