Samsung Washer Not Spinning? 5 Things To Check

If you’re experiencing the issue of your Samsung washer not spinning, then this article can help you to determine possible solutions to get your machine back in action.

We will describe 5 most common reasons why washer is not spinning or why it won’t finish the spin cycle – and how to fix it.

There are two types of washing machines: top-load and front-load.

Though both types of washers share some similar problems, each type also has its own unique culprits related to no spin.

Samsung Washer not spinning – possible solutions

Suspension Worn Out

If your top loading Samsung washing machine getting  UE, UL or dC error code, it means there is an issue with the “Unbalanced Load”, so the washer drum is unable to spin.

This is sometimes caused when you have a large load in your washer that exceeds the limit.

But the most common issue is when the suspension, which supports the drum, needs to be adjusted or maybe even replaced.

When the suspension springs begin to wear out, they can no longer absorb the excessive vibration, and fail to stabilize the washing machine drum.

Shock Absorbers (Front Loading Machine Only)

There are 4 shock absorbers that hold the plastic drum, which help compensate for all the vibrations coming from the drum during the spin cycle.

Depending on how often washing machine been used, these shock absorbers can wear out and lose their effectiveness.

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It’s easy to check whether they are worn out or not by pushing down on the drum by hand. When you quickly release it, the drum should set in the initial position immediately, without bouncing up and down.

Think of how shock absorbers work on a car. Without them, after driving over a bump, the car would continue to bounce up and down for several moments before smoothing out again. The same principle applies to a washer.

When Samsung washer shakes during the spin cycle, due to worn shock absorbers, it will vibrate much more severely and trigger a vibration sensor. This will tell the washer that something is wrong and stop the cycle.

After a moment or so, the washer will attempt to spin again. This process will either repeat indefinitely until the cycle is over, or it will shut off and give an error code on the display.

Samsung washer not spinning bad shocks
Shock Absorber

Drum Nut Loose

A top-load washer drum has a nut at the bottom, which keeps the drum in place.

Sometimes, the normal vibration over long periods of time can cause the nut to loosen. Once the nut loosens, your drum will start wobbling excessively, especially when the washer goes to its spin cycle.

Make sure the nut is tight enough to prevent excess wobbling.

Drain pump Failed

When the drain pump gets clogged or jammed, it’s unable to drain the water completely.

In this case, the washer will not go into the spin cycle. It will try to spin, but eventually, it will stop, and an error code will show up on the display.

Broken plastic bracket

This is the most common Samsung front-loading Washer VRT problem and is what usually causes the washer to get stuck during its spin cycle.

There is a bracket on the backside of the front-loading Samsung washer which holds the wiring harness to the drum.

When this bracket gets loose or broken, it can trigger the vibration sensor causing the machine timer to jump around. Sometimes it will add time (extending your spin cycle), and other times it will shorten the cycle.

Either way, this is bad news for your laundry load. Time on the spin cycle may jump back and forth many times. Eventually your washer will stop, but your clothes may still be soaking wet, negating the purpose of the spin cycle altogether.

You can fix it by zip-tying the bracket to the drum as is shown in the picture below.

zip-tied harness bracket
Samsung washer panel removed

Faulty door lock

Most Samsung washers have a door lock with a feedback feature. It’s a tiny switch inside the door lock.

When the door is physically closed, this switch is closed as well, providing feedback to the control board.

But when the door is closed and the feedback switch is not physically closed, then the control board is notified that the door is open, and it will not allow the washer to go into its spin cycle.

It will actually try to spin again and again, but eventually, it will stop completely, showing an error code on the display.

So, in this case, you just need a new door lock for your washing machine.

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Reader Comments (222)

  1. Samsung top load quit spinning had to replace wire end on I guess compasitor but red wire broke can’t figure out where it went help please

  2. I just bought a top loading Samsung washer and when you turn it on and set it on wash immediately you press start button for it to start washing you discover water is draining out at the same time the machine is about to start washing

  3. Hi am Jorge from chile .My front load machine wont spin i ve tried almos everything,check pcb,inverter pcb,motor,hall sensor,connectors etc sometimes i heard a cluck in the motor an move a little but dont spin,no error codes in the display but when i perform the auto diagnosis the 3E2 code appears.Please help Regards

  4. Top load Samsung washer WA48J7770AP/A2 won’t spin clothes out. Have tightened center but and replaces suspension rods.

  5. Good morning. I have a Samsung Wobble Technology top loader washing machine. When trying to spin, the machine just makes a funny noise. I am a pensioner and I don’t have anyone around to help. Being a pensioner, I live off my SASSA pension, which unfortunately means that I can’t afford to get someone to come and have a look. Most of my electrical appliances were Samsung but this is the first time I have a problem. I suppose I am lucky that there is no water in the machine.

  6. My Samsung ecobubble front loader’s drum won’t roll at all. I even try calibration. It just won’t roll. I checked the debris filter and the emergency hose,there is no dirt inside.Please any clue to make it working perfectly again?

  7. Hi!
    Samsung WF1752WPW Front Load
    My front load won’t spin.
    Tried draining, cleaning the filter, there’s no error code Any suggestions?
    The machine is 10years old. Should I pay to get repaired or replace ?

    • Just look hurnes at the back in the plastic brucket.Tie it with zipe-tyte if is not fixed on the drum. If that bracket is moving, that is activate vibration sensor and can not switch from rinse to spin

      • This stupid bracket fixed the issue on my washer with the never-ending spin cycle. What a dumb design to have 1 screw hold it in place, where tension is placed on the thin plastic next to it! Zip tied it and tested a load, and voila. It actually finished like normal.

  8. Hi!
    My front load won’t spin. Tried draining, cleaning the filter, there’s no error code saying it’s unbalanced…Any other suggestions?

  9. I have a top-loading( with impeller) Samsung washing machine. It won’t go through a whole cycle without giving me a 4E error code. The biggest problem is it won’t spin out but sometimes it won’t even make it to the rinse cycle. But the code is always 4E. Do you know what the problem might be? Thanks for any help!

  10. My Samsung front loader stopped spinning it stuck on 11 min showed a code of AC6 we replaced the circuit board and the locking piece still stuck on 11min please advise.

  11. I have Samsung front load with the mini door on a large door. I am getting a SC code at spin cycle.
    I noticed the lock light not coming on when I was trying to get it to reset.
    Then I can here a relay click to start spinning cycle and it’s not spinning. I had moved the machine and jogged it a little bit and it started spinning and finished the cycle to the end. Would the vibration sensor cause that condition?

  12. I recently replaced the bearings on my Samsung WV60M9900AV/A5’s bottom washer. It’s a FlexWash. I discovered the seal had given way and the inner bearing exploded when the spin cycle would start at 12 min, spin in both directions slowly, and then (1) quit at 3 min with a UB error or (2) finish with the clothes still wet. The washer would never make it to a full spin.

    The diagnostic test gave no errors.

    After replacing the bearings and putting everything back together, the washer spins up very smoothly to full spin in the diagnostic test. However, 2 things.
    1. Diagnostic test 10, testing the door, never completes. The LCD blinks 10 until I power down the system.
    2. The spin cycle starts at 12 minutes, the drum spins slowly one way, spins slowly the other, goes to 11 minutes, and stops. I left it overnight hoping something would time out, but didn’t.

    The only error code in the washer is 8C1, which is a malfunction of the vibration sensor. However, I don’t understand why that would cause the diagnostic test to get stuck on the door test.

    Any thoughts?

    • Did you try to calibrate washer after replacing bearings?
      Did you connect all wires back as it should? Nothing is missing?
      The spin cycle will not work properly, if something wrong with:
      1. Door lock itself or wiring
      2. Vibration sensor or wiring
      3. POsition sensor or motor

      Try to replace vibration sensor if you got that error and see if it will fix the problem.

      • Thanks, Eugene. Still no luck. I replaced the door lock, vibration sensor, and hall sensor. All the codes went away and the diagnostic tests completed correctly.

        However, calibration won’t complete. I hear what sounds like the drain pump draining water, the door lock engages a couple times, and then the LCD that shows the equivalent of a spinning circle to indicate activity stops spinning like this –!AlMclZAnJK0yzhzmbJPTDl8IPamL

        I checked the PCB and nothing is loose. Everything was reconnected correctly and no frayed wires.

        When the bearing exploded, grease leaked down the shaft on top the motor’s copper winding and the rotor. I didn’t clean all the grease off the wiring. Any chance that’s the problem? Or what might be next steps? New PCB?

        Thanks for your help. I had a 5 year warranty that Lowe’s just paid out because the place that did their warranty service won’t work on my specific model anymore. I don’t want to wait months for a new washer due to the pandemic.

      • Thank you for your help and comment on calibration. Last night before bed, I realized I mounted the vibration sensor to the tub upside down. I flipped it this morning and everything works great!

  13. My Samsung wobble top loader just stopped washing. The centre just seized up and it’s also not spinning. Everything else is fine besides that

  14. samsung front load washing machine 15 minutes spin program not completed and time down from 15 ,14,13 and again jumping 15 minutes please give me the solution

  15. My Samsung washer will start working after the machine have been turned off for an hour and then stops after few turns. You can hear and see it trying to turn but it won’t turn. Put it off for an hour or more and it will start turning again for some few minutes. Please what could be the problem

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