Why Frigidaire Oven Won’t Light?

A Frigidaire oven that won’t light can be pretty frustrating, but don’t fret! The typical causes of this problem are pretty straightforward to diagnose and troubleshoot.

A Frigidaire oven won’t light with a faulty igniter, problematic electronic control board, and burnt or damaged wiring. While waiting to fix this problem, you can light the oven manually using a long match or long lighter, similar to the ones used for barbecues.

Keep reading as we dive into the reasons why your Frigidaire oven won’t light!

What Would Cause A Gas Oven Not To Ignite?

The three most likely reasons your Frigidaire gas oven won’t light are problems with its igniter, electronic control board or electrical wiring.

Let’s look closer at how each component works, how they fail, and how you can fix it.

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Faulty Igniter

What it is: The igniter is the component responsible for starting the flame to generate heat in your Frigidaire oven. This part works by performing two functions.

Firstly, electrical current flows through the oven safety valve, opening the valve in the process.

Then, the igniter also becomes hot enough to start the flame inside the burner assembly. When the igniter is working correctly, it’ll get hot enough to glow brightly from how hot it gets.

How it fails: The igniter can fail from general wear or an electrical fault. Remember: the igniter becomes glowing hot and cools down each time you use the oven. So, the igniter will experience plenty of wear over an extended period.

Besides that, electrical current must flow through the igniter for it to heat up. So when there’s no electrical continuity in this component, it can’t ignite the flame your Frigidaire oven needs.How to fix it: When the igniter is too weak or worn out for your oven to light, you’ll have to replace it.

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To start, remove the oven door and the panel and burner shield inside the oven. You can access the igniter and remove its mounting screws with those panels removed.

Once you’ve removed the igniter, you must disconnect its electrical wiring. Depending on your oven model, you might have to remove the oven’s back panel or the storage drawer underneath to access the wire connector. 

When you find it, disconnect the wire and free the igniter from the oven.

Next, mount the new igniter in the same place and reconnect the wire connector. Lastly, secure the burner shield, bottom panel, and oven door.

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Problematic Electronic Control Board

What it is: Gas ovens also rely on a printed circuit board (PCB) to control all of their functions. That board is known as the electronic control board, and you can find it in a housing that protects it from the oven’s heat.

On that board, you’ll find plenty of tiny electrical and electronic components like relays and more. These parts are responsible for sending signals and electrical power to the oven’s various components, ensuring that they work correctly according to the settings that you’ve chosen.

How it fails: The electronic control board is likely to have died because of excessive heat or because of a short circuit. In this case, the components on the board that control your oven’s ability to light are the ones that are most likely damaged and not necessarily the whole board.

So, even though components like the gas igniter are working as they should, the oven still won’t light up because of a problem with the control board.How to fix it: Whether the whole control board is damaged or if only some of its components burn out, you must still replace the entire board with a new one.

That process begins with removing the rear panel of the control housing. Once you do that, you’ll see the electronic control board inside, mounted to the frame and connected to lots of electrical wires.

Next, disconnect those electrical wires and unthread the screws that hold the board in its place. That will free the board and allow you to remove it.

Then, screw the new board into place and reconnect its wiring the same way as the old one.

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Loose Or Burned Wires And Connections

What it is: Your Frigidaire oven relies on lots of electrical wiring to power and control its components. Most of those wires will connect the electronic control board to individual components like the igniter and gas valves.

In this case, the wires that you will troubleshoot are the ones that connect to anything related to heat, like the igniter and gas valves.

How it fails: Assuming all of the components are working correctly, the cause is likely a loose or burned wire connection. Typically, wire connections come loose after repairing the oven or transporting it between locations.

However, wires exposed to heat inside the oven compartment can also suffer from burns and stop working.

How to fix it: Troubleshooting this will take a significant amount of time because you must check the whole length of each wire and look for any visible signs of damage.

To narrow your search down and save some time, start by checking the wires most exposed to heat. For example, wires connected to the burner or igniter will most likely burn in the long run.

Let’s suppose you don’t find any burned wires. Then, you’ll have to inspect individual wire connections at components and at the control board to find any that are loose.

Loose wires can be pushed firmly back into place. However, damaged or burnt ones will need to be replaced or spliced together after removing the damaged section. 

Electrical wiring repairs can be quite challenging and risky to do as a DIY task, so please consider hiring a qualified technician to do it for you.

What Do You Do When Your Oven Won’t Ignite?

When you find that your gas oven won’t ignite, the first thing you must do is check that there is incoming electricity and gas. It’s possible that the oven isn’t receiving any supply of gas. And even though your oven works with gas, it still needs electricity to ignite.

Once you’ve confirmed that the problem is within the oven itself, you can then shut off the gas and power supply for safety reasons. That must always be your first step before opening the oven and troubleshooting the most common causes.

The most likely causes of an oven that won’t ignite are:

  • A faulty igniter.
  • A problematic electronic control board.
  • Loose or burned wire connections.

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How Do I Know If My Oven Igniter Is Bad?

There are two methods to check whether your igniter is bad: checking for a glow and checking for electrical continuity.

Method 1: Check For A Glow

The igniter in your gas oven will glow red hot when you turn on the appliance. Firstly, though, you must remove the bottom panel and the burn shield inside the oven so you can see the igniter from a distance.

Then, turn the oven on and watch the igniter. This component will glow a very bright red color if it works correctly. However, a bad igniter will not glow as bright (if it’s going bad) or will not glow at all (if it’s not working).

Method 2: Check For Continuity

You can also check the igniter using a multimeter to confirm that it’s gone bad. Firstly, you must remove the igniter from the oven entirely. Then, connect the multimeter probes to each of the igniter’s terminals.

The meter reading should show between 0 and 1,100 ohms of resistance, which means the igniter has continuity and works correctly. The multimeter will show very little or no continuity with a bad igniter.

Can I Manually Light My Gas Oven?

Yes, you can manually light your gas oven, but do so with caution.

Firstly, light a long match or a long lighter, the kind that you’d use to ignite flames for a barbecue. Then, hold that lit match or lighter by the gas ports inside the oven.

While you do that, turn on the gas to the oven to the lowest setting it has. The gas should ignite, and you can then adjust the flame to whatever intensity you need.

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How To Reset Frigidaire Gas Oven Control Board

You can reset the control board of your Frigidaire oven by cycling its power. Follow these steps:

  • Firstly, disconnect the oven from its power supply. That means removing its plug from the wall socket or shutting off the dedicated circuit breaker.
  • Then, leave the oven alone for 1 minute. During that time, the electric power in the control board will dissipate, which will clear its memory.
  • Lastly, reconnect the oven to its power supply after that 1 minute has passed.

You’ve reset your oven control board and can continue using the appliance.

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Frigidaire Oven Thermal Fuse Location

You can find the thermal fuse in your Frigidaire oven behind its back panel. By removing the panel, you’ll be able to identify and locate the thermal fuse to reset or replace it as needed.

Frigidaire Gas Oven Igniter Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace a gas oven igniter is around $200 to $300, depending on the model, part, and labor costs.

However, some Frigidaire gas oven igniters cost around $85.99 on their own.

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