KENMORE Oven Not Showing Time? How To Fix it in 4 easy steps

Do you have a Kenmore oven not showing time? Kitchen clocks are important! Let’s look at four things that could be the problem…

Having a Kenmore oven in your kitchen provides you with a lot of functionality and convenience. But not only does the oven help you cook, but its display can also show the time. That can be pretty handy if you don’t have a clock in your kitchen, but what happens if it doesn’t show the time?

When your Kenmore oven fails to show the time, be sure to confirm that the oven has incoming power, to begin with. Then, check that the time hasn’t been reset by a power outage and set it, so the clock stays on permanently. Check for a faulty control board when all other possibilities are ruled out. The board’s display could have failed due to an electrical problem.

Read through this guide to understand why your oven won’t show the time and what you can do to fix that.

Why Is My Kenmore Oven Not Showing Time?

You should normally see the time shown on your Kenmore oven’s display. If that’s not the case, troubleshoot the appliance for one of the following reasons:

1. Confirm That The Oven Has Power

First and foremost, you must rule out any power supply issues. Quite often, the only reason your Kenmore oven isn’t showing the current time is that there’s no incoming power in the first place.

You can confirm the lack of power by turning the oven on for a few seconds to see if it warms up or if the oven light turns on. If nothing happens when you test the oven, it’s likely because there’s no power, to begin with.

When troubleshooting the oven’s incoming power, you’ll want to focus on three points in particular:

  • The oven’s power supply cord and plug (there might be damage or the plug isn’t pushed fully into the wall socket)
  • The wall socket powering your oven (the wall socket might be faulty and not supplying any electricity)
  • The circuit breaker for that plug’s circuit (the circuit breaker might have tripped, stopping all electricity from flowing to the oven)
kenmore oven not showing time no power

A failure at any of those three points will prevent your oven from getting power. When that happens, the time will not show on the oven display. But, of course, that’s only a symptom of the more significant problem of your oven not getting any power to function.

The solution: Solving this problem will depend on the root cause. For example, you’ll have to replace the power cord and plug if any damage prevents it from working.

Besides that, you can turn the circuit breaker back on if it has tripped.

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Of course, a problematic wall socket will need a qualified electrician’s attention.

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2. Clock Only Appears Temporarily

There are some instances when you find that the clock on your Kenmore oven only appears temporarily. Then, after a few moments, it’ll disappear and won’t show the time anymore.

That happens because you haven’t set the clock to stay on permanently.

Unfortunately, the same issue happens if you accidentally bump the control panel. For instance, you might have physically bumped into the control panel (which displays the time) or accidentally hit it with your pot or pan.

If this is the case, there’s nothing wrong with the oven or its display.

The solution: In this case, the oven not showing you the time isn’t a sign of a component problem. So, the good news is that no repairs or parts replacements are necessary to fix this issue.

Instead, you’ll want to press and hold the Clock button for approximately 15 seconds. Doing so will prompt the oven to show the time and keep showing it indefinitely. So, even if you’re not using the oven, it’ll still show you the time.

The precise button you must press, or the duration of doing so can differ between models. So, if the Clock button doesn’t do it, refer to the user manual to know more.

You can also reverse that by pressing and holding the same button for another 15 seconds.

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3. Time Isn’t Set Correctly (oven not showing time)

Suppose you see numbers displayed by your Kenmore oven, but those numbers don’t match the correct time. In that case, you should also consider the possibility that your oven’s clock isn’t set correctly.

In other words, the oven shows you the time, just not the correct time.

The clock will reset itself if you’ve disconnected the oven from its power source over an extended period. Besides that, a prolonged power outage in your area will also cause the same issue.

If this is the case for your appliance, it also means there’s nothing wrong with it from a technical perspective. No parts need to be replaced, and you don’t even have to call a repair technician to troubleshoot the issue.

The solution: In this case, you only have to set the oven clock again correctly. The exact method for doing that will depend on your oven model.

For example, ovens with numbered keypads allow you to type the current time when setting the clock. However, other models will have different methods.

So, you’ll want to refer to the user manual to learn how to set the clock on your particular oven model.

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4. Faulty Control Board

oven not showing time

After you’ve ruled out all of the other reasons why your oven isn’t showing the time, the final thing you must troubleshoot is the control board. The oven control board is a single unit with control buttons and a display showing you the time.

Unfortunately, that board can go bad for several reasons. For example, it can go bad due to old age or excess wear, but that’s only likely if you’ve had your oven for several years.

Aside from that, the control board could have also experienced an electrical fault. Typical examples include short circuits and power surges that damage the board’s components.

When the control board becomes faulty, it will stop functioning correctly and might even demonstrate erratic behaviors like flashing lights or a failure to show the time on its display.

Dealing with a faulty control board can be somewhat, so you’ll want to rule out all other possibilities first before replacing the control board.

The solution: You can’t repair a faulty control board or have it repaired by a technician. Instead, replacing it with a whole new board is the most practical solution.

When doing so, remember that the board and the overlay are two separate things. The control board has the display and buttons built into it, but you’ll want to take the overlay from the old board and stick it on the new one.

That way, you’ll know what each button is for when you use the new control board on your oven.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, most of the possible causes for your Kenmore oven not showing the time is fixable, without necessarily having to take the oven apart. That also means you can troubleshoot the issue and not have to call a repair technician to do it for you.

The problem could be with the oven’s power supply, settings, or control board that houses the time display.

Still, you must start the troubleshooting process with potential causes that are quick to rule out. That way, you’ll likely save time and effort in getting your oven to work correctly again.

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