Samsung Microwave 7777 Message – Troubleshooting Guide

Most microwave issues have solutions that can be found in the manual or by calling the support center. However, the 7777 message isn’t one of those issues. It’s an error code that is a mystery to many. 

The Samsung microwave 7777 message isn’t listed on any of the Samsung code materials. That means it’s a challenge to say exactly what the problem is. However, the assessment is that this message refers to a bad circuit board. 

People do get this message at times and have a difficult time trying to figure it out. Read below to understand more about this message and how to fix your microwave. 

When 7777 Appears?

This message can appear on any brand of microwave, so it isn’t just prone to show up on Samsung products. Most microwave owners say none of the buttons will work when this message appears. 

Sometimes, the microwave will beep when the error code appears. It may go away and come back. Read further to figure out what the 7777 message is all about. 

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Biggest Problem on Boats

Some of the most prevalent complaints about the 7777 message came from boat owners. It seems it is quite an issue for Samsung microwaves on boats. There could be a couple of reasons for that. 

First, the Samsung 650 Watt microwave is one of the few that fit in a boat kitchen. Boat cabinetry can be an odd, small size so these microwaves are issued standard on many boats. 

Second, there could be some outlet issues that are giving boat owners problems with this specific microwave. However, many say that sometimes it will work at home and sometimes not. The microwave will work for a while without a 7777 error but then it pops up. 

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They Are Resetting It

One of the things that may be confusing about the issue of the boat microwaves is that boat owners are inadvertently resetting the microwave when they are moving it. It will work for a while after a reset but will eventually go back to the same problem if it isn’t permanently corrected. 

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Resetting Your Microwave

Every microwave can be reset to clear error codes. Most are reset when you unplug them from the wall outlet, wait a couple of minutes, and then plug them back in. 

The boat owners said they took their microwaves out intending to replace them. They unplugged them and then put them in their garage or house. They plugged them back in later and they worked fine so they took them back to the boat only to have the same 7777 message pop up sometime later. 

They reset the appliance without realizing it. 

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The Real Solution

Resetting the microwave can be a great temporary fix but, in this case, it isn’t a real solution. The real solution is going to be in getting a new circuit board, also called a control board. 

The circuit board controls everything. A sign that it’s faulty is that none of the numbers or program buttons can be pressed and no function works. If the board is blown, the only option is to replace it. 

Testing the Board

You can use a voltmeter to test the board for continuity. Testing the circuit board isn’t that hard once you pull it out from the microwave,

Yet, there is a problem with that. The capacitor is full of voltage even if the appliance is unplugged from the wall. You can’t work on any of the internal components without first discharging the capacitor. 

All home appliance experts recommend not to try that yourself unless you know what you’re doing because 4,000 volts, which is what the capacitor holds, can injure or kill you. 

Some tech-savvy people can repair a circuit board. Even if you could fix the circuit board, you don’t know which of its components are bad and need replacing. You would still need to buy those parts.

The only real solution is to take the microwave to a qualified and licensed service tech to test the board and replace it. You can call the Samsung Support Center to find the nearest qualified service technician near you. 

However, you should ask the service tech if you can get some type of discount for your old board. Service techs are known to take the old boards, repair them, and then sell them as used online or to other customers looking for a cheap option. 

You should get some payment off your bill if that is what the service tech plans.

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Check the Warranty

It also pays for you to check your warranty to see if it still applies. It would cover the control board if it needs to be replaced. You will need the actual warranty and the date of purchase to use it. 

What is the cost of a new circuit board?

The cost of a new circuit board depends on which Samsung model you have but the price ranges between $100 and $145. that is for the part only. You will still need to pay for labor in replacing it. 

The good news there is this isn’t a big job for someone who understands how to do it safely so you could have it fixed for around $200 total. 

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Is it cheaper to repair or replace them?

It depends on the model you have. A cheap model may be replaced cheaper than it is to fix. However, Samsung microwaves that are mounted cost more. Some of the high-end versions can cost up to $600 so those are worth repairing if you can keep them running for several years. 

Plus, there is something else to consider. Will your space be able to adequately fit a different microwave? The case of the boat owners is a prime example of needing a specific model. There were no other microwaves that fit the tight space on a boat so they really needed this one fixed. 

How do you know you need a new microwave?

There are definite signals that your microwave is ready to go. Delaying getting a new one could be dangerous as any electrical product becomes a liability as it gets older. Some signs that your microwave needs replacing include things like smoke, burning smells, and smoke. 

It doesn’t cook food like it used to, is terribly noisy while it cooks and the door doesn’t seal well. It may be hard to press the keypad and the microwave is more than 10 years old.

Do Samsung microwave ovens have a reset button?

No, the Samsung brand of microwaves doesn’t have a reset button. You reset them by unplugging them, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging them back in.

What does it mean when it just says error?

A microwave oven that simply says “error” when you are trying to use it just means you opened the door too soon while the food was cooking. You can remove the error message by resetting the oven.

Why does my microwave oven beep 7?

Beeping isn’t unusual but to beep with the number 7 coming up on the display is odd. There are two things you can try to find the problem. 

First, you can reset it by unplugging it and then plugging it back in. 

You can also run it through a test cycle. Put a cup of water in the microwave and set the program for it to run for 20 seconds. Press stop or clear when it beeps.

What does it mean when “code” appears on a microwave?

Sometimes, the word “code” will appear when something is wrong with the microwave. This prevents you from using an appliance that may be unsafe. 

Usually, there is a number associated with the code to indicate what’s wrong. If it’s just the word “code,” try resetting the microwave to see if that fixes it.

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