LG Refrigerator – Air Filter Stuck. How To Fix It?

Many LG refrigerators come with a built-in filter to maximize air quality in the appliance. While they perform exceptionally well, the ones in LG models are known to be difficult to remove. So, why is your LG refrigerator air filter stuck, and what can you do about it?

The air filter in an LG refrigerator could be stuck due to user error, like if you remove or install it incorrectly. You should twist it to the left to remove it and twist it to the right when reattaching it. However, manufacturing defects and sticky food residues are also known for making the filter challenging to remove.

Removing the stuck air filter in your LG fridge is challenging, but it’s not impossible. This guide will teach you how to fix it yourself.

How Do You Fix A Stuck Air Filter In An LG Fridge?

Changing the air filter in your LG fridge from time to time is crucial. So, don’t be discouraged if the filter is being difficult and making it a challenge to remove.

Here’s why the air filter feels stuck when you try to remove it: 

Wrong Removal Method

About this: The air filter in your LG fridge looks like it’s very straightforward to remove. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

You can only remove the air filter cover by turning it in the correct direction before pulling it off. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible if your arm is twisting the cover from certain angles, making it all the more challenging.

On top of that, the amount of force required to turn the air filter also differs between models. Some will come off just by finger strength alone, while others will require some light hitting to get it off.

The issue: As you can see from the description above, the air filters in LG refrigerators aren’t so straightforward to remove.

So, your troubleshooting process should first consider that the filter is stuck because you’re not removing it correctly.

For example, the air filter won’t come off if you pull it straight towards you. It’ll also stay stuck if you turn it clockwise (i.e. to the right).

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The air filter won’t come off on some units if you don’t apply enough force when twisting it.

The fix: Generally, you’ll have to twist the air filter cover counter-clockwise (i.e. to the left). Your arm should be straight when gripping and turning the filter. That ensures that you’re applying force to the correct air filter parts for it to twist loose.

When done correctly, the air filter cover will twist and come off as it should.

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Manufacturing Defect

About this: LG is a South Korean brand known for producing high-end household appliances, among many other things. So, it’s reasonable to expect only the best from their products, including your refrigerator.

Unfortunately, manufacturers are also prone to making mistakes, known as manufacturing defects. 

These mistakes affect the performance and quality of the end product and are not the customer’s fault. That’s why the manufacturer provides warranty coverage for manufacturing defects, offering to repair or replace them free of charge.

The issue: Another reason your LG fridge air filter is stuck is due to a manufacturing defect, as described above. This is a known issue with LG refrigerators, especially older models.

On these defective refrigerators, the air filter is stuck and too challenging to remove by hand.

The fix: In this case, you’ll have to apply more force than usual when removing the stuck air filter.

For example, you can twist the air filter with your left hand while using your right hand to hit the air filter in the same direction. Each hit’s impact will help force the air stuck air filter to move.

Avoid using hammers or other hard objects when doing this. Remember: the air filter cover is made of plastic, so excessive force will break it.

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Incorrect Installation

About this: Earlier, you read that there’s a specific way to remove the air filter from your LG refrigerator. That method involves gripping the cover and twisting it counter-clockwise (left).

The same is true when reinstalling the air filter cover after you’re done with it. The correct way to do that requires you to first push the air filter cover into place at an angle. Then, you can twist it clockwise until the cover is straight and it locks into place.

When done correctly, all the tabs on the back of the air filter cover will line up perfectly with those on the compartment’s rear wall.

The issue: Suppose you’ve had no problems removing the air filter in the past. In that case, it’s more likely that your filter is now stuck because it was installed the last time incorrectly.

For example, one of the tabs holding the air filter cover in place might have gotten stuck with another one on the fridge wall.

The fix: You can fix this problem by first removing the stuck air filter. That will require more caution and less force, which might damage the plastic tabs behind the cover.

So, gently twist the air filter counter-clockwise (left) while pulling on the cover softly. That will free any stuck plastic tabs to get the cover off.

Then, carefully reinstall the air filter cover the correct way. 

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Sticky Residue Behind Filter Cover

About this: Refrigerator compartments store all kinds of food and beverage items. Each item should be packed carefully to prevent spoilage, spills, and other problems.

Food items and liquids spill and splash around, landing all over the refrigerator compartment.

The issue: The air filter in your LG fridge is designed with openings to allow for smooth airflow. Unfortunately, they can also allow food items and liquids to enter the filter.

When that happens, it causes a buildup of sticky residue around the air filter and its cover. That residue hardens with time and keeps the filter stuck in place.

The fix: When dealing with sticky residue in an LG fridge air filter, you must approach it in more than one way.

Firstly, you’ll need a gentle approach that involves wiping away as much sticky residue as possible. Next, you’ll have to empty the top shelf to ensure you can reach all sides of the air filter.

Once you’ve cleaned away as much residue as possible, you’ll need to apply a bit of force. Twist the air filter counter-clockwise (left) with your left hand while gently hitting it with your right.

Remember: hitting it with your hand is enough, as anything harder than that might break the filter.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more questions and answers to help you manage your LG fridge air filter:

Why Is My LG Air Filter Light On?

The LG Air Filter Light turns on to remind you that a filter change is due. Your air filter is likely dirty after being in use for so long. Putting a new one in will help to keep your food items fresh.

Where Is The Air Filter In My LG Refrigerator?

The air filter is on the top shelf of your LG refrigerator, attached to the rear wall. You’ll have to remove your food and beverage items from that top shelf to reach it.

Do You Need To Change The Air Filter In LG Refrigerator?

Yes, you must change the air filter in an LG refrigerator. When the filter has been used for an extended period, it becomes saturated with dirt and other impurities. Changing the filter maximizes the air quality in your fridge, keeping your food fresh.

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How Often Should I Change The Air Filter In My LG Refrigerator?

You should change the air filter in your LG fridge every 6 months. The Air Filter light will illuminate to remind you that a filter change is due.

How Do I Reset The Air Filter On My LG Refrigerator?

You can reset the Air Filter light by pressing and holding it for 3 seconds. This should be done immediately after you’ve changed the filter.

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