Washing Machine Making Loud Banging Noise On The Spin Cycle?

These days more and more homeowners are looking to save money on the household expenses. One of the ways that people are able to save money is to self-repair when they discover issues with one of their major applianced.

Unlike most small appliances that you can just toss out and replace if you find a problem, you cannot simply just replace your washing machine just because you hear a loud banging noise.

Since there are multiple reasons for this banging noise during the rinse cycle, we came up with the 5 most common causes and some details to help you to be able to self-repair.

5 Most Common Causes For Loud Banging Noise On The Spin Cycle

Cracked Drum Spyder Arm – on the front-loading machine

Today, front-loading washing machines have become extremely popular with more of them being found in homes all across the country. Unfortunately, the design of the front loading washer means that the drum is not in an upright position like you would find in a top loader.

The drum that holds the clothes in the washer is lying horizontally and spins freely. The stainless steel drum is held in place by the use of a basket or drum spyder.

Most brands washers have a removable spyder, however, there are some brands that have the spyder permanently built on the drum.  One reason for the spyder to fail is that it is made from aluminum or pot-metal which can corrode.

When it deteriorates too far it will break and make a loud banging noise during spinning.

Easy way to check whether its broken or not, just open the door and move the stainless drum up and down by hand. If you will see excessive movements of the drum, then most likely spyder arm is cracked.

If it is necessary to replace the basket spyder you will need to gain access to the back of the washer and be sure that it is unplugged. You need to open the access panel on the back of the washer to be able to get at the drum.

You should be able to tell if the spyder is broken and if it is removable. The replace it with a new spyder that you got from the manufacturer you will want to remove the remaining screws that are holding it in place.

Install the new spyder and close everything back up and plug the power cord in and test its operation.

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Worn shock absorbers

Large household appliances require attention from time to time in order to keep them running optimally. Since a washing machine is a considerable investment most people cannot simply replace it if there is a problem. One of the common causes of a banging noise, when the drum is spinning during spin cycles, is one or more of the shock absorbers are broken.

The shocks are used to help keep the drum balanced while it is turning. If there is an issue with an improper balance, it will become exaggerated during the spin cycle since it is turning much faster.

If it becomes serious enough, the drum could slam against the inside of the washer and making a loud banging noise.

To check to see what is causing the banging noise you can access the inside of the washer by opening the back panel of the washer and look at the shocks.

If there are any signs of damage you should contact the manufacturer and get a couple of the shock absorbers. To replace them you simply unbolt them from the frame end and the drum end to remove it.

After replacing them and you button up the back of the washer and plug it back in. Test the spin cycle to see if the banging noise has gone away.

Suspension rods are worn out on a top-loading machine

A typical top-loading washer is one of the most used large appliances in your home. Most large appliances are very big investments which means you are not likely going to be able to replace it just because it stopped working properly.

If you are hearing a loud banging noise from your top-loading washer, especially during the spin cycle, it is possible that one or more of the suspension rods are damaged causing the drum to be unbalanced.

Having the drum of a top-loading washing machine in perfect balance is very important and is especially true during the spin cycle. This is when the drum rotates at its fastest and it can do serious damage to the inside if it is not balanced properly.

A top-loading washer has four suspension rods the attach it to the frame to ensure it is properly balanced during movement. So, if there is banging noises when spinning, one or more of the suspension rods could be damaged.

To check to see if the suspension rods are the cause you will want to gain accession the inside of the washer. Make sure you unplug it from the wall first and then pull it away from the wall.

Check the manual to see how you can gain access to where the suspension springs are attached inside. Inspect the four rods and replace any worn or damaged suspension rods. After completing any needed repairs button up any of the covers you removed and plug it back in to test it.

Worn out rear bearing on the front loader

All front and top loader washing machines rely on the main bearing to help ensure that the drum is spinning freely. In the case of a front-loading washer, the main bearing is located at the rear of the drum.

The bearing is protected from coming in contact directly with the water in the drum there is a bearing seal.

If you are hearing a banging noise during the spin cycle, it is possible that the rear bearing of your front-loading washer is the cause and it could be doing major damage to mounting hardware for the drum.

If you suspect the rear bearing you should immediately contact the manufacturer to see if you can purchase the part and put it in yourself.

Once you have the replacement bearing in hand you will need to gain access to the inside of the washer. Be sure you unplug the power cord and remove the access panels so that you can get at the drum of your front-load washer.

Remove the old bearing inspect it for any serious damage and put in the new bearing. Button everything back up and plug in the power cord to test it.

The main tub bearing worn out for top-loading machine

The main bearing of your top-loading washing machine is designed to allow the drum to turn freely. It is especially important during the spin cycles that there is absolutely no binding or interference with the turning of the drum.

The main tub bearing is a sealed bearing that has tiny steel balls that are encased in a protective housing with a superior lubricant that reduces the friction within the bearing.

If you are hearing a loud noise from inside your top-loading washing machine one of the primary causes could be the main tub bearing. If there is a problem with the balance of the drum it can seriously damage the main tub bearing and make a really loud noise.

If you need to change out a tub bearing in a top-load washer you first need to get the replacement part from the manufacturer of your machine. Once you have the part you want to be sure that you have all of the recommended tools in order to remove and replace the bearing.

Be sure that you unplug the machine and moved it to a place where you can work on it. The bear is located underneath the agitator tower if your model has one, if not it should just underneath the center cover.

Once you have the old bearing out and the new bearing in place, you want to be sure that you button everything back up and plug the power cord into the outlet. Run a couple of test cycles to make sure there is no noise.

Reader Comments (35)

  1. My panasonic front load washing machine 7KG inverter is very loud during spin dry operation only. but during washing cycle it is normal. what could be the problem?

    • I have determined it is the bearing, i managed to open the rear compartment and removed the belt and rotated the pully and confirmed the sound of a failing bearing.

      The dilemma i have, my unit is still under warranty (2years) but it takes 2-3 weeks for the service center to fix it hence i cannot allow without the washing machine for such time and decided to fix it by myself since i have kids who changes a lot of clothes on a daily basis.

      I have seen the main bearing marking 6205-2RZ but that is the main outer bearing.

      I am not sure about the INNER tub bearing. If only someone can tell me the inner bearing so i can confirm if it is available in my local market before i do all the replacement.

      Model is Panasonic NA-127XBI 7kg

      thanks in advance.

  2. My Miele washer had an uneven load it made loud noise & it won’t spin, I can turn the drum easily by hand but it won’t turn on a cycle I’ve checked it is not the spyder arm, I’ve tried unplugging then turning it on again I’ve checked it’s level with a spirit level it drains easy as well, can you help

  3. I have a Miele washer it had an uneven load made a banging noise & the spinner isn’t working, I can manually turn the drum with ease I’ve checked what you said about trying to move the drum up & down it doesn’t move. Can you tell me why the drum isn’t going round.

  4. Hi
    I have an old machine by roper, it loads from the top. It just started banging during the spin cycle. Can you tell me what it might be or what should I check.

  5. Hi Eugene,
    My Samsung EcoBubble (purchased May 2016) started to stop during the longer Cotton cycles, it would continue after I pressed the Start/Pause button for a while until yesterday it wouldn’t start. Switching to a shorter Daily wash worked once but then the spin didn’t sound too good
    It indicated the error code “3e”.
    Samsung Cust Svcs felt the code indicated an issue with the motor in longer cycles. Samsung’s authorized repairers felt it needed a new circuit board. If it was the motor they should have 10 yr warranty.
    An independent repair co. on phone felt the ‘e’ meant ’empty’. He recommended I clean filter first which I did & cleaned it all up. I put a Daily wash load on but it is stopping. It starts when I press Start button again so far..
    Do have any thoughts on what the issue might be?With many thanks.

  6. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine. It is model #WTW8800YW0.
    At the end of the rinse cycle, when the tub is spinning, just tonight it was spinning very fast, out of control, and had a loud whirling sound like a jet airplane. What does this indicate? I had to unplug the machine to get it to stop.

  7. Whirlpool top loader, 30 years old but looks like new and bands like a drum on spin cycle. I have replaced the motor and clutch, springs and tub nut, and block. Water in the top balance ring ok. I don;t see any shock absorbers or bearings. LA6800xsni
    I’m going to replace the tub wear pads and suspension pads, but they are not worn badly either. Should I replace the Center Post bearing and seals perhaps? The shaft seems solid and quiet when I turn it by hand.

  8. Whirlpool Duet Sport is banging against the side of the dryer when it starts spinning. By stopping and restarting I get it to finally go without banging, but it never gets up to full speed; stops itself. Seems really loose. I’m thinking shock absorbers, but there are 4. Can you tell by sight which ones are bad or just replace all? Also, I see at the appliance parts website there are also 2 springs. Can you visually determine if they’re bad?

  9. My whirlpool washer bangs across the room too. It is 2 yrs old. It bang so hard against my plumbing im afraid i have to change the plumbing too. I hate it. It scares me i lay on it to give it a balance and it does not help. It is hateful. im buying a new speed queen as i cant take it anymore.

  10. Hi
    My washer makes a loud noise during spin cycle and I find drum is loose on one side as if one of the bump inside the drum is loose. Can I tight it from inside the drum or it had to be done outside the drum ?

  11. My whirlpool top loaded makes banging sound in spin cycle. A Pseg repair man
    Looked at it and said I needed to replace basket drive and shaft and it would cost $700 to do so. Is this estimate true? Should I call someone else? Should just consider buying a new washer? Please advise.

  12. My front loading Servis washing machine makes an incredibly loud thumping sound when on the spin cycle. It is an internal issue as the feet are well adjusted and the machine does not wobble / move during this period.

    Any ideas on what it could be? I have recorded it but not sure it i can upload to this board or not.


  13. Eugene,
    My top loading RCA portable washer makes a grinding noise when agitating and does not agitate properly. It also makes a knocking sound 3 times between spins during spin cycle, what do you think the issue is and is it worth fixing

    • I dont know.. You need to take washer apart and see what is broken. Maybe it is bearings or transmission failing.

  14. My top loading washing machine bang and moves across the room. I just replaced the suspension rods and it did not change anything. I did notice that when the inner drum spins its not center with he outer drum. Would could be the issue. Its also a whirlpool.

  15. We just bought a Samsung front loader it has makes a horrible banging and moves across the room, it appears as if the back panel expands outward when it does this. I’ve been trying to get the company to come and fix it. (They left me waiting from noon to 930 the other night) I’m worried it was never installed properly. Is this something I can fix myself?

    • Hi

      My front load washer is making sound like drum is not free to move and getting rubbed against something. Also when I tried to move the drum it appeared me not very tidy or in position. I suspect drum is touching something during operation. Can you please help.

  16. My washer was used before I got it. It has been banging on spin cycle awful bad. The tech from company I got it from has been out twice within a week. He says its not level. He said he leveled it this time. Nope..it s banging..
    What do I do next??

    • Try to lift the drum up and down. Does it have excessive movement? If yes, then drum spider is cracked or bearing

      • Thank you. So when he came today I suggested what you mentioned. It was like talking to wall… now he is saying there is no cold water going into washer.
        Using all hot water throws machine off..causing it not work properly…banging on spin cycle..
        So got get plumber now. I just dont think he is right. I did have cold water before so idk whats going on…. does this make sense? My landlord didnt get it either..

  17. My washing machine bangs very loudly during the spinning process what could be the cause I did wash my dogs lead in it with cushions could this be why?

  18. Eugene,
    Our washer is top loading. The drum is leaning forward when empty. It can be pushed back into place, but ends up forward after every cycle. It is also banging during the spin cycle. It feels loose in the washer. Does that lead you to conclude whether it is the shock absorbers, suspension rods or main bearing? We are trying to eliminate some possibilities. Thanks!

    • On the top loadnig machine there are no shock absorbers. its called suspension rods and yes seems like they need to be replaced

  19. Hey, thanks Eugene for the tips and information. I know it takes time and addresses problems like these and I applaud you for doing that. dedication to produce a website that. Gratitude for your efforts!

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