5 Common LG Washing Machine Problems and Troubleshooting

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LG washing machines are popular among customers. Not only are they built to last, but they offer a wide variety of different functions.

However, like anything else, LG washing machines can have problems from time to time.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common problems with LG washers and some possible solutions.

The information below can help you troubleshoot your own machine, hopefully saving money on costly repair calls.

Drain Pump Can Stop Working After 4-6 years

Has your LG washing machine stopped draining as it should? If so, you could be looking at an issue with the drain pump.

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Small objects or particles of clothing can sometimes get caught in the drain pump.

Sometimes you even can hear excessive noise coming from the drain pump. This first sign that the pump needs your attention.

To determine if the pump is blocked or malfunctioned, you’ll need to access it and see if there are any obstructions.

If you find items inside, remove them completely. If you don’t find any and the pump is either noisy or not turning on, you’ll need to replace the part.

Here’s how to locate and repair the drain pump:

  1. Disconnect the power to the washer
  2. Remove the two lower screws on the rear bracket that hold the top in position
  3. Pull the top back about an inch, lift straight up, and remove
  4. Take the soap drawer completely out
  5. Remove the screws that hold the soap housing in place
  6. Remove the screw on the right side of the control panel (if there is one)
  7. Remove the control panel by lifting it up and setting it on top of the machine
  8. Open the door on the bottom left corner of the washer, and set it aside
  9. Remove the drain hose and empty the water present. Set the hose aside
  10. Loosen the screw at the bottom of the drain clean out
  11. Remove the assembly
  12. Remove the final screw holding the front panel in place
  13. Open the washer door and remove the band clamp that holds the bellows in place
  14. Peel the boot away from the front panel and push into the washer opening
  15. Unplug the wiring harness from the bottom of the door lock assembly
  16. Close the door and remove the four screws across the top. Be sure to hold the front panel as you remove the last screw
  17. Remove the front panel and set aside
  18. Remove the hoses attached to the drain pump
  19. Loosen and remove the final screws on the front that hold the drain pump in place
  20. Lift the pump assembly out
  21. Disconnect the wiring harness and remember where the wires go
  22. Remove the screws that hold the pump motor to the pump body
  23. Take the cover off the existing motor
  24. Install the new pump motor and begin working backward to reassemble your machine

Motor Wire Harness Can Break

Another common issue with LG washing machines is you may notice weird noises during the spin cycle.

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This can be caused by issues with the wiring harness that’s connected to the motor.

Wires commonly break off due to vibration and this disrupts communication between the control board and the motor.

If this occurs you will need to locate the motor inside the washer and visually inspect all the wires.

If you find that a wire is burnt or broken, simply replace the wiring harness or repair the wire that’s broken, if possible.

Position Sensor Wire Can Break

The position sensor is important for communication with the control board. Because it sending the exact position of the motor.

If the wire becomes detached or broken, it can cause your LG washer to stop functioning properly.

Again, you’ll need to locate the wiring to the position sensor and check it for damages.

If you find any damages it will require you changing the wiring harness, or simply repairing the wire that’s broken.

Here’s how to replace this wiring harness:

  1. Disconnect the power and shut off the water supply
  2. Remove the hot and cold water supply lines from the inlet valve. Water will spill out
  3. Carefully tip the machine back so it’s laying on the rear panel
  4. Unthread the mounting nut for the rotor
  5. Carefully remove the rotor assembly
  6. Use a socket to remove the mounting bolts from the stator
  7. Disconnect the wiring harness
  8. Install the new wiring harness the same way you removed it
  9. Reassemble your machine

Water Inlet Valve Can Be Stuck OPEN

LG washing machines will begin overfilling with water due to calcium build up in the solenoid valve and thus valve can be stuck in OPEN position.

This issue sometimes happens even when a washing machine is OFF

So, if you will see a lot of clear water in the drum on the next day after laundry, that’s a sign that something wrong with the inlet valve.

The first thing you will want to check is the inlet valve. These parts commonly fail, as they become stuck mechanically in an open position.

Here’s how to replace this part:

  1. Disconnect all power going to the washer
  2. Turn off the hot and cold water supply valves
  3. Remove the hoses from the inlet valve. Some water will spill out
  4. Remove the screws at the rear of the main top
  5. Slide the main top back about one inch, and lift up to remove
  6. Note the location of the solenoid wires to the old inlet valve and disconnect them
  7. Use pliers to remove the four hoses – remember where these go before pulling them off
  8. Remove teh mounting screws that hold the valve in place
  9. Pull the old valve out
  10. Install the new valve and move backward to reassemble your washer

Washer Inlet Valve Leaking Water on the Floor

Another common issue with the water inlet valve on an LG washing machine occurs when it begins leaking water on the floor.

This water may be coming from either the hot or cold inlet valve.

The water supply lines are under constant pressure, and when water solenoids worn out and not able to keep pressure, you will notice water leaking from them.

Before checking the water inlet valve, first make sure the hot and cold supply hoses are tightened securely. If you find they are loose, simply tighten and see if your problem is gone.

If you do this, and still see water leaking, follow the steps above to replace the water inlet valve because it’s probably faulty and stuck in an open position.

Have you encountered a common problem with your LG washing machine that we didn’t discuss here? What was the problem, and how did you fix it? Comment below, we’d love to hear what your issue was.

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  1. Eugene-

    What about a strong grease or petroleum smell? I have an LG front loading combo unit that washed and dries. When I do a wash cycle only, sometimes there is a strong smell of grease. It’s been suggested that the transmission could be going out, but befoer the hubs takes the front off it,I wanted to get your take

  2. Sent my details problem with LG WM205HWA on 1/02/2022, I think, but can’t find my comments. Where to find it Thanks

  3. Have a lg WM2501HA washer which only works on steam now even after I cleaned out & drained the pump filter. Was washing bathroom carpeted mats with rubber backing. Backing disintegrated and eventually washer shut off with water still in washer. Remove carpets, water and any rubber still there. Drained drain hose & cleaned drain pump filter. Tried to run again and did same thing -drained & cleaned pump filter. I then tried Delicates, [thought would be less involved]. Water and soap did not load. Then tried Steam Fresh. Steam worked but obviously it was not to wash at that time. Just trying to figure what worked to make sure there was no more rubber. Tried 2 times Speed Wash & drum turns but no water. Drained again 1st time & very little rubber pieces -didn’t even fill bottom 1 cm of tray. 2nd time nothing in tray but can hear something [pump] trying. What next to try to see what needs to be done -replace drain pump, or check something else.0

  4. Hello, my top load LG washer only brings in a small amount of water during the wash function, I’ve checked the water supply and all the lines with no issues, it just slowly spins and nothing else, any help will be appreciated thank you!

  5. My 6kg front loader turns on and after selecting program and pressing start nothing happensIt stays like that with the display showing the minutes for the program.Please help

  6. Our front loader LG WM2487HWM starts washing cycle and washes only about 5 minutes and then dumps the water….We feel we are wasting a lot of soap and water and not actually getting the clothes clean.

  7. Hi
    My error message says check filter and hose . Cleaned out
    Dirt from front filter , there was a bit , how do I check hose ?

  8. The washing machine goes through the cycle until the last spin cycle and then and LE code will come up. Wondering where the best spot to start trouble shooting is.. Thanks

  9. What was the solution? Mine does this also and it takes longer to complete a wash cycle! I keep having to redistribute the clothes as it says its unbalanced… Argh!

  10. LG washer only spins about half way then it fills up again and repeats, usually it will finally finish, however we are wasting a lot of water.

  11. Our 10 year old LG front loader WM2233H, is making a lot of noise during the spin cycle. My husband thinks it sounds like a bad bearing. Is this possible?

  12. Hello.

    My Washer WT5070CW is stuck on “Load Sensing”. It will not advance past this setting. Running a cycle without load sensing completes normally.

      • Thanks for the response. It doesn’t appear to make any unusual noises, and it goes through the normal set of spins on the load sensing section, and then simply will not move to the “wash” cycle.

        Sometimes, on a cycle without “load sensing” this will happen on the rinse cycle as well.

        Is the hall sensor the “motor rotor position sensor?” I don’t see anything labeled hall sensor in the schematic.

      • Is the hall sensor the “motor rotor position sensor?” – Yes
        1. Does it drain ok?
        2. Blow out vacuum hose attached to the water level sensor
        3. Clutch shifter K170 malfunction? On this diagram

        I am running out of ideas why it can happen

  13. My LG top load is not washing but it spin properly , then I notice washing pedal is not moving when the drum is moving on washing setting. Thanks.waiting for your usual reply .

  14. My 2011 LG front loader is leaking water what seems to be from underneath.
    We replaced a torn door boot seal but the washer is still leaking when running AND even when it is not running ie: after a load is complete.
    Any suggestions??

  15. My top loading knob just spins. It will not stop at any position. For ex. If I want to put it on cotton, the knob will spin like a wheel.

  16. I just moved and I got my LG top load high efficiency washer all hooked up after 6 months in storage but the water will not go into the washer except on the Tub Clean setting. I obviously know it’s getting water, but I can’t get it to work on any other setting.

  17. My 10 yr old LG Washer sometimes leaves a brownish stain on white clothes. Any suggestions as to what is causing this and how to fix?

      • It’s actually soap and fabric softener build-up under and outer surface of the washtub. See YouTube video on how to take out the tub. Then scrub it until the stainless steel shine come back. Scrub the tub that didn’t come out, too

  18. The hot water in my machine is Luke warm. Since it was brand new, the water never gets really hot. What can I do ?

  19. washing machine is stuck at 1 minute, door locked, responds to turning on and off and that’s it. Turn it off and back on, says to unload clothes and momentarily looks ready to start a new load, then resets to 1 minute, staying locked.

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