Frigidaire Washer Code E58 – Troubleshooting Guide

Frigidaire offers some of the best washing machines on the market. Their user-friendliness also extends to when there’s a problem, as the machine will display an error code to tell you what’s wrong.

On Frigidaire washing machines, the E58 error code means that the motor is experiencing a high current. It’s most likely caused by a problematic wire harness, failed motor, or faulty motor control board. Once you’ve completed troubleshooting and fixing the problem that triggered the code, resetting the washer will clear the code. 

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into the most common causes for the E58 error code on Frigidaire washers and their solutions.

What The E58 Code Means On A Frigidaire Washer?

On Frigidaire washing machines, the E58 error code means that the motor is experiencing a high electrical current. In simpler terms, the motor is trying to work a lot harder than it should. As a result, despite pulling in a high electrical current, the motor fails to turn the drum, and the washer will not work as it should.

This kind of issue prevents you from using the washer at all. That’s why you’ll want to resolve it as soon as possible so that you can continue using it to do your laundry like usual.

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Possible Causes And Solutions

When the E58 error code is triggered, a problematic wire harness, a failed motor, or a faulty motor control board are most likely reasons. 

This section will look closer at each component, how it fails, and how to fix it.

Problematic Wire Harness

What it is: A wire harness is a collection of several electrical wires wrapped together in insulation material. These harnesses are designed to carry electrical power and also signals to various parts of your Frigidaire washer.

One of the most crucial wire harnesses is the one that connects your washer’s control board to the motor. When the harness is connected correctly, the motor will receive the power it needs to function, and it’ll do so by following whatever signals come through the same harness.

How it fails: The wire harness is crucial, yet several things can go wrong with it. Firstly, the connections at either end of the harness might not be as solid as they should be. This problem likely happened while the machine was being put together when the harness connector wasn’t pushed into place firmly enough.

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Besides that, there could be a tear, burn, or other kinds of damage to the wire harness itself. A damaged wire harness can’t send power and signals correctly, which means the motor will also fail as a result.

How to fix it: Firstly, you’ll need to inspect the wire harness to figure out what’s wrong with it. So, you will have to open the washer’s top and rear panels and locate the harness connecting the motor to the control board.

Check that both ends of the wire harness are pushed into place firmly. A loose connection could be the only thing that’s wrong with it.

However, if you notice visible signs of damage on the wire harness, that means you’ll need to replace it. That’s a straightforward process: remove the existing wire harness and reconnect the new one at both ends, one at the motor and the other at the control board.

Failed Motor

What it is: The motor is the heart of your Frigidaire washer. It generates the force necessary to turn the drum, allowing the clothes inside to tumble around and get clean. The motor is capable of turning at various speeds, depending on the settings on your wash program.

More importantly, the motor can also turn both ways to agitate and clean the clothing items inside.

The motor is connected to the drum by a belt. As the motor turns the belt, the power will be transferred to the drum, causing it to turn as well.

How it fails: As mentioned before, the E58 error code means a high current is detected at the motor. One likely reason for this is that the motor isn’t turning freely as it should, which is why it tries to pull in much more electrical power than usual.

To troubleshoot this issue, you’ll first need to release the belt that connects the motor to the washer drum. Once that’s done, try to spin the motor by hand.

You should have no problems spinning the motor this way. So if you feel a lot of resistance or the motor won’t spin at all, that means the root of the problem is the motor itself.

How to fix it: Firstly, remove the back panel on the washer and remove the belt that connects the motor to the drum. Next, remove the wire harness from the motor and its grounding wire. 

Next, unthread the screws holding the motor in place. That will allow you to slide the motor out.

Then, secure the new motor in place by rethreading the screws. Lastly, reconnect the wire harness and grounding wire.

Finally, replace the belt and panel that you removed earlier.

Faulty Motor Control Board

What it is: The motor control board is responsible for all of the motor’s actions. It consists of a small printed circuit board with several tiny components attached to it. 

The board is connected to the motor by a wire harness which transmits signals and power that determine how fast the motor spins and in what direction.

How it fails: Control boards like this one can fail for several reasons. Firstly, an electrical fault like a short circuit or power surge could have caused the board’s components to burn out or fail.

Besides that, moisture and excess heat could have seeped into the control board’s housing, causing damage to the board itself.

Of course, the board and its components could have also become worn out, especially if the machine had been in use for many years.

How to fix it: A failed motor control board cannot be repaired, so you’ll need to replace it. To do so, you’ll first need to access the existing board by removing the washer’s back panel. That will allow you to reach the mounting bracket that holds the control board against the washer’s frame.

Next, remove the wire harnesses attached to the board and take the whole board out. Then, it’ll be straightforward for you to connect the harness to the new board and mount it inside the washer.

How To Clear The E58 Code On Your Frigidaire Washer?

The only way to clear the E58 error code is to address the root cause behind it. Until that’s done, the error code will persist or return shortly after, even if it goes away for a while.

Once you’ve completed the necessary repairs, you can then reset the washer to clear that and any other active error codes on your washer.

How To Reset A Frigidaire Washer?

It doesn’t take much to reset your Frigidaire washer. All you’ll have to do is shut it off for a minute and then turn it back on. This process is also known as ‘power cycling’ your washing machine.

On Frigidaire washers, in particular, this is what the process will look like:

  • Firstly, remove the washer’s plug from the wall socket or shut off its dedicated circuit breaker. The idea here is to disconnect it from its power source entirely.
  • For the next one minute, at least, do not do anything with the washer. The machine will discharge any retained electricity and clear its memory during this time.
  • Once the minute has passed, the washer is reset. The error codes are cleared and you can go back to using the machine like you usually do.

How To Test Your Frigidaire Washer After Fixing It?

Once you’ve fixed the root cause behind the E58 error code, you’ll want to test it to make sure it works correctly. The best way to do that is to wash a load of laundry and keep a close watch on the machine.

Doing that will allow you to see whether or not the motor and the rest of the washer’s functions are working as they should.

Another option you have is to use the washer’s diagnostic mode to perform more detailed tests.

How To Enter Diagnostic Mode And Read Error Codes On Your Frigidaire Washer?

To enter the Frigidaire washer’s diagnostic mode, follow these steps:

  • First, press the Power, Soak, and Extra Rinse buttons simultaneously to enable the diagnostic mode. When done correctly, the washer’s lights will begin flashing.
  • The diagnostic mode only allows you to run one test at a time. Here are the available tests and the buttons you’ll need to press to activate them:
    • Press the Soil Level button to run a wash test.
    • Press the Temp button to run a spin test.
    • Press the Fabric Softener button to run a water valve test.
    • Press the Delay button to run an auto-sensing test

At any point in this process, you can press the Power button to exit any test before starting another one.

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