LG Microwave Error Code e10 – Troubleshooting Guide

Many error codes can pop up on a microwave display and one of those is the e10 error code. It may be frustrating but this one is a lot easier to fix than it first sounds. It isn’t that expensive to repair either. 

The LG microwave error code e10 means there is a possible short circuit in the key panel. Yet, if you look at the LG list of codes, you’ll find it just may be a stuck key as well. 

You may need to replace the key panel if you can’t get the key unstuck or if there is a short.Read the article below to find out more about how to fix this problem. 

The Problem

Most people experiencing this problem say the e10 error code comes up on the display when they switch the microwave on to cook. That stops the cooking process. Microwave owners say the code then sometimes goes away but comes back later. 

Appliance techs said the problem is there is an internal short in the display control board and that is producing the error. 

You can fix the problem yourself if you are good at working on appliances or you can take it to a service technician. 

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Why would a display control board short circuit?

A control board gets dirt as many parts of a microwave do. There is a membrane behind the control panel and it collects dirt and grime, which eventually will short out the keypad. While you could just replace the membrane, most appliance technicians said it’s just as easy and a better long-term solution to replace the control board that includes both the keypad and the display. 

Stuck Keys

Your e10 code could be because some keys are stuck. The reason for stuck keys is the same for a short circuit. Grease and debris have traveled into the membrane causing the keys to stick. 

The result is going to be the same as well. You’re going to need to replace the control panel. Is replacing the control panel something I can do myself?

You can replace the control panel yourself as most techs say it’s an easy project and the manuals can be found online. Make sure you unplug your microwave before you try to remove the control panel.

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Generally, you will need to remove the grills and then unscrew screws at the top of the control panel. Remove the screws and pop the panel out to remove it. Remove the board next. To install the replacement, just do what you did in reverse. 

How much does it cost to have a service technician replace the control panel?

The average cost for an LG-licensed service technician to replace the control panel is $150 and that includes parts and labor.

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One Caution

Many appliance technicians issue a warning about working on microwaves. The capacitor holds a lot of voltage and the voltage remains stored and active if the microwave is unplugged. It can cause serious harm or death. Be sure you have thoroughly studied what to do and what to avoid before opening up a microwave to fix it. 

How do I troubleshoot this problem?

The first thing to do is to see if it’s an ongoing problem or just a fluke. You can reset your microwave to see if the error code comes on again. 

Resetting your microwave takes five minutes at most. Unplug it and wait three minutes or more. Plug it back in. Test it to see if it works or if the error code comes back. 

Testing the Microwave

To test your microwave, fill a microwavable cup with water and put it in the center of the oven. Heat it for one to two minutes. A completed cycle and hot water indicate the microwave is working. 

A return of the error code means you will need to have a part replaced. 

One thing to note is you will likely see a return e10 error even if you clear the error where your microwave works again. Error codes are indicators that something is either going bad or completely failed. 

Your microwave may be showing signs of the display control panel board going back. This will likely continue until it completely fails. It may be wise to go ahead and get it repaired before the whole oven fails and won’t come back on. 

Sometimes, these short circuits can cause other problems like burned wires or even fires. These are more reasons why you should probably go ahead and plan for it to be repaired. 

Other Troubleshooting Measures

You can also check to see if the power cord is damaged or not plugged in correctly and check the circuit breaker to make sure it didn’t trip. Sometimes a power surge will cause that and the tripping can cause an error code. 

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What can I do to keep my microwave working?

There are many things you can do to be proactive regarding your microwave’s longevity. The primary thing you can do to help your microwave last longer is keep it clean

Microwaves are known to be filthy bastions of excess, hardened food, grease, and spilled liquids. Cleaning it regularly will keep all that stuff from getting into the membrane of the touchpad, the tracks rotating the turntable, and the vents that pull hot air out into the exhaust. 

You would be surprised at out much junk can become trapped in these airs. 

So, take a damp sponge with some mild detergent on it and wipe down the vents. Take out the turntable and wash it. Clean out the area underneath it. 

Look and clean around the door and the door latch. Your microwave will probably work better. 

Is there an easy way to clean a microwave?

There is one pro-tip for cleaning a microwave with little to no scrubbing. 

Take a microwavable bowl and put some dish soap in it. Dawn generally works the best because it’s a degreaser. Fill it three-quarters to the top with water. 

Put it in the microwave and power it to high for five minutes. When it’s done, let it sit for another five minutes. When you remove the bowl, all you have to do is a quick wipe down. Everything comes off easily. 

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Will I need to repair my microwave often?

Most microwaves don’t need a lot of repairs. Things to wear out but the majority of the parts will last for the lifetime of the appliance. It depends on the brand. LG is a good brand so there aren’t typically a lot of repairs and they last a long time. 

How long will my microwave last?

Most microwaves last at least seven years but some can last up to 10 years. It depends on how much you use them. Using a frozen dinner as an example, a standard microwave can cook 20,000 frozen dinners before it needs to be replaced.

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How will I know when my microwave needs replacing?

You will get signs that your microwave is headed for the trash bin when it no longer cooks like it once did. The food doesn’t get as hot or you have to recook it several times for it to fully cook. It cooks unevenly You start to get several error codes. 

The tell-tale sign a microwave is about to die is when it starts to make loud noises while cooking. That is a sign the magnetron is about to go. Although these are parts that can be replaced, it may be time to consider a new version. That depends on how old your microwave is.

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A Look at the Repair Expenses

Most microwave parts are not pricey at all. Many parts cost under $50 and even the more expensive parts, like the main control board or a magnetron, cost around $100. You will need to tack on labor but most microwave repairs can be done in an hour.

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