3 Reasons Why LG Refrigerator Makes Loud Humming Noise

The topic of refrigerator noises can be quite a challenging one to understand. On the one hand, there are normal noises that all LG fridges make. On the other, some sounds only happen when there’s a problem. Loud humming noises fall into both categories, depending on the root cause.

Loud humming noises from your LG refrigerator could be part of the compressor’s regular operation. That’s especially true with linear compressor models that get louder as the compressor speeds up. However, a malfunctioning or damaged compressor will also produce loud humming noises that last several hours without stopping.

This guide will help you understand which kinds of loud humming noises are typical and which are problematic. You’ll also discover how to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How Do I Stop My LG Refrigerator From Humming Loudly?

An LG refrigerator that hums loudly isn’t necessarily facing a problem. In other words, there are situations when you have nothing to fix.

Still, loud humming could indicate a severe problem, particularly around the fridge’s compressor.

Here are the problematic and non-problematic reasons your LG fridge is humming and what you can do about it:

Normal Compressor Operation

About this: The compressor is the heart of your LG fridge’s cooling system. As its name suggests, this component is designed to compress the refrigerant and help distribute it throughout the sealed cooling system.

The most important thing to understand about the compressor is that it doesn’t run continuously. Instead, the compressor will only stay on to bring the fridge down to your set temperature.

Once the fridge is cold enough, the compressor will shut off until the internal temperature becomes too warm.

What’s happening: Firstly, when you hear a sudden and loud humming noise coming from your refrigerator, you’re likely listening to the compressor turn on. 

The humming can seem loud if the fridge has been quiet for an extended period, especially if it turns on in the middle of the night.

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This loud humming noise is part of the LG fridge’s regular compressor operation.

How to fix it: Seeing as this humming noise is part of the compressor’s regular operation, there’s nothing to fix. The noise will stop once the fridge becomes cold, and the compressor shuts itself off.

Having said that, you should keep an eye on that compressor for problem signs. For example, suppose the compressor keeps humming loudly for more than one hour without stopping. In that case, the humming you hear is not part of its regular operation.

You’ll want to troubleshoot the compressor further to figure out what’s wrong with it.

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Linear Compressor Speeding Up

About this: Some LG refrigerators are equipped with linear compressors instead of conventional ones. These compressors operate differently and are, therefore, much more efficient.

A conventional fridge compressor will only turn on or off as needed. However, a linear compressor can adjust its speed depending on how intensely it needs to cool your fridge and freezer compartments.

For example, the compressor will work at high speed if the fridge is very warm and needs intensive cooling to reach your set temperature. However, if only slight cooling is required, the compressor can use much less energy by running slower.

What’s happening: As before, you will hear the linear compressor start humming when it begins cooling. However, with linear compressors, you’ll listen to the humming get much louder when it speeds up.

How to fix it: This humming is part of the fridge’s normal operations. So, you have nothing to worry about. There is nothing to fix.

Still, you should pay attention to the noise to ensure that it doesn’t last longer than 1 hour. This is because compressors turn on and off repeatedly throughout the day. However, a continuously loud humming that lasts longer than an hour is a sign of a problem.

Those problems include a malfunctioning compressor or one that has suffered internal damage. 

Both of those problems are discussed below.

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Internal Compressor Damage

About this: Refrigerator compressors typically last a decade or longer. So, you’re more likely to replace your refrigerator with a new model before it experiences any signs of excess wear and tear.

You can maximize the lifespan of your compressor by maintaining your refrigerator’s cooling system. That includes keeping the condenser coils and fan clear of any dust, which could lead the compressor to overwork itself to failure.

What’s happening: Despite the compressor’s long lifespan, it’s still susceptible to many different forms of damage that could cause it to fail.

For example, the compressor can suffer internal damage from a sudden electrical surge like those that happen during thunderstorms.

When that happens, the compressor will likely produce a loud humming noise that can be heard outside your kitchen.

How to fix it: Your LG refrigerator compressor is part of its sealed cooling system. So, unfortunately, only a certified technician can diagnose and troubleshoot it safely.

Depending on the extent of the compressor damage, the technician might be able to repair it for you. However, severely damaged compressors typically require a full replacement.

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Malfunctioning Compressor

About this: As you’ve read earlier, a fridge compressor is the heart of its cooling system. The refrigerant passes through the compressor before being distributed throughout the rest of the system.

Unfortunately, that also means the compressor’s health can be affected by other parts of the same system, like the refrigerant.

What’s happening: Lastly, the loud humming noise could also be caused by a malfunction in the compressor. To be clear: the compressor isn’t damaged. There’s just something preventing it from working correctly.

The most likely cause of that malfunction is something to do with the refrigerant. For example, there could be too little or too much refrigerant, or the refrigerant has become contaminated.

There might be a leak in the sealed system, or the technician might have charged it with too little or too much refrigerant. The process might have also been done wrongly, which let contamination into the sealed system.

How to fix it: Again, this problem is not something you can fix yourself. You or the technician you call must be certified to work with sealed refrigeration systems.

Still, the solution will involve correcting the system’s refrigerant level. 

When there’s contamination, the technician must disassemble and clean the system thoroughly.

Only then can they put it back together and recharge it with the correct refrigerant level.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few more things you should know about the loud humming noise coming from your LG refrigerator:

Is It Worth Replacing A Compressor On An LG Refrigerator?

When your LG fridge compressor is humming loudly due to internal damage, it might be worth replacing it entirely. But, of course, that will depend on the cost of that replacement. If a new compressor costs too much, you’d be better off upgrading to a newer LG fridge.

How Long Do LG Refrigerator Compressors Last?

You can expect an LG fridge compressor to last a decade or more. So, it’s unlikely for the compressor to wear out before that time unless it’s experiencing a malfunction related to the refrigerant.

Can A Compressor On A Refrigerator Be Fixed?

Yes, it’s possible to fix a refrigerator compressor. However, only a certified professional can work on the compressor and fix it for you.

What Are Refrigeration Sealed Systems?

The term ‘sealed system’ refers to the compressor and the tubes connecting to it. The system circulates refrigerant in a system that only absorbs and releases heat but never lets anything else in or out. As such, it’s referred to as a ‘sealed’ system.

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Must Technicians Be Certified To Fix Fridges?

A technician must be certified by the EPA if they’re fixing the fridge’s sealed refrigeration system. However, they don’t need a certification to work on other parts of the refrigerator.

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