4 Common Ninja Coffee Maker problems

The Ninja brand manufactures a wide range of excellent household appliances. One of the most popular product categories in their lineup is the Ninja coffee maker, which brews many different types of coffee with just the push of a button.

Don’t get us wrong. Ninja has done a fantastic job engineering these coffee makers. Still, even the best appliances on the market face issues from time to time. 

Suppose you’re the owner of one of these fine machines and you’re looking for help in doing some Ninja Coffee maker troubleshooting.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at a few of the most common issues faced with the Ninja coffee maker and what you can do to resolve them.

Ninja Coffee Maker’s “5 Continuous Beeps”

Of all the issues you may encounter with a Ninja coffee maker, none is more common than the “5 Continuous Beeps”.

If you do a quick search online or on social media, plenty of Ninja Coffee maker users report this as one of the most common and somewhat frustrating problems.

First steps: When your Ninja coffee maker starts beeping, it usually means that something is interrupting its ability to brew coffee.

Your first step should be to check that the drip stop lever is in the ‘open’ position and that the brew basket is in its correct position.

If the beeping continues, then the second part to check is the reservoir.

Why this happens: Let’s suppose that the beeping continues even after you’ve gone through the first steps. The problem may then be with the water reservoir or the hot water tank. 

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Typically, the beeping will indicate that water is not flowing as smoothly. As a result, there’s a lack of water flow, the heating element is overheating, and the machine can’t brew coffee.

What you can do: Firstly, you’ll want to check the bottom of the water reservoir.

Press on the valve that controls the flow of water. Press on it a few times to ensure that water can flow smoothly and that nothing is stopping it from opening.

Then, check the part of the coffee maker where you’d typically place the reservoir. Be sure there isn’t any sediment or other obstruction that could block water from flowing.

Once all of that is clear, be sure to run a cleaning cycle on the Ninja coffee maker to ensure that water can flow smoothly through the machine.

The ‘Clean’ Light Keeps Illuminating On The Ninja Coffee Maker

As a Ninja coffee maker owner, you’ll know that it’s essential to run a cleaning cycle now and then.

But what happens if the ‘Clean’ light keeps coming on even though you’ve already cleaned the machine?

Well, that could be a sign that there’s a clog or a substantial blockage of some kind inside the machine.

First steps: As a first step, you can try and run one or two more cleaning cycles to see if the ‘clean’ light turns off. If it doesn’t, that’s just the machine’s way of telling you that it requires a deeper clean.

Why this happens: When it comes to the Ninja coffee maker, there are two possible reasons you’d need a more intense clean cycle than usual: there’s a heavy clog, or there’s scaling caused by a buildup of calcium. Both of these are normal for coffee makers of all kinds.

The heavy clog may be caused by sediment that came in the water through the reservoir.

On the other hand, scaling is the result of the minerals in water like calcium passing through the coffee machine.

What you can do: There are ways you can run a more intense cleaning cycle. The first would be to use a specialised coffee maker cleaning solution. Alternatively, you could also use a homemade mixture of vinegar and water.

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Fill the reservoir with your cleaning solution of choice, and press the ‘clean’ button to begin the cycle.

When you do that, the solution will flow through the machine into the hot water tank. Typically, the clean process runs for 8 minutes, but you’re going to press the clean button again to pause it.

That’s right! You’re deliberately pausing the cycle so that the cleaning solution will stay in the hot water tank for longer than usual.

Leave the machine alone for about half an hour before un-pausing the cleaning cycle and letting it finish.

That should give the cleaning solution plenty of time to clean even the nastiest of clogs or scaling inside the machine.

The Ninja Coffee Maker Is Making The Wrong Brew Size

There’s nothing more confusing and frustrating than when the Ninja coffee maker doesn’t make enough coffee.

Instead of a full carafe, you may find a much smaller amount inside it despite all the time that’s passed.

First steps: Before we dive deeper, it’s essential to rule out any error on your part. So, be sure that you’ve selected the correct brew size and type that you wanted.

Remember: the Ninja coffee maker offers plenty of choices when it comes to the coffee it makes.

As such, there’s always a chance that you may have accidentally chosen a more intense brew (like an ‘over ice’) which uses less water, leaving your carafe less full than you expected.

Also, be sure that there’s enough water in the reservoir. Running out of water could have cut the brew short and left the carafe only half full.

Once you’ve ruled out user error, we can now consider another possibility like a blockage somewhere within the machine.

Why this happens: As we’ve covered in the previous section, a Ninja coffee maker can get clogged as a result of sediment or scaling.

When that happens, the machine may have to work extra hard to pump water through its hose to brew your coffee.

There is a possibility that halfway through the brew, it becomes too difficult for the machine to continue pushing water through.

That might result in the brew stopping halfway, leaving you with a smaller serving of coffee. 

What you can do: Once you’ve ruled out all user error, the best thing you can do is to clean the machine thoroughly.

You could run a few regular cleaning cycles or do a deep clean as described in the previous section. To recap, that involves using a cleaning solution and pausing the cycle; that’ll allow the solution to clean the machine deeply.

Ninja Coffee Maker Is Leaking Water

One of the more messy problems you might face with your Ninja coffee maker is if it leaks.

That can be quite frustrating as you may see your kitchen counter flooded with water from the machine! Don’t worry, though. Leaks are typically quite straightforward to diagnose.

First steps: First and foremost, you’ll need to identify the source of those leaks.

Be sure to disconnect your coffee maker’s power supply and remove the plug from the wall socket.

Remember: electrical appliances and leaks are a terrible combination, so always make sure you’re safe first.

Next, wipe up the current mess and then try to trace the source of the leak. Start by inspecting the water reservoir.

Did you fill it up too much? Is it cracked? And, is the bottom of the reservoir (where its valve is) placed correctly?

If the reservoir was not inserted into its spot correctly, that could cause water to flow out from the valve and flow out onto your kitchen counter.

Once you’ve ruled out the water reservoir, there are two other places you’ll need to check: the bottom of the appliance and the drip stop where the coffee flows out.

Why this happens: Typically, you’ll find that water is leaking from the bottom of your Ninja coffee maker.

That could be a sign that the leak is from the tubes or tube connectors within the machine. These are the parts that connect the water reservoir to the coffee maker on the inside.

What you can do: Suppose there’s a leak with the tubes or their connectors. That would require opening the appliance to inspect and possibly replace those parts.

In most cases, you may be better off taking the Ninja coffee maker in for a repair, especially if the warranty still covers them.

However, if you prefer taking the DIY route, always begin by turning the appliance off and disconnecting the power supply.

Also, it would be an excellent idea to refer to the user manual for further guidance.

Don’t worry if you’ve misplaced the user manual. You can usually find a digital copy online through the manufacturer’s website or third-party appliance repair websites.

If you’re unable to fix the tube or its connectors, you may need to purchase replacement parts online or at a store that stocks them.

To ensure that you purchase only the correct parts, always cross-reference the exact model number of your Ninja coffee maker to ensure that the parts you’re buying are compatible. 

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  1. Hi
    I have a question that isn’t answered in this article.
    It keeps saying add water. Reservoir is full, water comes out when I push the drain piece at the bottom, but it doesn’t seem to be draining into the machine. It won’t do a clean cycle because the water isn’t getting in.
    Any ideas? Thanks

  2. Where does the chime come from? It is so loud, I’m afraid it will wake my children in the morning. I would like to mute it somehow, but I’m not sure where to locate the “speaker”.

  3. I brew a pot of coffee and the brew light comes on. When coffee is finished brewing the stay warm shuts off.

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