What Is Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Mode And How To Activate It? 3 easy steps

Samsung refrigerator defrost mode, like all fridges, tend to experience condensation. Unfortunately, that condensation leads to a buildup of ice where it doesn’t belong and can cause problems. Thankfully, these appliances have a defrost mode that will melt away the ice before it becomes a problem.

The defrost mode in your Samsung refrigerator is there to melt any frost and prevent ice from building up in the appliance. Your fridge defrosts automatically several times a day. However, you can defrost your fridge manually using the refrigerator defrost (rd) mode or full defrost (Fd) mode. Defrosting typically takes 20 minutes to complete.

This guide will help you understand how defrosting works in your Samsung refrigerator and when you can benefit from doing it manually.

What Is the Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Mode?

Samsung refrigerator open door and display

The defrost mode is a standard feature in all Samsung refrigerators. It involves using heaters and other components to melt away any ice or frost build-up inside the appliance’s compartments.

Like all refrigerators, the compartments of any Samsung model will experience some condensation. When warm air from the fridge’s surroundings enters the compartments, it causes condensation. From there, frost and ice will form very quickly.

Ice build-up inside the refrigerator will cause problems and prevent the appliance from functioning correctly.

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Does A Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Automatically?

Yes, Samsung refrigerators automatically start their defrost mode or ‘defrost cycles’. A fridge will run that defrost cycle several times throughout the day for about 20 minutes.

As that cycle runs, the fridge will turn on a defrost heater, typically concealed behind the compartment panels. That heater will melt any frost or ice into water, which then flows away through the defrost drain.

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How Do You Enter Defrost Mode On A Samsung Fridge?

The defrost mode on your Samsung refrigerator runs automatically every day, even without your input.

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However, you can also enter defrost mode manually through the Samsung fridge’s control panel.

Here are the steps you must follow to do that:

Step 1: Enter Diagnostics Mode

First, you must enter the diagnostics mode on your Samsung refrigerator. To do that, press and hold the Freezer and Lighting buttons for about 10 seconds.

Samsung refrigerator display for diagnostics mode

The exact duration will differ between Samsung fridge models. However, you’ll know that you’ve entered diagnostics mode when you hear a chime. 

Let go of those two buttons and move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Select Defrost Mode Type

Once the fridge is in diagnostics mode, you can scroll through and choose from two different manual defrost modes.

They are:

  • Refrigerator Defrost (rd): When you see the letters ‘rd’ on the display, that means you’re selecting refrigerator defrost. That mode will only start the defrost cycle in the refrigerator compartment (i.e. the fresh food section) and nowhere else. That option is ideal if you’re trying to melt away frost and ice in the fresh food section without disturbing the freezer compartment and its contents.
  • Full Defrost (Fd): Alternatively, you can select ‘Fd’, which refers to a full defrost. As the name suggests, selecting this mode will start the defrost cycle for all compartments, particularly the fridge and freezer compartments. That option is ideal for situations like when you need to move the fridge to another location.
Samsung refrigerator defrost mode

Step 3: Allow The Defrost Cycle To Run

After selecting the defrost mode you want to run, the fridge will begin the defrost cycle. The process can take from 20 minutes up to an hour or more.

That duration will depend on how much ice and frost has built up inside your Samsung refrigerator. As the defrost cycle runs, the fridge will beep continuously. 

You’ll know that the process is over when the beeping stops.

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When Should You Use the Samsung refrigerator Defrost Mode?

As you read earlier, the defrost mode on your Samsung refrigerator will run several times automatically throughout the day. So when your refrigerator works normally, you do not have to do anything to start the defrost cycle.

However, there are a few situations where it’s necessary to manually activate the defrost cycle.

Here are 4 situations when you should manually use the Samsung fridge defrost mode:

#1 When The Fridge Isn’t Defrosting Automatically

Even though your Samsung fridge should defrost automatically, a fault in the fridge could prevent that from happening. Getting repairs or spare parts could take time, so you should use the defrost mode manually in the meantime.

#2 When There’s Ice In Or Around The Refrigerator Fans

Excess condensation can also cause the refrigerator’s circulation fans to freeze over with ice. Unfortunately, melting that ice away with a heat gun or hair dryer is not an option because that focused blast of heat will damage the plastic fan parts.

So, instead of waiting for the defrost cycle to start automatically, you can enable it manually.

samsung refrigerator ice buildup on fan

#3 When The Ice Maker Is Frozen Over

The ice makers in Samsung refrigerators can freeze over quickly when warm air enters the compartment. That will prevent it from making and dumping ice normally.

Normally, you’d remove the ice maker and thaw it outside the fridge. But if it’s frozen in place, manually starting the defrost cycle is another solution you could use.

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#4 When Moving The Unit Elsewhere

Let’s suppose you want to move your refrigerator to another location. Then, instead of waiting for the automatic defrost cycle to start, you can trigger Samsung refrigerator defrost manually.

That way, you can defrost the entire refrigerator according to your schedule. Once it’s done, you can shut the fridge off and prepare it to be transported to its next destination.

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How Long Does It Take To Defrost Samsung Refrigerators?

Samsung refrigerators typically take 20 minutes to complete a defrost cycle. However, that duration could last longer if there is a buildup of ice that’s more severe than usual.

The fridge will continue the defrost cycle for as long as it takes to melt all that ice. Once it senses no more ice to melt, it will end the defrost cycle.

Suppose you choose to use a manual defrost cycle like the refrigerator defrost (rd) or full defrost (FD) modes. In that case, the appliance will beep continuously until the cycle ends.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you’ll find a few more questions and answers to help you with defrosting your Samsung refrigerator:

Can You Defrost A Samsung Freezer Without Turning Off The Fridge?

Yes, you can choose from one of two manual defrost modes. The first is the refrigerator defrost (rd), which will only defrost the fridge compartment. The second one is the full defrost (Fd) mode which will defrost all compartments simultaneously.

Is there a Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Cycle?

Yes, all Samsung refrigerators have an automatic defrost cycle. The cycle will run automatically several times a day, and you don’t have to do anything to start it.

Why Is My Samsung Refrigerator Not Defrosting?

When your Samsung refrigerator doesn’t defrost, it’s likely because the defrost heater isn’t working. As a result, the fridge cannot generate the heat necessary to melt away the ice or frost inside the appliance.

How Often Should I Defrost My Fridge?

You should use your Samsung refrigerator defrost mode at least once a year. However, you can do it more often if your appliance is prone to freezing over more often than normal.

How Do I Know If My Fridge Is Defrosting?

You’ll know your fridge is defrosting when it stops cooling temporarily. At the same time, the back panel of its compartments will feel slightly warm as the defrost heater turns on.

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