Where Is Kenmore Freezer Reset Button? 3 important steps

Resetting your Kenmore freezer isn’t something anyone does regularly. However, there are times when knowing how to do it is helpful to the proper functioning of your freezer. A power outage, a power surge, or other unexpected things could lead to you resetting your freezer. It must be done effectively (and quickly) to prevent spoiling of any food.

Understanding how the Kenmore freezer reset button works will help you figure out how to complete the reset. You will need to do a couple of other things other than pushing a button. Resetting the freezer involves holding down the button, unplugging the appliance, and plugging it back in a certain order. 

The article below explains how to go through the process and what to do if resetting your Kenmore freezer doesn’t work. 

Why Reset Your Freezer?

There are two primary reasons why you will need to reset your freezer. The first is because of a power outage or a power surge. Power issues can cause your thermostat to act differently where the freezer isn’t as cold as it was before the outage. You need to reset it so the thermostat operates effectively. 

The second reason for resetting your freezer is if you suspect something may be wrong with a part. Various parts of a Kenmore freezer can be reset and you will need to look at each one to determine how they are functioning. 

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How to Reset Your Freezer?

Two ways exist to reset your Kenmore freezer. The first method is the easiest and it will work in most cases. All you have to do is make it go through a power cycle. All that’s required to push it through a power cycle is to cut power to the freezer for a few minutes. 

Cutting Power

You can do that by either unplugging the unit or by flipping the circuit breaker to your freezer off. Wait at least five minutes before plugging your freezer back into a power outlet or flip the circuit breaker back on. 

Resetting the Control Panel

The is a second way to reset the freezer that you should use if you are having issues with efficiency.  This method should be used to reset the control board and fix some common mechanical problems. 

The first step is to turn off the power to the freezer. You may hear a whoosh sound. That’s okay. You will need to unplug both cords if your freezer is part of your Kenmore refrigerator. 

Next, you will need to turn the control panel off. Newer models are designed to continue to run even after you unplug them. Many will continue cooling in case it was a power outage or some other accidental situation. 

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You will need to find the control panel. It is usually located inside the freezer and its exact location is listed in your owner’s manual. 

There are several ways to turn off your control panel. Some models have an “off” button you can press. You can also move all the controls down to zero individually if it doesn’t have an off switch. Mop up any water that could be present if your freezer has been off for more than a few minutes.

Once water is mopped up, plug the cord or dual cords back into the outlet or flip the circuit breaker back on. 

Now, you will need to reset the temperature. Each model has different controls for temperatures and you may need to find where they are according to your owner’s manual. 

Once you’ve reset the temperature, wait a while before you restock it. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day to get cold depending on how long it was off or the individual situation. 

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Resetting the Thermostat (kenmore freezer reset button)

You can reset the thermostat for your Kenmore appliance by pressing the off switch in a refrigerator or freezer. The off switch will be in a different place other than the control board. Unplug the appliance, locate and press the switch, and connect it back to power.

This should help your freezer cool more effectively. 

Other Resets

Some appliance technicians said you can press and hold both the up and down buttons simultaneously for five seconds to reset it. These buttons are found just inside the freezer for temperature control.

What if my Kenmore freezer still doesn’t work well?

Those who try all these methods without success probably have a failed control board. Kenmore parts are available only through Sears and you must buy them through Sears Parts Direct. 

How much does a Kenmore freezer control board cost?

A control board for a Kenmore freezer typically costs between $100 and $150. You will still need to pay a service technician to install it. The entire repair usually costs between $250 to $400 including both parts and labor. 

Will resetting my freezer hurt it?

No, resetting your freezer either by unplugging it or by these other methods won’t hurt it. If anything, it will determine whether you need a new part for it to work well. 

How long do Kenmore freezers last?

Kenmore is considered to be a highly reliable brand. It will last between 12 and 20 years and the average lifespan of a Kenmore freezer is 16 years. It typically never has any major problems during its lifetime. 

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Why isn’t my Kenmore freezer not getting cold?

Your freezer may not be getting cold because dirt accumulates on the condenser coils or the evaporator fan has failed. 

Who can work on my Kenmore freezer?

This can be a bit tricky because Sears no longer exists as it used to and Kenmore doesn’t manufacture its own products. However, you can call the support center listed in your owner’s manual to get a licensed repair technician for your Kenmore freezer. 

How do you know when your freezer is failing?

An obvious sign that something is wrong is if it starts freezing so much that the door starts sticking. Another clue is if ice forms on the freezer’s side. 

You can unplug it to thaw the ice and reset it if this happens. However, your freezer is going down if this continues to happen multiple times. It means you have a thermostat or some other issue.

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Why is my refrigerator working but my freezer isn’t?

You probably have dirty coils. This can hamper function if they aren’t cleaned regularly. You can clean them yourself by using a vacuum attachment to suck out dirt from the coils. You can also clean the coils with a sponge and warm water.

Kenmore freezer reset button

Can I work on my freezer myself?

There may be some things you can do to fix your freezer, depending on your skill level with repairing things. However, you may want to consult the support center first before trying to repair it yourself. 

The reason for that is doing work yourself could invalidate any warranty you have on the appliance. Some Kenmore warranties are lengthy so you want to make sure you can use it first before trying to do the repair.

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Kenmore Manufacturing

Kenmore is a brand but it doesn’t manufacture its products. Other well-known companies manufacture Kenmore appliances. Two of those are Whirlpool and General Electric. You can look at the model number to figure out who made it. The first three digits followed by a dot will identify who built it.

Kenmore Freezer Reset Button

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