Speed Queen Washer Ed code 29 – easy Troubleshooting Guide

The Speed Queen name first appeared in 1928 and it’s been a household name ever since. If you have one and you’re experiencing an Ed 29 error code, you’ve found the answers you need.

The Ed code 29 on Speed Queen washers is a Motor Not Connected error. The most likely causes are loose electrical connectors or damaged wire harnesses connecting the motor to the rest of the machine. It’s also possible that the drive board is faulty and triggering the same code. Loose electrical connectors can be pushed in firmly, but a damaged harness or drive board must be replaced.

Keep reading as we explore the most likely reasons for this issue and what you can do to fix them.

What The 29 Ed Code Means On A Speed Queen Washing Machine?

When your Speed Queen washing machine shows an Ed 29 error code (appearing on the display as “Ed, 29” or “E d 29”), that means the machine is experiencing a Motor Not Connected Error.

In simpler terms, the appliance and motor do not have a strong connection and can’t communicate with one another. As a result, the machine can’t operate normally.

Seeing as how this issue involves troubleshooting the connections between the machine’s components, your troubleshooting will involve accessing the inside of the washing machine.

The following sections will detail the most likely causes for this error and possible solutions you can use to resolve them.

Possible Causes And Solutions

The Ed 29 error on Speed Queen washers involves a connection issue between the machine and its motor. The most likely reasons behind the code are loose electrical connectors, a damaged wire harness, or a faulty washer drive board.

Loose Electrical Connectors

What it is: Inside your Speed Queen washer, you’ll find several different wire harnesses connecting components to each other, and to the main drive board as well.

Ed code

Through these wire harnesses, the washer sends power and control signals to different components, coordinating their actions.

At both ends of each wire harness are electrical connectors. As the name suggests, these are the points of the wire harnesses that keep them secured and connected, thereby maintaining a clear electrical connection between two of your Speed Queen washer’s components.

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How it fails: There are several reasons why electrical connectors can come loose. Firstly, the connectors might not have been attached correctly the first time around. Besides that, any plastic clips that hold it in place might have become broken or become bent, preventing it from maintaining a firm connection.

How to fix it: For the Ed 29 error code, you’ll want to inspect connectors on the wire harness connecting the motor to the main drive board. 

Firstly, you can detach the connectors and blow away any dust or debris that might have gotten trapped. Then, push the connectors into place firmly on both ends of the wire harness to ensure that they’re fully inserted and no longer loose.

Damaged Wire Harness

What it is: A wire harness is a group of wires connected to the same components, bound together by a flexible material like rubber. By binding them together instead of leaving them as individual wires, the wire harness makes the internal parts of your Speed Queen washer much more organized and easier to manage.

How it fails: Wire harnesses will become problematic because of faulty soldering or crimping. As a result of this, wires inside the harness that have been in use for many years might experience excess wear and break or come undone.

As part of the troubleshooting process, you must also inspect the entire length of the wire harness and look for signs of damage. Of course, some damage might be underneath the wire harness’ insulation and therefore not visible to you.

In any case, a damaged wire harness will prevent signals and electrical power from travelling between the motor and the drive board, thereby triggering the Ed 29 error code.

How to fix it: The most practical solution to this problem is to replace the damaged wire harness entirely. To do that, you must open the panels of your Speed Queen washer to locate and identify the correct wire harness.

Once you’ve done that, you can disconnect the harness at both ends, i.e. at the motor and at the main drive board. Then, take the replacement wire harness and connect it the same way as the old one.

Faulty Washer Drive Board

What it is: The drive board is like the brain of your Speed Queen washer. When you start a new wash program, the board will ensure that each part does the correct task at the right times.

The board consists of a printed circuit board with plenty of tiny components that power and control the washer’s different parts. From there, the board is then connected to other components like the motor through wire harnesses and electrical connectors.

How it fails: The drive board might have experienced excess wear after being in use for many years. Besides that, excess heat and moisture could also cause the board to become faulty.

How to fix it: Start by removing the washer’s front cover to gain access to the inside. From there, you’ll be able to locate and identify the drive board. 

Before disconnecting any of the wire harnesses, take a picture of the board to use as a reference later. Then, disconnect the wire harnesses and dismount the drive board from the washer’s frame.

Gently mount the new drive board in place, and replace the wire harnesses the same way as before. Be sure to refer to the photo you took earlier to check that everything is replaced correctly.

How To Clear The ED 29 Error Code?

To clear the ED 29 error code from your Speed Queen washer, you must first resolve the root cause following the troubleshooting steps described above. That way, the code will not persist or return shortly after.

Once you’ve resolved the root cause, you can then perform a reset to clear the code from the washer.

How To Reset A Speed Queen Washing Machine?

Speed Queen washers can be reset by cycling their power. You can do so with your unit by following these steps:

  • Disconnect the washer from its power source
    • Remove the washer’s plug from the wall socket, or
    • Switch off the dedicated circuit breaker, if it has one.
  • Leave the washer alone for 8 minutes.
  • After that time, the washer has been reset and you can use it as usual.

How To Test A Speed Queen Washer After Fixing It?

One of the most useful ways to test your Speed Queen washer after fixing it is to run a complete wash program from start to finish. Doing so will allow you to see all of the machine’s functions in action and also check for any error codes that might appear.

You can save time by selecting the shortest wash cycle available and keeping an eye on the machine as it runs through the various cycles (e.g. fill, wash, spin, drain).

Alternatively, you can also enter the machine’s diagnostic mode.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode?

The diagnostic mode or ‘factory test procedure’ allows you to test the washer’s functions individually for problems. You can enter the procedure by following these steps:

  • Turn on your washer and make sure it’s in Start Mode.
  • Press keypad buttons 2 and 3 simultaneously.
    • Note: the keypad buttons will differ based on your exact Speed Queen washer model. Refer to your user manual to understand which buttons correspond with buttons 2 and 3.
  • When done correctly, the washer will enter the Factory Test Procedure, starting at the first step: Machine Type.
  • Press the Start/Pause button to cycle through all of the tests.
    • Depending on your washer model, there are 18 or 19 tests in total.
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