Samsung Washer Sud error code (5ud) – Easy fix

The Samsung Washer Sud error (often misread as 5ud by some customers) can result for a few different reasons. This code, unlike other error codes, isn’t caused by your washer malfunctioning!

It is simply the result of using the incorrect washing detergent, too much detergent, or not allowing the detergent to properly dissolve in the machine.

Samsung washer sud error

What detergent should you be using? How much? And what to do when you get the Samsung Washer SUD error, even if you are using the correct detergent. Jump to the bottom for tips on how to clear this code if you are already doing things right.

Sud error samsung washer

What is the correct detergent? hE

My first recommendation is to invest in HE (or high efficiency) detergent.

What is it? Basically, today’s washing machines don’t use nearly as much water as their predecessors. Machines in the past used up to 40 gallons of water per cycle. This meant more detergent was needed to clean clothing.

Today’s machines utilize less than half that amount, ranging between 11 to 15 gallons per wash. Therefore, using more soap is simply going to result in more suds in the wash. More suds = error code.

To prevent the Samsung washer sud error, select an “HE” designated detergent and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep in mind that high-efficiency detergents also contain:

  • Stain Fighters/lifters
  • Scent Boosters
  • Stronger cleaning agents
  • Fabric softeners (in some brands)

Watch out for higher concentrated HE soaps, too. They come in 1X, 2X, and 3X. The higher the X (concentration), the less you need to get clothes fresh and clean. Again, rely on the detergent manufacturer’s suggestion for these concentrations. You can always adjust accordingly for different soil levels and types of fabrics.

Be sure to add the detergent to the correct dispenser on the washer so that the soap gets dispersed at the correct time in the wash cycle. Don’t just dump it into the drum without thinking or measuring!

What happens with too much detergent? Suds!

Another point before diving into the Samsung Washer SUD error is the problem with TOO MANY SUDS.

In the past, people believed more suds meant clothes were cleaner. This isn’t the case! An excess of suds can leave clothes feeling stiff or sticky, and can even leave powdery residue on dark colored fabrics. You’ll have to use an extra rinse cycle to clean the clothes, and that defeats the purpose of having water efficient washing machines!

More suds in the wash can give your machine issues, too. Extra suds can cause a strong odor and residue in the washer tub. Mold and slime can accumulate around the door seal on a front loading machine.

In addition to problems with your clothes and the washer, an excess of suds can give you issues with your septic tank (if applicable). Excess detergents can throw off your septic flora balance and impact dissolving solid wastes.

Why am I Getting Samsung Washer Sud Error?

Okay, now that we know why you want to use HE detergent and what the problem is with too many suds in your washer, why are you actually getting the Samsung Washer SUD error?

Remember, the modern Samsung washer is designed to run with water efficiency. All of the extra suds are causing the use of extra water and the machine is trying to tell you! The built-in sensors continually sense water and sud levels throughout the various wash stages. Some even adjust the length of the rinse to compensate for extra bubbles. There comes a point when the machine is too backed up with suds, and the error code results.

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One of the good things about this error, versus an operational error, is that nothing’s actually wrong with your Samsung washer. It isn’t essential to call a local repair technician to come to your home and assess the machine. ($$$) You may be able to handle it yourself!

How to clear the Samsung washer sud error?

There are a few tips to help clear the code through trial and error. But, with this error code, it’s basically a waiting game.

The Samsung washer is pretty smart and will eventually expel the excess suds on its own.

Your machine is going to continually display the Samsung Washer SUD error, until the excess suds are removed. Once the error code disappears, you can wash your clothing with detergent as before. Don’t forget to opt for HE detergent in small quantities!

Tips to clear the extra suds:

It might be a good idea to run a rinse cycle with no detergent at all, to remove excess suds from your clothing. If you still have the error code, you can even run a full wash cycle without detergent to try and clean the sensor. I’ve used lightly soiled towels in a load without detergent to help push some of those suds through.

When running these “rinse” load cycles, be sure to have clothing or towels in the wash tub basin. (I wouldn’t recommend anything too delicate or precious.) The washer uses sensor plates and similar technology to determine how much water to use in the wash. Lots of clothes will trigger the sensors to use more water. This is helpful when running a flush load. If you run it empty, you won’t get desired results.

A third tip would be to run a deep water level wash load with lightly soiled clothes/towels to get those suds through with even more water. You aren’t going to be water efficient for a while, but you’ve learned your lesson and won’t make the same mistake in the future!

My final tip is not to do all of the above tips in quick succession. Allow the washer to rest a bit between each cycle for the soap foam to calm down. It will eventually dilute enough to clear the code and get back to business as usual. If this fails, see below.

There is really nothing you can do with this error. It’s more of a waiting game and allowing your washer to eliminate the suds.

The time it will take for this to complete, really depends on how much excess soap you used during the wash cycle, and how quickly your washer can eliminate those suds.

Have you tried everything and your water bill is starting to break the bank? Read on.

How to Restart Your Machine if the Samsung Washer SUD Error Doesn’t Cure Itself

More often than not, the Samsung Washer SUD error will self-cure. If it doesn’t, don’t panic yet!

Final tip: run an “Eco Drum” Clean cycle or a 90-degree C cotton cycle (depends on the model of your Samsung washer, and what the wash cycles are called).

Remember, don’t use any detergent when using these wash cycles! Not even the Afresh or other brand washer-cleaning tablet. Just water!

This cycle will allow your machine to remove the excess suds and detergent, and the error code should disappear once the excess suds are eliminated.

Finally, there is a possibility that the filter is clogged and you’ll never be able to rinse it all through. This is the time to clean the drain pump filter and/or contact a repair technician.

Still not sure how much HE detergent to use?

Read the fine print on the packaging and follow the handy lines on the measuring cup. Don’t get tricked into thinking more soap equals cleaner clothes. Some manufacturers help you avoid this temptation with error-proof pods, bars and even washer sheets. Use these and trust the process. These machines are smart! And they work nicely with these well-designed detergents!

Again, be sure to add the detergent to the correct dispenser on the washer so that the soap gets dispersed at the correct time in the wash cycle. Don’t just dump it into the wash drum without thinking or measuring.

Follow these recommendations to eliminate that pesky Samsung Washer SUD error for good! And you’ll be wasting less soap and water in the long run.

Reader Comments (13)

  1. Checked the filter on the front of the machine… clean.

    Tried to run a cycle to eliminate any “suds” but the machine is completely empty.

    The washer will skip the wash cycle, not add any water, and move directly into rinse cycle even though there is no water inside.

    The Sud error in my case has nothing to do with suds or detergent. Also, the error came up only after hearing an extremely loud BANG while mid cycle. My unit is 4 months old.

  2. My problem had nothing to do with soap. The water was not draining because the filter was clogged. Check that first as save yourself a bunch of stress and repair bills.

    • How do you check filter? I got the error message and try to open but Door is still locked. I have unplugged it and still can’t open it.

  3. Mine won’t go away it’s been overnite I even unplugged it and it worked for the whole cycle then came back on,help please

  4. If you use a shout color catcher, it can get out of the drum and lodge in the filter. This caused our SUD error. We cleaned the filter and are waiting for the error message to go away. It appears to be running the rinse cycle okay.

  5. I frequently get this error at the beginning of a wash cycle, before any water has even filled the machine and well before wash/agitation cycle starts. Too many forums mislead people to believe SUDS error is always related to detergent – it is NOT. Sensors in the machine can malfunction, which DOES require a service call unless you know how to disassemble the unit and replace parts on your own.

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