The lg dishwasher error code e1 is an indication that the running pump is not getting enough back pressure from the dishwasher while operating.

A drain hose leak is the most likely cause of this error. Some solutions are detailed here.

Reasons for the LG dishwasher error code E1

Several issues can be causing this error code on your dishwasher. Some of the common reasons behind the code are

  • The dishwasher wasn’t properly installed
  • Too much detergent or the wrong detergent is overloading the dispenser unit
  • Dishes aren’t properly placed in the dishwasher during a wash cycle
  • There’s a leak in the door
  • The float motor is bad
  • There’s a leak in the sump assembly or the sump motor is bad

Solutions to Eliminate the LG Dishwasher Error Code E1

You can attempt a few different steps in attempting to get rid of the error code on your dishwasher.

Installing the Drain Hose Properly

If the drain hose is positioned below the base this might cause the hose to drain too early.

In turn, you’ll get the LG dishwasher error code e1. To prevent this

  • Make sure the end of the hose is located a minimum of 10 inches (12 inches or more if possible) from the base
  • This prevents premature siphoning flow from the water to the tub in the dishwasher while it’s operating

If there is enough distance between the base and hose, check the drain hose itself.

Check for kinks, possible damage, breaks, or leaks.

If there is damage, you’ll have to replace the drain hose to resolve the errors you’ve been receiving.

Check for Door Leaks

You’ll want to perform this check while the dishwasher is operating.

Check the perimeters of the door for any droplets of water or leaks.

Even a small leak might be causing the error code to pop up on your LG dishwasher.

Check the door seal for damage. This will have to be done while the machine is off.

Check to make sure the rubber seal isn’t broken or there aren’t any gaps between the surfaces.

Even the slightest spacing issue or gap can cause a leak through the doors while the dishwasher is operating.

If there is damage to the door seal, you’ll have to replace it in order to stop the leaking from the dishwasher door.

Loading Dishes Properly

This might seem like something obvious, but many owners don’t properly align plates and larger objects in the dishwasher.

Not only can this cause the LG dishwasher error code e1, but can also prompt other errors you’ve seen if you own an LG.

Check the dishwasher after loading.

  • Look for large pots or pans which can get in the way of the spinning arms while operating
  • Position large items around the perimeter, as this can influence water spray and flow direction; if the position around the tub isn’t correct, this can lead to excess water buildup
  • Make sure large items (containers, bowls, etc.) do not hold water while the dishwasher is operating

Refer to your user manual, as this will show you how to properly distribute weight and where to place larger items in the dishwasher during a run cycle.

Checking Detergent (Using the Right Detergent & the Right Amounts)

If you’re using the wrong detergent, or too much/little, this can also cause the LG dishwasher error code e1 to appear.

Using the wrong detergent can produce too much suds, which will clog motor and dishwasher assembly lines.

Only use detergents specified in your user manual. Excess suds will prevent the dishwasher from cleaning your plates properly as well.

Check to ensure your detergent is intended for automatic dishwashers.

Depending on the level of suds, this can immediately prompt the e1 code the moment the spin cycle begins in your dishwasher.

Sump Motor, Sump Assembly, and the Float Motor

If you’ve exhausted all of these alternatives, check the sump pump, float pump, and sump assemblies.

If there is damage, leaks, or other faulty parts, they need to be replaced. In most cases, to fix these issues, your best alternative is to contact an LG licensed repair technician for the job.

Especially if you are unfamiliar with repairs, replacing parts, disconnecting water lines, and plumbing lines.

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