Samsung Refrigerator Error Code Pc Er – Troubleshooting Guide

Refrigerators are becoming increasingly high-tech these days, and Samsung models are a perfect example of that. Suppose you’ve seen your Samsung fridge model show the Pc Er error code. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Pc Er error code on a Samsung fridge means that the appliance is experiencing a communication error. Simply put, two or more of the fridge’s components aren’t receiving signals from each other. That’s most likely caused after a power surge, or if there’s a loose wire harness. In severe cases, the main control board might be damaged and require a replacement.

Not to worry, though. The following sections will show you how to troubleshoot and resolve that communication error.

Why Is My Samsung Fridge Showing The Pc Er Error Code?

Your Samsung fridge is showing the Pc Er error code because it’s experiencing a communication error.

A Samsung refrigerator consists of many different working parts, all of which are connected to each other through wire harnesses. These harnesses are hidden away inside the doors and other panels of your appliance.

When these parts can’t send and receive signals to each other through those wire harnesses, the fridge will display the Pc Er code to let you know that there’s a problem.

Other Symptoms

The Pc Er error code is usually accompanied by a beeping sound. That sound is just another way for the fridge to warn you that it’s experiencing a communication error.

Causes And How To Fix Them

Communication errors in Samsung fridges are most likely caused by a recent power surge, a loose wire harness, or a damaged main control board.

Here’s how to troubleshoot and repair each of those causes.

Recent Power Surge

How it happens: A power surge happens when there’s an interruption in your municipal power supply. When this happens, a higher voltage than usual flows through your household’s electrical system, affecting appliances like your Samsung refrigerator.

When a power surge reaches your Samsung fridge, iмt will cause problems like triggering the PC Er error code.

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What to do about it: After a recent power surge, you must reset your Samsung refrigerator so it will go back to working correctly. You can do this by disconnecting it from its power source and leaving it alone for at least five minutes.

After that time has passed, reconnect the fridge and turn it back on. If the fridge has become warm inside, give it at least 24 hours to stabilize and reach its set temperature again.

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Loose Wire Harness

What it is: A wire harness is when several electrical connectors are grouped together. Typically, they are also wrapped together in the same insulation.These connectors are put together because they connect to two or more of the same components inside your Samsung refrigerator.

These wire harnesses run through your fridge’s doors, concealed behind its panels. Still, you can find them leading out from under or above those doors, connecting to the rest of the fridge’s body.

How it fails: The Pc Er communication error code is also caused by a loose wire harness. When the wire harness isn’t connected firmly at both ends, it can’t correctly transmit electrical signals and power between the fridge’s components.

This problem happens most commonly after any repair that involves removing the fridge’s doors. After that kind of repair is performed, the wire harnesses are either not connected or connected very loosely.

In both cases, the Pc Er error code will be triggered.

How to fix it: Fixing this will require you to disconnect the affected wire harness and reconnect it firmly, creating a strong connection between the components of your Samsung refrigerator.

Firstly, you must locate the wire harnesses on your particular Samsung refrigerator model. You can do so by referring to the user manual or technical sheet provided with the appliance.

Once you know where the harnesses are, you can then troubleshoot each one. To do so, disconnect the wire harness and check for any damage or dirt that might have built up in it. Blow on the connector to remove any dust that might be stuck.

Then, reconnect the wire harness firmly to ensure a strong connection between your fridge’s components.

Repeat that process for each wire harness that your unit has. Doing so will restore clear communication throughout your Samsung refrigerator and its parts.

Damaged Main Control Board

What it is: At the core of your Samsung refrigerator is its main control board. That is a printed circuit board with lots of tiny components attached to it. Each component is responsible for coordinating a different function of the appliance and ensuring that the fridge works as it should.

Besides sending power to where it’s needed, the main control board also communicates with your fridge components by sending signals and controlling their tasks.

How it fails: Earlier in this guide, we saw how electrical surges can cause your Samsung refrigerator to malfunction. In severe cases, those surges can also cause electrical damage to the main control board.

When that happens, components on the board will overheat and even burn out. As a result, the main control board can’t communicate with the rest of the fridge’s components, triggering the Pc Er communication error.

Besides that, the main control board can also fail if it has been in use for a very long time. This will only be the case if you’ve had your Samsung refrigerator for many years.

How to fix it: The main control board cannot be repaired, which is why you must replace it with a new one. The main control board is located at the back of the fridge, hidden behind a panel of its own.

Remember: Before you start, always disconnect the fridge from its power source. Doing that will allow you to work safely without any risk of injury or electrocution.

You must unthread the screws for that panel to access the main control board. Then, you’ll see that the board has many different wire harnesses attached to it. It’s an excellent idea to take a photo of those connectors to use as a reference later.

Next, remove those wire harnesses and then take the board out by pressing on the clips holding it in place.

Then, put the new control board in and replace the electrical connectors the same way as they were previously. You can refer to the photo you took earlier as a guide.

Finally, reattach the access panel to the back of the fridge.

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How To Test Your Samsung Fridge After Repairs?

After you’ve repaired your Samsung fridge, the best way to test it is to see if the same error code appears once you’ve turned it on. 

Remember: Don’t worry if you think your fridge is still too warm. You must give it at least 24 hours to stabilize and reach whatever temperature you’ve set for it.

How To Clear The Pc Er Code?

To clear the Pc Er error code on your Samsung refrigerator, you must first resolve its root cause. Doing that will ensure that the code doesn’t stay on or come back anytime soon.

Once that’s done, you can clear the code by resetting the fridge following the steps below.

How To Reset Your Samsung Fridge?

You can reset your Samsung fridge by cycling its power for five minutes. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the fridge from its power source (e.g. removing the plug from the wall socket or shutting off the circuit breaker)
  2. Leave it alone for five minutes so that all of the electricity in the fridge will dissipate and the appliance’s memory will clear itself.
  3. Turn the fridge back on after five minutes have passed.

How to Check Error Codes On Your Samsung Fridge?

You can check for any error codes in your fridge by enabling its built-in self-diagnostic mode. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Energy Saver key and Lighting key simultaneously for 8 seconds.
  • Wait for the fridge to make a ‘ding-dong’ or buzzer sound. That sound means the self-diagnostic mode is enabled.
  • During this time, the fridge will flash any active error codes for 30 seconds. Be sure to write them down so you can troubleshoot the problem(s) afterwards.

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