Why is Magic Chef Mini Fridge Not Cooling?

Magic Chef mini-fridges offer a compact refrigeration solution suitable for many users. Still, they use the same cooling components as larger fridges, which means they’re susceptible to the same problems. One of them is the failure to cool down.

Magic Chef mini-fridges won’t cool if their condenser coils are dirty because that’ll prevent the unit from releasing heat. Besides that, issues with the evaporator or condenser fans (or their fan blades) will also limit how cold the fridge can get. Lastly, check the temperature control thermostat, which can cause cooling problems.

A lack of cooling in your fridge can be quite a mystery. But this guide will help you understand what’s happening and how you can fix it.

Why Isn’t My Magic Chef Mini Fridge Cooling?

Your Magic Chef unit operates in the same way as larger models do. So, they face similar problems that can prevent them from cooling normally, like dirty coils, faulty fan motors, and more.

Here are the most likely reasons your Magic Chef mini fridge not cooling and how to fix them yourself:

Dirty Condenser Coils

dirty condenser coilsmagic chef mini fridge not cooling

About this: When you’re wondering why your Magic Chef mini fridge is not cooling, the first thing you should check is its condenser coils.

The refrigerator keeps itself cool by circulating a coolant through tubes. Those tubes go inside the fridge compartment and continue outside at the unit’s rear.

The coolant removes heat from within the refrigerator compartment as it passes the internal sections of those tubes. Then, it carries that heat to the external section, known as the condenser coils, where the heat is released into the surrounding air.

Its effects: The first and most likely reason your Magic Chef mini fridge isn’t cooling is the condenser coils are dirty. As a result, they can’t release the heat from the coolant, which prevents your fridge from cooling as it should.

Remember: the condenser coils on the fridge’s exterior. They have air flowing through them thanks to a nearby fan to help remove the heat more efficiently.

Unfortunately, that flowing air also causes dust to get trapped in those coils. The dust buildup will become more severe as time passes, leaving your fridge even warmer.

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How to fix it: Dirty condenser coils are a common cause of why a magic chef mini fridge isn’t cooling. Thankfully, you only have to clean those coils thoroughly to fix the problem.

First, use a vacuum to remove loose dust from those coils. You can remove stubborn bits of dirt with a brush.

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Note: the condenser coils get very hot. So it’s an excellent idea to shut the fridge off and let them cool down before you clean them thoroughly.

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Faulty Condenser Fan Motor Or Blades

About this: As you read above, the condenser coils are how your Magic Chef mini fridge releases heat into the surrounding air. Still, those coils can only do that effectively with the help of a condenser fan.

The condenser fan consists of a motor that turns fan blades. Together, they blow air past the condenser coils to help remove heat and keep your fridge cool.

Unfortunately, a condenser fan motor can fail due to excessive wear or an electrical fault. The fan blades, however, can get jammed and potentially break if a foreign object gets stuck between them.

Its effects: When the condenser fan motor fails, or the blades get jammed or broken, that will prevent the unit from blowing air past the condenser coils.

So even if the condenser coils are clean, the lack of air from the condenser fan will prevent the refrigerant inside from releasing heat effectively. 

That will also stop your Magic Chef mini fridge from cooling down.

How to fix it: Firstly, you’ll need to examine the condenser fan to narrow down the problem. Then, you can remove foreign objects or replace damaged fan blades if necessary.

However, if the fan motor is no longer working, you’ll need to buy a new one and replace it.

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Faulty Evaporator Fan Motor Or Blades

About this: Your Magic Chef mini fridge has another fan that allows it to cool down effectively: the evaporator fan inside the fridge compartment.

This fan is responsible for distributing cold air from the evaporator. When the fan works correctly, the cold air will spread evenly throughout the compartment to cool down the items you store inside.

Like the condenser fan, the evaporator fan is made up of an electrical motor that spins fan blades.

Its effects: The evaporator fan can suffer several problems. Firstly, the motor could fail due to an electrical fault. Meanwhile, the fan blades could break or be jammed because of an ice buildup around the blades.

Whenever those problems happen, the evaporator fan can’t distribute cold air throughout the compartment. As a result, your fridge stays warmer than it should be.

How to fix it: Firstly, ensure that the evaporator fan motor is working. You can test it with a standard multimeter to check for electrical continuity.

At the same time, check for ice buildups around the fan blades. Ice can prevent the fan blade from turning, so you’ll have to melt it away to get that fan working again.

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Defective Temperature Control Thermostat

About this: The final component to check is the temperature control thermostat. This component regulates the temperature inside your Magic Chef mini fridge.

Simply put, the thermostat controls the cooling system to ensure that your set temperature is achieved.

Its effects: As you can imagine, a defective temperature control thermostat will cause your Magic Chef mini fridge to behave weirdly. That happens because the component sends the wrong instructions to the fridge’s cooling system.

The thermostat will cause the appliance to stay warm even when you’ve chosen a cold set temperature.

How to fix it: The temperature control thermostat is a component that can’t be fixed once it goes bad. So, once you’re confident it’s the root cause of your problems, you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

It’s best not to delay doing this, as the fridge won’t be of much use until it has a working temperature control thermostat.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Magic chef mini fridge not cooling

Here are a few more things to consider as you troubleshoot your Magic Chef mini fridge:

How Do I Lower The Temperature In My Magic Chef Mini Fridge?

You can make your unit colder by adjusting the temperature control. These units use single digits instead of degrees, so set it to a higher number to make it colder.

How Do You Clean Magic Chef Mini Fridge Condensor Coils?

A vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to clean your fridge coils, as it’ll quickly remove loose dirt and dust. Then, you’ll want to use a brush to remove dirt stuck on the coils.

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Is 1 Or 6 Colder On A Magic Chef Mini Fridge?

Remember: the higher the number, the colder the fridge. So, setting it to 6 will make your Magic Chef mini fridge very cold, while setting it to 1 will keep it warm.

How Long Do Magic Chef Mini Fridges Need To Cool Down?

Magic Chef mini-fridges typically take 24 hours to cool down sufficiently. That’s especially true if you’re turning it on for the first time or the unit has been off for an extended period.

What Is The Red Button For On A Magic Chef Mini Fridge?

The red button on your Magic Chef mini fridge is used to defrost the unit. You should use that when an ice or frost buildup forms inside the unit and you want to melt it away.

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