LG Dishwasher – Smart Diagnosis. Step By Step Guide

Korean appliance manufacturer LG has become a global leader, making everything from fridges to dishwashers. Their appliances have a Smart Diagnosis feature that helps you troubleshoot problems quickly. This guide will explore how to use that feature for your LG dishwasher.

You can use the Smart Diagnosis on your LG dishwasher by calling the customer service hotline or the ThinQ mobile app. The Smart Diagnosis feature will play a series of tones that carry data about the machine’s performance. When that happens, you must hold your phone’s mouthpiece to the speaker so the customer service agent or the ThinQ app can interpret the data and tell you what’s wrong.

This quick guide will walk you through the steps required to use the Smart Diagnosis feature with your LG dishwasher. You’ll learn how to use it with a customer service agent on the line and through the ThinQ mobile app.

How Do You Use Smart Diagnosis On An LG Dishwasher?

The Smart Diagnosis feature exists on many different types of LG appliances, including their dishwashers. In a nutshell, it works by getting the dishwasher to play a series of tones that carry data about its performance.

However, you’ll need to be on a phone call with a customer support agent before they can receive those tones and tell you what’s wrong with your machine.

So, here are the 5 steps you must follow to use the Smart Diagnosis feature on your LG dishwasher.

Step 1: Contact The LG Call Center

Firstly, you’ll have to contact LG Customer Support and speak to their customer support agent. For the most convenience, use a portable phone or one closest to your dishwasher, which will be necessary for Step 3 later.

Before you make that call, you’ll want to prepare a few pieces of crucial information to make the process go smoothly.

Take note of:

  • Your dishwasher’s model number
  • Details about the problem you’re facing (e.g. its symptoms)
  • Details about when you face that problem and how often it happens

With that information prepared, the call center agent can quickly understand your problem and walk you through any troubleshooting steps.

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Step 2: Wait For Call Center Prompt

The customer service agent you speak to must understand the problem that you’re facing with your dishwasher. Once they do, they’ll let you know to use the Smart Diagnosis feature.

Remember: the Smart Diagnosis feature involves your dishwasher playing a series of tones that transmit data from its speaker.

However, triggering the Smart Diagnosis feature is different depending on your dishwasher model. For example, some models require you to press the Delay Start button for 3 seconds, while others use the Rinse button instead.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which buttons to press. The call center agent will tell you how to do it on your particular model. At the same time, they’ll also tell you where the speaker is, so you can hold your phone’s mouthpiece to it in the next step.

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Step 3: Position Mouthpiece At Dishwasher Speaker

When prompted by the call center agent, take your phone and position its mouthpiece near the speaker.

Your dishwasher will play a series of tones for a few moments. Keep your phone still throughout that process because your dishwasher is transmitting data the customer service agent receives through their phone system.

Step 4: Hold The Phone Until The End Chime

After a few moments, the tones that you heard earlier will stop. You’ll also see indicators on the dishwasher’s display that the process has ended. Your dishwasher model might even play a separate chime to tell you that the process is over.

You can pick up your phone and continue speaking to the customer service agent.

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Step 5: Follow-Up With Call Center Agent

Once the customer support agent receives the Smart Diagnosis tones from your dishwasher, they can see the data on their system.

The data will show them information about your dishwasher’s performance. But, more importantly, it’ll also show them any error codes that might be active.

Next, the call center agent will advise you on follow-up steps, including:

  • Helping you understand the problems faced by your dishwasher
  • Tips on how to fix the problem yourself (if possible)
  • Make arrangements for an LG technician to come to your house and fix the problem.

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Using LG Dishwasher Smart Diagnosis With The LG ThinQ App

Suppose you’re using the ThinQ app to manage your LG appliances. In that case, you’ll have access to a second way of using the Smart Diagnosis feature.

Open the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone and follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn On Your Dishwasher

Firstly, press the Power button on your dishwasher to turn it on. That will allow you to select the appliance on the ThinQ app.

Step 2: Select Your Dishwasher On The ThinQ App

Next, select the dishwasher on your list of LG appliances through the ThinQ app. You’ll see the option to press Start and begin the Smart Diagnosis process.

Step 3: Position Mouthpiece Near Smart Diagnosis Logo

The app will tell you to position your phone mouthpiece near the dishwasher’s Smart Diagnosis speaker. Then, you’ll hold the phone between the Smart Diagnosis logo and the Power button.

Step 4: Start Smart Diagnosis Mode

With the phone mouthpiece in position, you can begin the Smart Diagnosis process. As you read earlier, the button to press will differ between models. However, it’s typically the Delay Start button.

You can check the user manual for your dishwasher to be sure which button you’ll need to use.

When the process starts, the dishwasher will play a series of tones to transmit data to your phone. Then, it will stop after a few moments and play a chime to let you know that you can take your phone away.

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Step 5: Read Information On The ThinQ App

After a few seconds, the ThinQ app will display data on your phone about the dishwasher’s performance. For example, you’ll see which parts are defective and which error codes are present.

The app will also provide you with follow-up tips on fixing the problem yourself if that’s possible. If not, you can also use the app to contact customer support or a technician for further repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more things you’ll want to know when using the Smart Diagnosis feature and troubleshooting your LG dishwasher:

What Is The Smart Diagnosis Feature On An LG Dishwasher?

The Smart Diagnosis feature on your LG dishwasher is a quick and easy way to troubleshoot problems. It uses a small speaker on the appliance to transmit data through your phone to the customer service agent or the ThinQ app to let you know the problem and how to fix it.

Can I Fix My LG Dishwasher Myself?

Yes, you can fix your LG dishwasher yourself. However, the difficulty of doing that depends on your dishwasher’s problem. Some repairs are best left to qualified technicians, who have the tools and expertise to do it quickly and safely.

Does A LG Dishwasher Have A Reset Button?

No, you won’t find a dedicated reset button on your LG dishwasher.

How Do I Reset My LG Dishwasher?

You can reset it through power cycling. First, disconnect the power supply or shut off the circuit breaker. Next, leave the machine alone for 60 seconds. Then reconnect the dishwasher and let it restart.

Can I Connect My LG Dishwasher To The ThinQ App?

Yes, you can connect your LG dishwasher to the ThinQ mobile app. Doing that will allow you to use the Smart Diagnosis feature through your smartphone instead of calling the customer service hotline.

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