What Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes means

In this article, we will show how to identify error code on a Samsung washing machine and how to fix it.

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An error code is displayed on a washing machine when the washing machine has a problem.

In most cases, this is indicated by two figures on the digital display at the front.

Samsung Washing mAchine

Here is a list of error codes for Samsung washing machine with an explanation.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes nd, 5E, SE, 5C, SC, 1 5C.

The washer was unable to drain within 10 minutes.

First of all check your drain filter (at the bottom on the left side) to make sure it’s not clogged.

You might need to drain water from the drum manually first and only then open the drain filter.

If you hear kinda rattling noise coming from the pump, that’s mean drain pump coming to the end, because drain motor impeller coming off from the motor shaft and slipping off.

In this case, only one solution is to change the drain pump.

You can get Samsung drain pump here

Samsung washing machine drain pump failed

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes LO, dS, d5, FL, LO, L0, dE, dE1, dE2, dc, dL, 1 dC, 1dC4, 1dC1 meaning door lock unable to lock after several attempts.

In most cases its just the malfunction of the lock.

The control board unable to confirm that the door lock physically locked.

In this case you can’t fix the lock, just replace it.

Samsung washing machine door lock replacement

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes nF, 4C, 4E, 1 4C – Not filling water into the drum issue.

There are two common things that could happen.

One of them is faulty water inlet valve, second is water tap being OFF.

You need to remove the top cover on the washer and check water inlet valves for continuity with a multimeter.

Don’t forget to unplug the machine.

If you will get ZERO continuity thats mean the valve is defective.

Samsung washing machine inlet valve faulty

Samsung Washing Machine Error CodesĀ 1E, LE, 1C, LC, LC1, 1 1C, 1 LC

Water level sensor failure or water hose connected to the sensor being detached from the drum because of vibration or water hose clogged with some gunk and sensor unable to measure how much water left in the drum.

You need to detached hose from the sensor and just blow into the hose to make sure its not clogged.

If its all ok, then you just need to replace a sensor with a new one.

Samsung washing machine water level switch broken

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes OE, 0E, OC, 0C, 1 OC, 1 0CWater overflow issue.

Two common reasons are faulty water inlet valve or defective water level sensor.

If water filling up by a little even with the machine being OFF, thats mean inlet valve not keeping water pressure and not fully closed. Just replace the inlet valve.

The next thing to check is the water level sensor.

Just make sure that hose connected to the sensor properly attached and not being detached from the sensor and from the drum at the bottom.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes SUd, 5UD, Sd, 5d, SUdS, 5Ud5Excessive suds in the machine. Usually caused by using wrong detergent.

In order to eliminate suds, just pour out several spoons of cooking oil in the drum and run machine on Quick Cycle with Hot Water.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes Ub, U6, Ur, UE, 1 Ub, 1U6 – Unbalanced Load.

This error showing up during the spin cycle, when machine unable to distribute load inside the drum.

So, if you will hear banging noise during spin or machine unable to complete spin cycle, you will get those error codes.

On top load washing machine, you need to check suspension with 4 metal rods to make sure, rods attached to the frame and not being broken.

On the front load washing machine, issue can be with shock absorbers or suspension spring which holds the weight of the drum.

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13 thoughts on “What Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes means”

  1. My Samsung front loader wf45k6500aw/a2 is not draining.
    I cleaned out the filter, pulled out the pumps and checked them by plugging them into wall, checked the drain hose, checked the drain pipe of the house. Everything check out fine. The machine has an error code 5C.
    What could the problem be?
    Is possible that something is wrong with the door switch?

    • Hi Jule, no, it should not be related with door switch. If you check everything and its still not draining. I think the drain pump itself needs replacement. Here is a drain pump for your model

  2. I own Samsung Top Load washer. It has issue draining the water. It give error code SC OR 5C. Can you please help me .Please please help me. I own model number: WA50R5400AW/US

    • Hi Zohaib, you need to check drain pump to make sure its working. You can reach drain pump on top loading machine from the back

  3. Hello I have a compact washer dryer combo, with error 5c. I’ve cheacked everything and it’s all fine. But still showing the same problem code. The washing machine isn’t even a year old.

    • Most common issues are: drain filter clogged or drain pump failed. Even if drain pump seems like working but not pumping water out, it just failed, replace it


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