How To Replace Gas Igniter In Oven – 5 steps With Easy Instructions

As you might already know, gas ovens still require electricity to function correctly. That electrical current is necessary to power the igniter in the oven that starts the flame you need to heat the oven. When it stops working, you’ll want to replace it immediately.

You can replace the gas igniter in an oven by disconnecting it and removing its mounting screws. Then, connect the new one the same way and mount it in its place. You’ll need to remove the oven’s floor panel and burn shield to access the igniter and perform the repairs. The total cost of a new igniter depends on the oven model.

Read this guide to understand when you should replace the igniter, what the process looks like, and how much it’ll likely cost you.

Note: We will use a Kenmore oven as an example in this article, but the principles will apply to most any oven out there.

When Should You Replace An Oven Igniter?

Consider replacing your oven igniter as soon as you see signs of it no longer functioning correctly.

The most obvious sign is if the component doesn’t ignite the oven. However, you must also note when the igniter occasionally fails or only works intermittently. When that happens, you can already consider replacing the igniter instead of waiting for it to fail completely.

On top of that, you can also preemptively replace the igniter if your oven is already around 10 years old. At that age, the oven and its components are more likely to experience problems, including the igniter.

how to replace gas igniter in oven

The igniter is critical when using the oven, so it’s always best to replace it with a new one immediately if it’s no longer in excellent working condition.

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How To Replace Gas Igniter In Oven?

The igniter in your oven is something that you can replace yourself if you’d like to. So, calling a repair technician to do it on your behalf isn’t completely necessary.

Whether you do it yourself or hire someone else to help you, here’s what it looks like to replace the igniter in your Kenmore oven:

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Step 1: Prepare The Oven to replace igniter

The first step to replacing the igniter (or any other component, for that matter) is to prepare the appliance. That way, it’ll be safe to work on as you’ll reduce the risk of damage or injury.

Firstly, disconnect the oven from its power source. Remember: even though you’re using a gas oven, the igniter is still powered by electricity. Therefore, there’s a risk of electrocution if you do not disconnect the power completely.

Simultaneously, you’ll want to ensure that the oven has cooled down completely to avoid burning your hands or fingers.

When the oven has cooled down, and its power is disconnected, you can start the process by removing the oven racks inside. That will give you the space necessary to perform the following steps.

pulling out oven racks

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Step 2: Access The Igniter

Once the oven cavity is completely empty and safe, you can begin accessing the igniter. That component is concealed underneath the oven’s multiple panels.

So, loosen the screws at the back, which secure the floor panel to the bottom of the oven’s cavity. That will allow you to remove the panel.

Underneath the floor panel, you’ll find the burner shield that you must remove.

Once both the floor panel and burner shield are removed from the oven, you’ll then be able to see and reach the oven igniter.

removing oven floor panel

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Step 3: Remove The Old Igniter

At this point, be able to identify and locate your old igniter visually. That’s the component you’ll be removing and replacing with a new one.

Firstly, unthread the mounting screws that hold the igniter in place and place them aside safely. Then, gently lift the igniter from its space while being mindful of its electrical connections.

Before removing the igniter from the oven, you must first detach the wire connected to it. You will not require any tools to do this, as you remove it by gently pulling the connector.

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Step 4: Install The New Igniter (replace igniter)

oven igniter location

After removing the old igniter, you can then install the new one. Firstly, you must attach the oven’s electrical connector to the igniter the same way it did with the old one.

Then, you can insert the igniter into position and secure it by tightening the mounting screws. Remember to only hand-tighten the screws, as excessive tightening can damage the metal parts of the oven.

Step 5: Reattach Oven Parts

The final step of this process is to work backwards by replacing everything you removed in Step 1 earlier.

That means:

  • Reinstall the burner shield and mount it in place
  • Cover the shield with the floor panel and tighten the screws towards its back
  • Reinsert the oven racks and push them fully into the oven, so they don’t block the door when you close it

Next, restore power to the oven and test to ensure that the igniter and other components are working correctly.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Kenmore Oven Igniter?

Replacing a Kenmore oven igniter involves two costs: the price for the new igniter and the cost of any labor done by a repair technician. Both of those prices can vary significantly based on different factors.

For example, the price you’ll pay for an oven igniter will depend on your particular oven model. A new igniter can be as low as $26 for some models and go as high as $313 instead.

Plus, the price for that replacement part will differ between sellers. That’s why shopping around and comparing prices between different suppliers and websites is an excellent idea to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Besides that, the cost of replacing your igniter depends on whether or not you choose to do it yourself. Doing it yourself will cost nothing but time, but repair technicians will charge you differently for their time and effort.

As with the replacement part sellers, you’ll get the best deal by comparing your options for repair technicians and never choosing the first ones you find.

Can You Use An Oven Without An Igniter?

Naturally, you might be wondering if there’s a way you can ignite your oven manually without having to buy a new igniter. The answer is no.

Remember that modern gas ovens have plenty of safety features built into them. One is the gas safety valve, which controls the gas flow to the burner.

The safety valve should prevent any gas from flowing without a working igniter.

Even if there is gas, lighting it up manually is incredibly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

You’ll be much safer and enjoy more convenience by just paying the cost of replacing the igniter with a new one.

Final Thoughts

The igniter in your oven is crucial for its overall functionality. Without it, the oven can’t ignite the flame necessary to generate heat and allow you to cook with it.

You can replace the igniter by disconnecting and unmounting the existing one and putting a new igniter in its place. However, you must first detach the oven from its power source and allow it to cool down to prevent electrocution and burns. Once you do that, you only need to remove the floor panel and burn shield from the oven to access the igniter and perform the replacement.

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