Maytag Washer F9 E1 error code- Troubleshooting Guide

What does the F9 E1 error code mean? Your Maytag washer is experiencing a draining system problem, or Long Drain. This is a common error code among Maytag washers but is simple to fix. This troubleshooting guide will walk you through all of the various components to check. You likely can resolve the problem without calling a repairman.

The Maytag washer F9 E1 error code means the water in the drum is taking too long to drain out. The problem could be caused by: a clogged hose, a clogged filter, or the drain hose being in the wrong place.

What Should I Check First? The drain hose

The first thing to do is to look at the water. You will want to see if it’s draining at all. Water that flows slowly indicates you have a stuck object. You will need to check for clogs and other objects throughout the hoses and filters.

First check the drain hose in the back of the Maytag washer machine. Look to see if it has any bends, twists, or kinks that would prevent water from draining out. 

Along with that, look to see how the hose is placed in the drain pipe on the wall. This is the number one issue causing this error on the display.

The drain hose shouldn’t go any deeper than 4.5 inches into the drain pipe and it should be securely attached without using tape. It also needs to be higher than 3 feet off the floor.

Looking down, the end of the hose should be higher than three feet off the floor. Any lower and the washer could experience siphoning. That is when the water fills and drains at the same time. The drain hose can be too high as well. You will need to lower it if it’s higher than eight feet off the floor. 

Check for Clogs

While you are looking at the drain hose, you should also check it for clogs. There are two ways to do this. The easy way is to take the end out of the drain pipe and blow hard into it to see if anything clears out the other end.

You can also use a “snake” (tool) to push through the hose and clear it of blockages. These tools are available at hardware stores.

Now, you want to check the filter. Pump filters pick up all kinds of things from your laundry from coins to lint and material. They can prevent water flow from your machine over time. 

Maytag, and the other brands of parent company Whirlpool, have access to the drain pump and filter in the front of the machine. Look for a front panel in the corner on the front and remove the panel to find the filter. 

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Once you open the panel, you will see a round twist knob. That is the filter. Put a pan and towels below it before you turn it because water will likely spill out. 

Turn the knob counterclockwise and pull it off. The filter will come out. You can now clean the filter under cool running water. Be sure to take a cloth and wipe out the cavity as well. You will problem find several things in there. 

Replacement drain hoses and hose extensions (if needed), can be purchased on Amazon for around $20. Click here.

Drain filters can be replaced for around $15-30 on Amazon. Click here. Always double check your model number for compatibility when ordering.

Note: we may receive a small commission off your purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Resetting the Machine

Once you’ve checked the drain hose and cleaned the filter, you will need to see if the code will clear. To do that, try the following steps:

  • Unplug the washing machine from the wall outlet.
  • Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Plug it back in and turn it on to see if it starts draining

The code should clear if removing the debris and clearing any clogs were the issue. Another F9 E1 error code should prompt you to look at the drain pump. 

Check Your drain pump

You should check your warranty before you start getting serious with a drain pump inspection. Newer machines may still be under warranty, and tampering with the drain pump may void the warranty. 

testing for electrical continuity

Be prepared to test resistance to your drain pump if you do decide to inspect it. Resistance is what tells you whether is working or faulty. You will need a multimeter to do this. 

A multimeter is similar to jumper cables for your car. Instead of providing a charge, it measures whether connections are carrying power. 

Checking Your Drain Pump

The drain pump is under the front panel where you found the filter. It should be near the filter. First look to see if any of the wires are burnt, broken, frayed or if the harness appears in good shape. 

Next test the resistance between the two pump terminals.

You should get a good reading on the multimeter. If there is no reading, the pump is faulty and needs to be replaced. 

Drain pumps for these types of washers aren’t expensive. They run anywhere from $25 to $50 on Amazon, Click here.  

Maytag washerdrain pump

Note: we may receive a small commission from your purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Why won’t my Maytag washer start?

It may sound silly but check that the power cord is plugged in. Many times, the movement of the washing machine can move the plug where it isn’t fully connected in the outlet. 

You can also test the outlet with another appliance to be sure the problem isn’t here. Some outlets have a reset button and need to be reset occasionally. 

Now is a good time to also want to check the circuit breaker to see if a switch flipped off.

Select a setting and try to start the cycle. If it fails to start, it may be the control board or the water pump. It may be time to call a service technician.

How can I reset my Maytag washer?

Two ways exist to reset your Maytag washer and clear any error codes. 

One easy way is to hold down the power/cancel button.  While you are holding the button down, pick a wash cycle. Release the power/cancel button and then tap the start-pause button. 

Another way is just as easy. Unplug the machine from the outlet, wait one minute and plug it back in. The codes should be gone. 

How can I access my Maytag washer’s diagnostic mode?

Most appliance experts advise against doing this because the diagnostic mode bypasses safety features, so it’s considered a little risky. Even so, accessing the diagnostic testing mode is a fairly simple process. 

Your washer needs to be in standby mode. Press a button, any button except power, stop or start, for three seconds. Let go and do it again. Release and do it a third time.

As you enter the diagnostic mode, all of the washer’s indicator lights will come on and then turn off after about five seconds. The display will show an “88.” If there are any fault codes stored in the machine, you will begin to see them after the “88” code. 

Machines that have no codes will show the “88” again. Automatic testing should start in five seconds. Let the machine run through the test. Tap the power or stop button to get out of the diagnostic testing program.

Can I drain my Maytag washer manually?

Yes, manually draining your Maytag washer is easy, but could be messy. You will need some towels and a bucket. Start by turning off the water to your machine and then unplugging it from the wall. 

You will need to get to the back of the machine to get to the drain hose so move it out. You will also need to remove any laundry still in the machine if the door isn’t locked. 

Get your bucket and put it near the drain. Now take out the drain hose from the drain and lower it into the bucket. Water will automatically flow out. 

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