Why Is My Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking? 4 causes and How To Fix

Is your Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking? Let’s look at four possible causes and how to fix them. This light is a safety feature, and is trying to tell you something is unsafe about the operation. Most likely, something on the blender isn’t in place and it won’t run until you get it in position. Ninja blenders are very straightforward appliances. Let’s fix it.

When your Ninja blender power light is blinking, it means one or more of its parts are not assembled or secured correctly. First, check that the pitcher is securely locked in the base of the blender. Then, check that the blender lid is also secure and correctly aligned. Lastly, check that the lid’s handle is also pushed all the way down until it clicks into place.

This guide will walk you through the troubleshooting process step by step. By the end, you’ll have your Ninja blender up and running with no blinking Power light anymore.

What Does A Blinking power Light Mean On A Ninja Blender?

The blinking red Power light on your Ninja blender means that the appliance is not correctly assembled. In simpler words, one or more of its parts are not secure, which makes it unsafe for you to operate the appliance.

As a result, your Ninja blender will do two things. Firstly, it’ll cause the Power light to blink as a way of notifying you that there’s a problem. Secondly, you’ll also find that the blender will not run at all, even though you’ve plugged it into the wall socket.

ninja blender power light blinking

It does that to protect you from injury and to protect itself from further damage.

When assembling the appliance to blend ingredients inside, you must be mindful of the pitcher, the lid, handle, and the safety mechanism under the blade assembly.

This section will help you understand what each part does and how you can troubleshoot them.

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Pitcher Not Secure

What it is: The pitcher is where you collect all of the ingredients you wish to blend. It has the spinning blades at the bottom and the lid on top.

You must insert the pitcher into the base on Ninja blenders and turn it clockwise. That will lock the pitcher securely and allow you to start blending.

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What’s happening: One of the most likely reasons the Power light is blinking red is because you haven’t secured the pitcher correctly.

Remember: it’s not enough to insert the pitcher into the blender’s base. Once you do that, you must also turn the pitcher to lock it into place securely.

How to fix it: You can resolve this problem by ensuring that you’re inserting and securing the pitcher correctly.

When you insert the pitcher into the base, be sure to turn it clockwise until you hear the click. That sound means the pitcher is now locked securely into the base.

Alternatively, you can also refer to the user manual for more guidance on how to insert and lock the pitcher in place securely, thereby preventing the Power light from blinking.

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Lid Not Secured and Aligned Correctly

What it is: Blending items in the pitcher would be a messy process if it weren’t for the lid that covers it. When you run the blender, the ingredients inside will fly around when you run the blender as the blades cut them into smaller food particles.

When you secure the lid in place, the lid will prevent those food particles and liquids from flying out of the blender and messing up your kitchen.

What’s happening: Ninja blenders can also sense whether or not you’ve secured the lid and aligned it correctly. When the Power light blinks, another likely reason is that the lid is not secure or that you have aligned it incorrectly.

As a result, the blender will not start, and the Power light will blink to notify you of a problem.

How to fix it: There are 2 steps to resolving this issue. Firstly, you must ensure that you’ve pushed the pitcher lid securely into place.

Secondly, you must ensure that the lid is aligned correctly. For example, the lid has an arrow that you must align with the arrow on the pitcher handle.

When you’ve done both steps correctly, the Power light will stop blinking, and you can start the blender.

Lid Handle Is Up (blinking power button on ninja blender)

What it is: The lid on your Ninja blender has several valuable features, like a spout on one side and a handle on the other. The handle is handy for removing the lid without handling the messy parts on the bottom.

However, you should know that the lid handle also has a safety mechanism. That mechanism tells the blender when all its parts are secure, so the blender can start.

What’s happening: Another thing that can trigger the Power light to blink is a raised lid handle.

Remember: the Power light only blinks when the blender knows it’s not correctly assembled. Not only does that include the pitcher and the lid, but it can also sense when the lid handle is still up.

How to fix it: Before you can start blending, you must ensure that you push the lid handle all the way down. Push it down gently until you hear the click, which tells you that it’s secure.

That clicking sound comes from the switch that will signal the blender that it’s safe to operate. As a result, the Power light will stop blinking, and you can continue using the blender normally.

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Broken Safety Mechanism

What it is: As you’ve seen above, your Ninja blender features several safety mechanisms or ‘safety switches’. Only when you’ve assembled the blender correctly will those mechanisms signal to the base that it’s safe to run.

What’s happening: Unfortunately, it’s still possible for you to see the Power light blinking even if all blender parts are securely in place. That will happen when you accidentally break one or more of its safety mechanisms.

Even when you assemble and secure all the blender parts correctly, the Power light will still continue to blink. That’s because the blender mistakenly senses that one or more of its parts aren’t put together the right way.

How to fix it: Unfortunately, the only solution is to replace the part with the broken safety mechanism. For example, you’ll have to purchase a new pitcher, new lid, or both.

Safety Warning: Online and elsewhere, you’ll find tips and guides on bypassing or removing the safety mechanism and stopping the Power light from blinking. However, that is a very dangerous thing to do.

Remember: the safety mechanisms on Ninja blenders are there to protect you from injury and protect the appliance from expensive damage. So, bypassing the broken safety mechanism is just asking for trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that you might find helpful when troubleshooting your Ninja blender.

Why Is My Ninja Blender power light Blinking?

In short, your Ninja blender will blink its Power button when one or more of its parts is not assembled correctly. So, check that you’ve perfectly aligned the pitcher and lid and secured it in place. Then, check that the lid handle is also pushed all the way down.

Why Is My Ninja Blender Not Spinning?

Firstly, check that your Ninja blender is plugged into the wall socket. If the blender won’t spin and the Power light is blinking, that means you haven’t installed the blender parts correctly. As a result, the blender prevents itself from turning to protect you from injury.

Does The Ninja Blender Have A Reset Button?

No, your Ninja blender does not have a dedicated reset button. Unlike some of the other appliances in your kitchen, you cannot reset your blender by pressing a particular sequence of keys.

How Do You Reset A Ninja Blender?

Let’s suppose your Ninja blender has an internal glitch. If that’s the case, you can reset it through power cycling. That means you should unplug the blender from the wall socket and leave it alone for 5 minutes. 

After that time, plug the appliance back in and use it like you usually do.

Please remember that resetting your Ninja blender this way will not stop the Power light from blinking.

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