3 Reasons Why Amana Dishwasher Won’t Latch – How To Troubleshoot It?

Amana dishwashers are super easy to run. You only have to load the racks, shut the door, and start your preferred cycle. But, unfortunately, the machine won’t run if the door won’t latch. So, why would that happen?

Your Amana dishwasher door won’t latch if there’s a foreign object stuck in the door seal. An unlevel dishwasher will also face the same problem. If you rule out those reasons, consider that the door spring tension isn’t set correctly or the latch is damaged from hard impacts.

You can solve this problem yourself if you know how. This guide will help you with that, as it explains why 

you have this problem and how to solve each one.

Why Won’t My Amana Dishwasher Door Latch?

If your Amana dishwasher’s door won’t latch and stay shut, focus your troubleshooting efforts on these issues:

Foreign Object Stuck In Door Seal

About this: Your Amana dishwasher must maintain a tight seal when the door’s closed. That’s possible thanks to the door seal wrapping around the door’s perimeter, preventing any gaps when you shut the door.

Unfortunately, the door seal can catch foreign objects as you shut the door. So, you must be mindful of this when you load your dishwasher racks and prepare the machine for a new wash cycle.

What’s gone wrong: The first and quickest troubleshooting item to rule out is a foreign object stuck in the door seal. This is a common reason why Amana dishwasher doors can’t latch even when users shut them firmly.

For example, one or more of your cutleries might have fallen between the door when you try to shut it. 

Alternatively, there could also be smaller objects like food wrappers and such causing the same problem.

Even a small item stuck in the door seal can prevent it from latching, preventing your dishwasher from starting a new cycle.

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How to fix it: As you start your troubleshooting process, your first step should be to open the door fully. Then, inspect the door seal’s entire length for any foreign objects, large or small, that might be stuck there.

Once you remove everything you find, the door can be latched normally.

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Dishwasher Isn’t Level

About this: Your Amana dishwasher must be perfectly level at all times, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the machine must be perfectly level to ensure that water can flow where it’s needed. The dishwasher’s design takes into account gravity and the position of its pumps to ensure that water can fill, circulate, and drain correctly.

Another reason the appliance must be level is to ensure the door can latch and stay closed.

What’s gone wrong: There are two ways that the leveling of your Amana dishwasher can prevent the door from latching.

Firstly, a dishwashing unit that isn’t level will place added gravitational pull on the door. That will prevent the door latch from catching the door and keeping it shut.

Secondly, an unlevel dishwasher won’t fit squarely in the kitchen cabinet. As a result, the door won’t seal properly.

How to fix it: You can fix this problem by adjusting the dishwasher’s leveling legs. Depending on the Amana model that you have, it might have 2 or 4 leveling legs that require adjusting.

As you adjust those legs, you can check the machine’s level by using a spirit level. These days, there are smartphone apps that perform the same function using the phone’s built-in sensors.

Next, ensure that the dishwasher fits correctly in your kitchen cabinet. The tub opening must be perfectly square so the door can form a tight seal and latch.

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Damaged Door Latch

About this: The door latch on your Amana dishwasher has two crucial functions. Firstly, it catches the door when you close it and keeps it shut.

Besides that, the door latch also signals to the dishwasher’s control board to let it know when the door is shut securely. That’s possible thanks to sensors built into the latch.

Once the Amana dishwasher knows the door is closed, it’ll begin the wash cycle. It’ll also pause the cycle if the door is ever opened mid-cycle.

What’s gone wrong: Once you’ve ruled out a foreign object stuck in the door and an unlevel dishwasher, you should check the door latch next. Here, the likelihood is that the door latch is damaged and can’t do what it’s designed to do.

That damage typically happens because of a hard impact, such as a door slammed too often or hard knocks that occur while transporting the dishwasher.

How to fix it: A total replacement is the most practical solution for a broken dishwasher door latch. So, unthread the screws that hold yours in place and carefully disconnect the wiring attached to the latch.

Then, reconnect the new one and mount it in the same place. Be sure to test it a few times to ensure that it’s installed correctly and that the door can latch.

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Incorrectly Set Door Spring Tension

About this: Amana dishwashers come with adjustable door springs. These springs are responsible for helping you close the appliance door and keeping it shut so it can latch.

You can adjust the door spring’s tension levels to suit your needs. That way, you can ensure that the door is easy to open and close while still ensuring that it latches correctly when you shut it.

What’s gone wrong: The final reason to consider why your Amana dishwasher won’t latch is that the door spring tension isn’t adjusted correctly. 

That could result from human error, such as when the dishwasher was manufactured or installed in your home.

An incorrect door spring tension level will prevent your dishwasher door from staying shut and latched throughout the wash cycle.

How to fix it: The method for adjusting door spring tension levels differs between Amana dishwasher models with stainless steel or plastic tubs.

For stainless steel models, you’ll have to unhook the spring and remove the screw from the tensioner. Then, you can screw it in one of three different holes, each offering a different tension level for the spring.

Plastic models require you to move the spring end to different notches. Attaching the spring end to the notches closer to the back of the dishwasher will increase the tension level.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out more helpful information below to troubleshoot your Amana dishwasher door:

Can You Adjust The Spring On A Dishwasher Door?

Yes, you can adjust the spring on your Amana dishwasher door. The springs on models with stainless steel tubs require you to move a screw to the correct position. Meanwhile, plastic models need you to move the spring to different notches.

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Does A Dishwasher Have To Be Perfectly Level?

Yes, your Amana dishwasher must be perfectly level. Aside from ensuring that water can flow correctly, a level dishwasher is necessary so the door can latch and stay latched throughout the cycle.

How Do I Know If My Dishwasher Door Latch Is Bad?

You’ll know your Amana dishwasher door latch is bad when the door opens by itself, especially mid-cycle.

When Should I Replace My Dishwasher Door Seal?

You should replace your dishwasher door seal when it wears out to the point that the door can no longer shut properly. A worn-out seal will prevent the door from latching, which stops the dishwasher from running a cycle uninterrupted.

Can You Replace The Springs On A Dishwasher Door?

Yes, if worn out or damaged, you can replace the springs on your Amana dishwasher door. However, be sure to replace the springs on both sides of the door and follow all instructions to do it safely.

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