CL Error Code On LG Dishwasher- How to reset

If you see the CL error code pop up on your LG dishwasher, it means someone has activated the child lock function. It isn’t really an error code at all.

CL stands for child lock function. It is easy to reset. This feature is installed to ensure children do not change the dishwasher controls or start the machine. It is a safety feature, since dishwashers are low and at child height. This is a code is also prevalent on LG washing machines.

Child Lock Feature Activated

When you see the LG dishwasher CL error code appear on your dishwasher, you don’t have to run to call a repair technician right away.

Nor do you have to turn off all power sources and get ready to do major plumbing work.

It simply means you (or someone in the household) has activated the child local feature on the dishwasher.

You can release this feature by:

  • Pressing down the wash and rinse buttons simultaneously
  • Hold both for at least five seconds
  • Release the buttons

This should deactivate the child lock feature, and your machine should go back to its normal operation mode.

Every LG dishwasher might have a different unlock combination. So, check the owner’s manual, to determine which two (or three) buttons you’ll have to press and hold down, to deactivate the feature.

In some models, you might see a lock and unlock icon, which you’d hold simultaneously to unlock.

If you are unsure which buttons to press, your owner’s manual will be the best indication.

CL error codeLG dishwasher

What’s the Child Lock Feature? CL error code

Basically, this is a feature which LG placed into their dishwashers, and washing machines (and some other appliances), to prevent the kids from getting into operating machines, with dangerous, moving parts.

By pressing certain buttons on the LG dishwasher, the child lock function is immediately activated.

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So, if the kids are playing in the kitchen, and try to open the dishwasher, the lock feature will prevent them from doing so.

What the blocking mode does:

  • Locks all other buttons/function/features on the dishwasher
  • It will pop up the LG dishwasher error code CL as well
  • If the button is pressed by a child (or accidentally by the adult), the CL code will automatically appear on the display panel of the dishwasher

This helps to prevent children from changing settings on the dishwasher while it is operating.

It’s also a nice safety feature which will prevent kids from opening the dishwasher while it is operating, or otherwise causing moving parts to jam, clog, or cause leaks in the household.

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  1. THANK YOU half load and energy saver worked for me. I don’t have any small children. I guess it was my teenagers who put the cl on.

    • Yes, this is the combo which worked on my model also… a week to 10 days of playing with this. over and over.. this was the one that cleared it.. was about to spend 99.00 to order a tech..

  2. I used to be very pleased to find this web-site.I needed to thanks in your time for this excellent read!! I positively enjoying each little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

  3. Thank you. I guess LG doesn’t want us to know how to solve the CL riddle. More work for their service people. You solution worked!


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